View this blog post to see some of the best and worst Vimeo reviews, as well as Dubb reviews from sources like G2 and Capterra. This video is brought to you by Dubb.

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Hey, everyone, welcome back to dub support in this video we’re talking
about video reviews. And what we’re doing is we’re going to be comparing this to some
dub reviews now, if you guys haven’t seen already, we have done a really full detailed
side by side comparison between Vimeo and Deb. So definitely check that out.
If you’re looking for more detailed comparison. We’ve also done a really quick review
between Vimeo and Deb. So you can check that one out as well. Now let’s go ahead and
actually just jump right into the reviews. But one thing before I do is
just the quality of reviews and how important that is. So not all
reviews are created equal. And what I’ve done is I’ve gone to sources like G two
trust radius Captera where there are verified users where
they actually connect their LinkedIn and things like that. So you can see they’re real people from real companies with real
reviews. And so that’s really crucial here. And the other thing here is that they’re recent? So
we can’t be looking at reviews from two or 3 years ago or even sometimes a
year ago, because these platforms update very, very quickly, so what I’ve done is I’ve compiled the most recent.
The most verified reviews from all these sources. And I put them all in one
place. And I provided the very best and of the very worst
of these reviews for one place for you. So let’s go ahead and jump right into that. Now, like, I said,
I’m not going to read each one of these out loud or anything like hat I’m just going to provide you a quick
compilation of what I discovered to be common elements throughout
these different websites throughout trust radius Captera G two and things like that. So
the first thing is price. So a lot of people are comparing then to just like free
YouTube and it’s not really fair because we’re looking at this for a business solution, we
absolutely need things like our own branding calls to action some
things like that. The Pro plans that the paid plans of video do provide. However,
there are lots of complaints about the pricing of that so the next thing
is customer service or lack thereof, tons of
complaints about the lack of kind of quality of customer service. Sounds like
they have a ton of trouble getting a hold of anybody and mostly
automated responses and things like that. So really not a lot set
about customer service and more recent reviews the next
thing is kind of the lack of features. And now this is one
compared to other video hosting solutions specifically. You can see some of
the reviews that are very similar complaining about really the lack of features when compared
to other video hosting clients. Some of the
features they’re talking about are things like marketing features or sales specific
features features that are actually really important for driving conversions of your videos. So that’s
a very real kind of problem that people are experiencing and why they’ve
kind of gone to other solutions. So those are primarily the
complaints of icons that are really consistent throughout those platforms price lack
of customer service and lack of features. So, the next thing is
a pros and they’ve had some really great things to say about platforms and there’s a
couple of things. What I’ve tried to do is I tried to isolate the pros of Vimeo
that aren’t consistent with Dewhat are the things that Vimeo does well, the dub doesn’t
and really, unfortunately, I was only able to find two things that maybe two or
2 or three things that Vimeo may have a slight advantage over. And as I mentioned,
definitely check out our full Vimeo versus do video or Vimeo
versus dub quick video. So that way, you can get a really better overview of what these features actually
look like when compared to each other. So the pros of Vine or quality, some people are obsessed
with quality that you know, they want four K video and these are like the videographers. The people that actually
their business is video that’s really where these people are more obsessed
with the quality of the video and that is one thing they
had good say about Vimeo was the quality. The other thing was controls.
And now this, like I said, I tried to keep them different from what dub can do,
but the control is one thing that people really liked about the video. The
ability to kind of customize the embed options and some video player controls. And
so those things are consistent with will actually provide those as well on embedding options
controls and things like that. The ability to upload your own logo. Could change the color
things of that nature. So the one other thing that Vimeo does it has
a community. And now I would say that this dub doesn’t seem to have as quite the
community around videos. They have a really active Facebook group and things like that. But Vimeo
is particularly focused on there, their video community
where people it’s kind of like a miniature YouTube. So that is one thing that’s a little bit different
about the me and the people seem to enjoy. Okay, so we’ve taken a look at
the pros and the cons cons. Like we said, some price lack of service, lack
of features and the pros, quality controls and community. So let’s
go ahead and jump into the reviews for dub because like
I said, these platforms are very comparable. I recommend checking out the comparison videos if
you need more information. So the cons of it’s actually really hard to find some bad
reviews about Deb. The one thing that we could find in kind
of consistently is complaints about the app. And as I mentioned, we were
trying to look at more frequent reviews. But unfortunately there aren’t
any within the last month or so. And dub has recently updated their
app in the last quarter and it’s completely different than what it was before. And
now people are kind of just saying how great it is. Because of all
the features that are now provides and the the
kind of functionality that it’s now provided with multiple clips and things like that. Some very
great things that are now set about the app. But originally that was as big as
complaint was just kind of some bugginess or having to reload
it and things like that. And the other thing is maybe some lack of editing features on
the platform which the app has also resolved, as I mentioned, you can slice multiple clips together
and things like that. The fact that the cons are really,
I couldn’t find any up to date cons, because they’ve all since been addressed they’re
kind of older. So that’s really great news for death. And the
other thing is the pros they’re really beyond just saying, hey, this is
awesome. The reviews for Deb. I highly recommend checking them out. This whole thing right here
is just one review. Go to go, check them out for yourself,
people say some really amazing things about the platform and it’s beyond just video
hosting sending a video email that they’re really incorporating video
throughout their business and all aspects. So I definitely recommend to check that
out. The other thing is I recommend to check out a free trial at Dubb. Com
where you’re going T be able to experience all these features. The training, the resources that’s
included with the platform. So I highly recommend checking that out. If you’re looking
at demo and dub and you’re kind of comparing these as a hosting solution. I highly recommend
checking out the comparison videos as well as checking out the free trial. Thanks for watching.

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