Frank Mengert

Founder, ebm

Frank B. Mengert is responsible for establishing and maintaining the strategic partnerships that EBM has successfully developed nationwide. The leader of the employee benefits technology field, he has helped bridge the gap between insurance and technology-driven solutions.

Over a decade in the technology field, he made his foray into the insurance industry and has focused on Private Exchanges / Benefits Technology working with some of the largest benefit consultants in the nation, all in order to help educate their firms as well as their clients on technology decisions. EBM has been able to develop partnerships in all 50 states across the U.S. The  EBM the prime opportunity to work with many of the top ten benefit consultants, large regional players, and local state-based firms.

My Sessions

How to Stay Positive in a Crisis

How to: – avoid negativity – focus on positivity – create unity – support local business – carry on a business – reinvent yourself – make your side hustle your main hustle Want to create, send, and track videos to grow your business? Signup to Dubb today.

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