Carrie Petterson

Owner, Online Growth Tips

Carrie Petterson is the Owner of Online Growth Tips. She has been a business for almost two decades and building online for the past 17 years. She enjoyed educating through online educational websites, video tutorials. In 2007, she built an online retail boutique. She is also the co-owner of Superior Reach, which is a leading-edge online marketing firm.

It served customers domestic & international that generated sales annually up to 6 figures. She worked as a manager, which increased revenue and raised morale. She is creating a community online to listen for feedback and reviews. She has the Inability to highlight services within your “brand” and promote them.

She has the online experience that will provide strategy, customer relations, e-commerce tools that result in higher sales. Social media techniques to build your brand, support your community, and maintain customer relationships.

My Sessions

Optimizing Social Media, Building a Brand Voice, and Networking

From the United States Air Force personnel, to veteran, to military mom, to doggy daycare manager, to social media advertising agency owner, Carrie Peterson has had a seasoned journey of enduring challenges and overcoming them. Listen to this podcast to learn about her adventure and some critical tips and tricks for survival. The story continues […]

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