Atty. Claire E. Parsons

Partner & Owner

Claire E. Parsons is a law firm partner, experienced litigators, meditation teacher, and the founder of the Brilliant Legal Mind blog. I have devoted my law practice and life to building and serving my community. For more than a decade, I have guided and defended local governments and officials through all manner of legal issues. Nothing gives me greater satisfaction than handling problems for my clients so they can serve students in schools, provide vital city services, or create library programs for patrons.
Because my entire practice has focused on representing local governments, I have both a broad and deep understanding of the issues they face. From my general counsel work, I understand the importance of efficiently resolving issues to avoid impeding services. My experience litigating all manner of claims, from administrative hearings to jury trials and appeals, means that I am ready, willing, and able to protect my clients when disputes occur.
My varied passions outside of law practice add depth and balance to my skills as an attorney. I have earned confidence as a problem-solver and motivator by leading organizations and initiatives in my community to promote public education, support women lawyers and professionals, encourage diversity and wellness in the legal profession and mentor and support young lawyers. My love of public speaking and writing has made me a courageous advocate, thoughtful counselor, and skilled communicator. In addition, as a longstanding practitioner of mindfulness and a meditation teacher certified by The Mindfulness Center, I have a unique comfort with emotions and understand how they affect the lives and actions of professionals and organizations alike.
You can learn more about me as an attorney and as a person by following me here, reading the Publications and Projects tabs of my profile, or by following my blog, Brilliant Legal Mind.

Mindfulness Can Make You a More Effective Litigator

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Mindfulness Can Make You a More Effective Leader

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