Alex Sheridan


Do you ever wonder why you spend a significant amount of time on places like LinkedIn, yet all you have to show for it are some new connections and maybe some engagement?

It’s kind of frustrating right? You keep thinking, at what point does all this time and energy convert to actual business?

And what about your BRAND?

Is it really being seen as unique and different from all the other companies that do what you do?

If this sounds like you, it’s time to UNLEASH THE CREATIVE and take your branding/content marketing to the next level!

And all it takes to get you out of that place and into a place where you are generating warm leads and building an industry leading brand is this…

A proven strategy and repeatable/scalable process

Anyone can do it👇

I started with 0 followers in 2019 and 6 months later was generating enough income (Off LinkedIn) that I replaced my 6 figure corporate income, quit that job, and started my own business doing this full time 🤗

And I wasn’t just winning clients, I was building a BRAND unlike anyone else in my industry

This means a lot of my customers came to me!

So…if you’re ready to start getting REAL results, here’s how I can help get you there.

1️⃣ The LinkedIn Video/Social Selling Bootcamp: Join the Creative Crew and learn the A-Z process on how to win clients on LinkedIn, and build an industry-leading brand. Perfect for founders, coaches, consultants who want to crush it on here and on other social media platforms!

2️⃣Custom Content Marketing Consulting: I dive into your business and personally help you develop your digital brand and content strategy. We’ll set up the systems and processes, the funnels, the outsourced capabilities, the content calendar, the scripts, etc. so that you have your own content marketing machine and are seeing real results in less than 90 days!

I also help people scale their business to six figures. This is more of a passion of mine ❤️ Helping you bring your dream to reality is amazing to me!

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