Determining what makes a good video platform for business is no easy task.

Well, actually if you’re reading this, you should know where we’re going with this already… 

Dubb has all of these features…and then some.

There. Now that the elephant of a video marketing company writing about its own product has been addressed, not only do we plan to outline the necessary essentials for any video marketing platform but why Dubb is unequivocally the best.

We’ll let you decide for yourself by the end of the piece.

Sound fair?

Good, let’s dive in.

But first, let’s address the obvious…

Why Do I Need a Video Platform for my Business?

Dubb Founder Ruben Speaks at a whiteboard

If you don’t mind, we’re going to be candid here because we love this question:

Because it’s the future of telecommunications.

It’s as simple as that.

As hard as this may sound, consumers today are increasingly disinterested in interacting with people they don’t know—especially as it pertains to sales.

Here’s an example:

What do you do when you get a call from a number you don’t recognize?

If you’re a business owner or business professional, you might pick up the call because you understand that missing it could mean missing out on an opportunity.

However, if you’re thinking solely from the mindset of a consumer, you’re going to ignore it.

And that’s a natural response. We as consumers don’t want to talk to someone we don’t know. On one hand, we ration that it could be an uncomfortable waste of our time, and on the other, we don’t want to be caught off guard by either new information or some form of a request (i.e. a sales call).

In this sense, it’s easier to let the call go to voicemail where it can be responded too, and vetted later.

The truth is, cold calling isn’t what it used to be. Today, you’d be lucky if you can reach an assistant or may pass your message along to set up a real call with a decision-maker. But even assistants are trained to block these attempts—keep in mind, they’re entire job is to free up time for their boss, not add to it.

So, the question becomes:

How do you break through the obstacles and noise of traditional outreach techniques?

Thankfully, the answer is simple. You need to deliver your message in a package that’s difficult to ignore and instantly endearing.

Today the most engaging form of messaging is video, and by delivering a personalized video to a prospect or client that mentions them by name…it’s a show of effort that’s hard to ignore.

And that effort books appointments, builds relationships, and closes sales.

Now, with that out of the way, let’s get back to the topic at hand…

What Should You Look for in a Video Marketing Platform?

A man on a video call

To be frank, there’s a lot to look for. You should expect a certain number of integrations, account management, and ongoing support—trust us, we know introducing a new system into a finely-tuned sales strategy isn’t easy.

However, for the sake of brevity, we’re going to keep the key expectations to a reasonable shortlist.

A good video marketing platform MUST have…

Tracking & Analytics

Okay, this one is effectively non-negotiable and here’s why:

If you can’t determine who opened your video link, how much of it they watched, and what they did with it after they finished, then you might as well send your own videos yourself using Google Drive.

– Dubb Management

Seriously, you’d be surprised how often we see competitors advertising video marketing services without the ability to track analytics. It’s the whole point of video marketing—to know what’s working and what’s not so you can fix it, not merely shooting in the dark and hoping something sticks.

With precise tracking and analytics built into your video marketing platform, you track every interaction of your recipient down to the time they opened it, how much they watched, and whether they clicked any of your links when they completed it.

And speaking of links…

Call-To-Action Functionality

A white keyboard

A call-to-action (CTA) is, as its name implies, a call to action (ha). It’s essentially an imperative command that pushes your reader, viewer, customer to make a choice—a choice you’re ultimately driving them to.

For example, if you’re watching a video on YouTube and the channel host adds an extra bit at the end to use the special promo code, that’s technically a CTA. 

It’s just not a very effective one.

When sending video messages through a video marketing platform, what happens when they click on it and finish watching? Do they know what the next step is? In the case of most video platforms, the answer is no.

Which is why every good video platform has a CTA button somewhere below or near the video that has a simple CTA on it:

  • Book an appointment
  • Register for the Webinar
  • Reply with a Video
  • Etc.

These pre-determined “next steps” help guide your viewer along, and ultimately, guides them straight down the funnel to the point of sale.

Next up…

Customizable Branding

A Mac Computer Sits on a Desk

This one is key. Imagine for a moment that rather than using a proper video marketing platform like Dubb (ahem), you opt to use YouTube.

You record your video, you upload it to YouTube, then you send the link via email or SMS to your personal contact list.

Sounds simple enough, right?

But herein lies the problem.

When your recipients click your link and land on YouTube, they’re confronted by a lot of things—many of which are not your video.

A screenshot of a Dubb video

Heck, we just pulled up our own video in incognito mode and the right side of “suggested” videos only has one of ours there.

The other three could just as easily be our competitors.

See the problem?

With a good video platform for business marketing, you’re able to control exactly what your prospective viewer is able to see.

That means no distractions—just your message lour and clear.

Then we have…

Automation Options

Because no one wants to do 10,000 mindless and repetitive tasks when computers exist.

When you’re working with a CRM with prospect/contact lists in the thousands, the idea of sending individual videos to each of these recipients individually should scare you.

Thankfully, that’s where automation comes into play.

With a solid video marketing platform that’s built for automation and instant, mass distribution, you can stop worrying about managing your communications, and instead focus on building the best systems to approach, warm, and close new leads.

There’s also…

Account Management & Support

Although we’ve mentioned this before, we understand how difficult it can be to introduce or embrace a new way of doing things—particularly when it comes to disrupting something as sensitive as a sales strategy. 

In these cases, the last thing you want is to begin implementing a new system and when a question arises, have little to no feedback with your vendor.

That’s why any good video platform for business marketing should have built-in account management services as well as easily-accessible phone support lines.

When you’ve got a question about your services or how to make the most out of the platform, you deserve the best answers as soon as you need them. So, don’t accept any video platform that can’t give you the time you need to get your system in check.

And finally…

The Right Price

A video of downtown los angeles

Value is essential—are you getting what you paid for—but price is a part of that, too. When comparing multiple video marketing platforms it’s important to break down the features of each platform based on their utility.

In other words, are these features that are absolutely essential or just fluff, and more importantly, how much are they costing you.

Many video marketing platforms will have multiple tiers of their subscription service with a wide range of prices. To be frank, you’ll be able to tell who their primary customer base is by the way they’re priced—free low tier entry means small fish, whereas lofty enterprise fees are likely where they make their bread and butter.

Knowing this, you can assume what level of service you’ll receive if you choose the more frugal option (hint: you get what you pay for.)

However, if the agency has median prices amongst all of its tiers, it’s more likely to treat its customer base in a more egalitarian method, offering comparable services and support wherever its customers find themselves in the business hierarchy.

Something like this…

A pricing chart for Dubb

In comparison to something like this…

A pricing chart for Dubb

This is per month, mind you.

See what we mean?

Closing Thoughts

As you can imagine, Dubb offers all of these essential services and more because we understand the needs of our consumers. In the hectic—and let’s face it, noisy—world of sales and marketing, you need something special to stand out amongst your competition.

Video marketing is the future. The question is who’s going to recognize it first to take advantage of it before the rest of the pack catches wind.

When you do go looking for a video platform for your business, keep these essentials in mind and you’ll be adding a solid piece of foundation to your outbound marketing strategy.

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