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Learn from World Renowned Coaches

Get access and educational resources from some of the most renowned coaches, executives, and entrepreneurs. Learn actionable tips and tricks on software usage, leadership, sales and marketing, and beyond.

Team Management

Get Personalized Coaching to Drive Results

Participate, engage, and learn in ongoing, Zoom-based coaching sessions. Connect and collaborate with like-minded individuals to get inspiration, accountability, and support to achieve your goals.

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Get Access to Online Resources

Take advantage of a special section of the Dubb Community forum with learning videos, a community forum, and exclusive access to resources.

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During the pandemic, Dubb helped us stand out from the crowd of emails by adding personality to our messages. We also used Dubb to boost engagement and improve communication within our remote team.

Vanessa Ohrman
Sales Enablement Leader
Isacc Guzman

We have increased our sales volume by $90M this year and our alliance with Dubb has been an integral part of this success story.

Isacc Guzman
Real Estate Sales Leader

I love Dubb! I get such good feedback from my clients.

Recruiting Sales Leader
Tice Mays

Dubb has transformed the way we communicate with our clients. It's Awesome!

Tice Mays
Enterprise Sales Leader
Terri Levine

We have engaged more prospects and closed more sales without me having to get on the phone.

Terri Levine
Consulting Leader
Isacc Guzman

Dubb gives me the advantage I need, please don't tell everyone about Dubb!

Solar Sales Leader
Sundance Lending Company

Dubb fixed all of my major pain points and made my life so much easier.

Stacey The Loan Lady Van Roosendaal
President at Sundance Lending Company
Sundance Lending Company

I love that you are consistently evolving and including your clients in your marketing. It builds trust.

Chris Atkin
President at The Cat Company Inc

We’ve been able to increase our Year-over-Year growth by 150%

Jason Forrest
Forrest Performance Group
CBIP Logistics

Dubb has given us an alternative method.

Nick Bartlett
Director at CBIP Logistics
Life 180

We've increased our revenue by $7 Million thanks to Dubb videos.

Chris Kirkpatrick
Founder of Life 180


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  • Community Forum Access
  • 2x/week Zoom coaching sessions
  • Learning resources
  • Coaching calls
  • Account configuration
  • Dubb Swag Kit


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Dubb is a video communication platform that helps people build relationships by sharing trackable camera and screen videos.
People in various sales, marketing, support and other professional roles use Dubb to streamline communication and increase revenue.
Dubb takes a few minutes to set up an account including the Dubb website, Chrome Extension, mobile app and various extensions depending on your needs.
With Dubb, you share personalized videos of greetings, presentation walkthroughs, screencasts, sales pitches which help increase reply, engagement and sales conversion rates.
Definitely Yes, Dubb offers a 7-day free trial with no credit card required to test the platform. We encourage users to properly set up an account to see the value it can have for your business.
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