Cory Warfield

Chief Visionary Officer

A 20-year restaurant-industry veteran turned entrepreneur, I have been blown away by my reception on LinkedIn that has resulted in a 6-figure following/engagement & millions of views around the globe.

What I do: CXO, founder, advisor, connector, author, viral content creator, targeted viral growth coach, a personal brand.

What is Shedwool? A smart shift scheduling platform with enterprise communication, rules-based scheduling, compliance with emerging labor laws around scheduling shift workers, labor optimization & more. Check out our customers & reviews on our site (shedwool.com), App Store, Google Play & all leading software review sites.

I am looking to speak to the Ops/owner of restaurant/QSR groups, hospitality, manufacturing, retail, security & all industries with shift workers. Shedwool makes companies more profitable & makes life better for employees & employers alike. Growth clients include executives, coaches, authors, jobseekers, and others who can use LinkedIn to get more business by strategically leveraging content creation.

PR/media inquiries via https://coryconnects.com.

I am at the 30k limit of 1st connections – please follow me, I follow back & I reply to InMails.

Keep current with my content: #coryconnects #linktips #shedwoolcares #valuein30 #livein5

In these days & times, I extend love, empathy & understanding to all. We need unity, peace, empathy, productivity, prosperity, optimism & kindness like never before.



Coryconnects: Targeted Viral Growth

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Coryconnects: Targeted Viral Growth

Viral growth is something that all of us want. By tapping into the power of virality, we can quickly spread the word about our product or service and achieve our business goals. However, targeted viral growth is easier said than done. It takes hard work and a commitment to the task at hand. So how […]

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