Unlocking growth in sales and marketing with AI guidance

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When we think about AI, it’s easy to imagine it replacing our jobs.

And while it is true that robots have been largely taking over, it’s not the end of the workforce. Future thinking helps us understand that AI does not exist to replace human intelligence; it’s only there to augment it. It’s not coming after our jobs, but only the low-value parts of our jobs — the repetitive, and almost administrative, functions that can be automated.

Now, how do we embrace the power of AI and use it to our advantage?

In this edition of the Dubb Action Summit, you will hear from Dubb founder and CEO, Ruben Dua, and Amit Pande about unlocking growth in sales and marketing with AI guidance. Amit is the Chief Marketing Officer and EVP of Growth & Strategy at Aviso, an all-in-one revenue intelligence and operations platform that helps high-performance sales teams close more deals and accelerate growth.

Whether you’re a sales rep or marketer, you will surely find this conversation invaluable.

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Watch the masterclass Watch the masterclass