When you think of the term, “video hosting for business,” what comes to mind?

If you’re like most people under quarantine lockdown—and by most, we mean everyone—the image of video conferencing apps like Zoom or Houseparty probably come to mind. 

The platforms that host video calls and allow you to convene with family, business associates, and clients are all under the purview of video hosting, correct?

Close, but no cigar.

Dubb Founder Ruben Walking Around the Office

In the general sense, video hosting describes what you’d assume—it’s an online platform that “hosts” or houses videos for users.

Better examples of these platforms are platforms like YouTube, Vimeo, and—dare we say, it—Dubb.

Now, that you know what it, here’s why it’s important—particularly for your business.

If your business uses video marketing, video hosting is absolutely essential for growth.

Here’s why.

Video Hosting Spares You From a Lot of Headaches

Let me explain.

Dubb Director Shannon Explains Something to the Camera

Okay, so as we mentioned above, video marketing—marketing using video content—can be done one of two ways:

  • House your videos on your own website.
  • House your videos on an external site.

The Experience of Internal Video Hosting

Now, you’re probably thinking:

“Of course, I’d rather house it on my own site. I draw traffic to my website, which allows me to push potential customers to schedule an appointment or call. It’s a win-win.”

Which is true.

However, there’s one problem here to consider…

Unless your website is built to incorporate analytics data from your video specifically—and we’re willing to bet all the cash in our wallets it isn’t—you’ll have a simple video player on your website with ZERO way of tracking its efficacy.

That sales page with the video that’s sporting high-conversions?

Unless you strip all the copy off that page, you won’t know if—and to what effect—that video is truly having on your conversions.

And bonus, you won’t even know how much of the video your prospects watched.

Now, let’s look at the second option, hosting on an external website.

The Experience External Video Hosting

Let’s say you decide to put—or host—your video on an external site like YouTube.

With YouTube, you’ve got one of the biggest social media platforms in the world, a potential audience in the billions, and a simple model for upload and distribution (post it, grab a link to it, and share it.)

With YouTube, your content is theoretically there forever. Always capable of being shared and always ready to be discovered.

Sounds like a pretty good deal right?

(At this point, you should know where we’re going with this…)

Well, in truth, it is.


Again, there’s one big problem when it comes to general video hosting sites like YouTube:

They don’t have good analytics.

In the case of YouTube, you can review your video’s analytics such as its views, % watch time, etc., but one of the most important metrics—whether someone clicked your link when you shared it—is unfortunately absent.

Which means if your video content is discovered organically—you didn’t have to pay for it to appear as an ad—then you won’t be able to track if your video marketing tactics like link-sharing is effective.

That might now sound like a big problem, but when you’re investing hundreds if not thousands of dollars into quality video content and you’re trying to get the word out, you need to know what’s working and what’s not.

And the ONLY way to effectively know that is with the ability to see when your video links are opened.

At this time, general video hosting websites like YouTube and Vimeo cannot provide these services.

And that’s where Dubb comes in.

So, What Can Dubb Do for Your Business?

Dubb Creators Ruben and Shannon Talk in an Office
Good question.

Dubb is a video marketing platform that allows you to record and share videos from your desktop or mobile phone and send out a video link to anyone of your choosing.

These video links are hosted on individual landing pages and tagged with code that enables you to see a few key metrics:

  • When your videos are clicked
  • How long they were watched
  • Whether the prospect clicked anything else
    • In this case, a call-to-action button below.

These three perks are crucial because, for a small or growing business, this information gives you the power to constantly refine and tweak your video marketing strategy for better results.

Here’s something to think about:

Imagine you’re a recruiter for a staffing firm.

You know that your “sales” are based on how many prospects you can entice to work with you (among many other recruiters), keep in touch (among many other job seekers), and follow your instructions in a timely manner conducive to the employer you’re working with.

In short, you need to make a deep impression.

One that’s both endearing while commanding respect.

So, how do you do it?

Want to know who job seekers remember among the deluge of emails, LinkedIn in-mails, and connection requests they get?

Probably the one who took the time to record a personalized video explaining how they want to help them get a better job and make more money.

That’s definitely something we’d remember.

These extra efforts are critical to the growth of new businesses as we move further into a digital age.

If you want to set yourself or your business apart—whether it’s in sales, marketing, or customer service—you need to make a lasting impression and you need to do it quickly.

Video is a good answer.

But a better answer is video you can track.

How to Get Started with Dubb

A TV is smashed with a sledgehammer

So, you’re ready to go.

You’re a solopreneur, an entrepreneur, a small business owner, or just someone that’s trying to gain a competitive edge in a crowded field.

We get it.

Thankfully, you can try Dubb and start prospecting new clients and customers today.

And as a bonus, you can even do it for FREE.

For two weeks, at least.

To get started with Dubb, here’s your first big step:

Sign up for a FREE trial account

All you need to do is click here.

At Dubb, we’re big fans of the try-before-you-buy mentality. Why charge you a dime for service you haven’t tested or tried. We’re confident enough in our service to give it away for free—plus we want you to start seeing some initial success as soon as possible (word of mouth is good for business).

Once you’ve set up your free account…

Input Your Contact List

It could be 100 names or one. Give the platform a try to get yourself familiar with the product. Record a quick video saying hello and send it to a friend. After you’re done, you can check if/when they’ve opened it, how much of it they watched, and they can even reply back with a video or chat message of their own.

We also recommend downloading our mobile app as it will allow you to record video from your phone on-the-go. 

Although some videos you record may require a professional and quiet setting—such as a private office or quiet room—a phone shot in the car can give off an authentic and intimate tone as well.

Fine-Tune Your Message

Women writing in a notebook

When you’re ready to send off a real video message for a client, take some time to perfect what you’re going to say, how you’re going to deliver it, and in how long you’ll need to convey it. 

For example, writing out a short script and practicing it a few times before hitting record isn’t a bad idea.

Truth be told, whether you’re being recorded in front of an audience in the millions or simply recording yourself in a selfie video, camera shyness is a real thing.

Give yourself a few times to get your message down pat before the right light comes on. 

Once you’re ready, it’s showtime!

Send Your Message Out to a Shortlist First

Select 10 people on your initial contact list—they’ll be easier to monitor and fine-tune this way—and send out your video message. Give it a day or two for people to watch the video and respond.

Based on your analytics report, you can decide whether or not your video is effective in accomplishing your objective. It’ll also create enough space for you to follow up with an additional video message with a renewed pitch.

The story of tracking and analytics is one of trial-and-error so don’t be afraid to keep trying the same shortlist of contacts until you get a good baseline video that you can comfortably send out to larger audiences.

Closing Thoughts

Choosing the right video hosting platform for your business is a big decision. It means embracing a new method of business marketing—video—and growing your business with innovative new means. 

To make the best step forward, choose a video hosting platform that allows you to track the analytics you need to grow your business and make the best decisions possible.

To sign up for your free Dubb account, click here.