Check out this blog post to get an up-to-date detailed summary of Vimeo pricing vs Dubb pricing including breakdowns of different plans. This video is brought to you by Dubb.

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Hey, everyone, welcome back to Dubb Support in this video we’re going to
be breaking down Vimeo pricing as compared to some dub pricing.
Because the platforms are actually very comparable and if you need
more information on Vimeo versus Deb, be sure to check out of the full length version. Or
the quick version of the videos we produce on Vimeo versus Deb I’ve linked those
as cards on the video. Okay, so let’s go ahead and just quickly
jump into it you’ll see on the left here I have some video pricing and on the right dub where
video actually starts. They do have a plus plan. That is seven dollars per month and a pro plan
at 20 dollars per month. However, I do not actually consider
these for entry points for using video
for business applications and it’s really, because it’s not until the
business plan. The 5 99 per year or the 50 dollars per month. That custom
branding kicks in now, if you’ve ever used video for business or if you’re
looking at using video for business you’ll know the custom branding and calls to action are
absolutely critical. When it comes to leveraging video
for your business so here’s what that looks like on this page. You can
see that the 50 dollars for 1 5 99 per year is
where video where the branding and the CTA start
now with dub. There is a starter plan there’s no free plan with Vimeo
dub offers a completely free plan. That will have some dub branding and things
like that on it in as well. And now there actually is an intro plan
here on which does provide the use of dub as well. As some calls to action,
some branding and things like that for only 10 dollars per month now that’s
actually pretty comparable to the business plan, however to match
feature for feature and actually if we check a look at our full length videos
where we actually do go feature to feature comparison between these two platforms. You’ll see that
the Pro plan that’s. 40 dollars per month or 3 84 per year is really going
to provide everything that we’re getting in the business plan. Plus, a whole bunch of other
features like custom landing pages and tons of CTA
functionality branding one to 1 chat there’s just so much more that’s included
in this Pro plan I definitely recommend checking out or either
the full link comparison or the quick comparison between time. And if you want to look deeper
at the features just pricing in this video. There is also
one tier above this plan. Like I said, the Pro plan 3 4
per year or 5 9 9 for the comparative plan over a video of the business
and then they both have premium plans. 75 previous premium plan
and eight dollars per month for dubs premium plan. It paid for the year in
advance 100 if paid month to month. And with this plan offers is like
custom API, integrations tons of frontline support. And of
course, additional contacts and things like that for a larger company. That
is the difference between the breakdown of pricing of Vimeo versus Dean. As I
mentioned, you guys need more information on features. Definitely check out our full
length comparisons. Thanks for watching.

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