Chaz Horn

Founder, Mastery of B2B Sales LLC

Chaz Horn has worked in sales for over 25 years, during which he has been the top sales representative in five diverse industries. After dominating the sales world, he decided to open his own business, which utilized his unique sales and marketing systems. His approach sprang from an extensive survey he did with over 3000 business owners, founders, CEOs, presidents, and C-level executives. He takes to the podcast to discuss his TABS process and his five pillars for scaling your business on LinkedIn. He landed on that particular acronym because it’s all about keeping tabs on yourself and your business.

The “T” is for “technique.” is stresses that technique isn’t about manipulation, but, rather, having the intention to serve. It also refers to being the driver of the sales and marketing process, as opposed to simply being a passenger. The “A” refers to “attitude,” which means that you need to get in the proper mindset in order to perform to the best of your abilities. In the proper mindset, you’re able to bypass a lot of the fluff that might come your way and focus on the core issues. “B” is for “behaviors.” This is the process of not just putting yourself to action, but finding the right actions. A large part of successful behaviors has to do with consistency, thinking on the fly, and being spurred by your failures instead of debilitated. The final letter, “S,” stands for “strategy.” This is all about finding an audience and establishing yourself as an authority. Without this, your audience has no reason to listen to you over anybody else and will happily scroll right past you to the next person.

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For as much talent or knowledge that we may have about our chosen line of work, mindset is one of the most critical variables that influence failure or success. The way we think about ourselves and the world around us affects everything from capitalizing on business opportunities to the way we treat friends and family. […]

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