Courtney Johnson


 Courtney Johnson is Founder of MYSOLMAT. Social media is the only marketing platform that connects brands directly with their audience in real-time. She uses the broad digital landscape to connect people and brands with customers in an authentic, strategic, and profitable way.

The data-driven strategy includes social community engagement, paid campaigns, and organic media. With an extensive background in all sides of marketing. She aligns strategies with holistic promotion plans, working closely with other departments and breaking down the silos and barriers that often arise around marketing. She uses broad range of experiences to craft a unique strategy for each brand and work with, creating and managing extraordinary content aligned with each brand’s unique identity and goals to drive leads and revenue.

My Sessions

How to Cut Through the Noise with Branding (in Style)

One of the best things about the Internet is that it allows anyone to create awesome content and distribute it to consumers around the world. It is truly a democratizing force that has unearthed undiscovered talent on our planet. That being said, the one downside is that there is so much content today. It can […]

Business Creativity Strategy webinar