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Everyone Welcome back to reviews the channel. We provide
quick but detailed overviews of the very latest and the very greatest
and video sales and marketing technology today’s video is
brought to you by dub. Com we’re actually using the desktop
app to record today’s video. Speaking of today’s video. What we’re going
in today is going to be Vidyard pricing and also a side by side
comparison with dub pricing. So without further, ado let’s
go ahead and jump right into it. So you can see here I have the Vidyard pricing
page on the left and dub pricing page on the right now. There are quite a few tiers and
features and things like that so stay tuned. Okay, the
first thing is first we’re going to start with the free tier. So both platforms
do offer a completely free tier. This one used
to be called go video and now it’s a webcam and screen recorder,
there it is. And then it kind of ties into the back end of
Vidyard here where we can store, the videos manage them. Some really basic
features are included with the free one. But it’s going to have all of it
yards branding no, over here on tab. Kind of
the same story access to many of the features a bulk
of what you can actually use the platform with is available on
the free tier there’s also a free trial which will
give you access to all the features. The platform are nearly all the features. The platform has to offer so
you can definitely check that over here on deck. And we also have other
videos that really go into full side by side. Comparisons of the Vidyard free
tool versus the dove free tool. So definitely check those
guys out if you want to go into more detailed comparisons between the two versions
and that’s a complete video on its own. This one is just about the pricing. Okay, so
the first thing up is the Pro plan for 15 dollars per month.
So we have the list of features here. Unlimited videos embed up
to 20 we can download on this plan. Add your own logo and CTAs
remove video or branding it’s basically, the same and password protect get
your insights and then email support. Okay, so this equip this plan here.
The 15 dollars a month. This is really going to be equivalent to dubs kind
of internal support plan here because this is going to have all the same features on
your own custom logo. So you can add your own logo. The calls to action call to action there.
Move the Vidyard branding that’s the same as the custom branding here. And
then password protection is automatically included in their advanced. Reporting is the same thing as a video
performance insights and May. Of course I have email and chat support as well. Just not listed
there, Slack notifications also included in here are all
of the integrations with our platform things like a
sauna and Gmail. Basically
every integration there’s 20 plus integrations you can actually check those
out in the extension there’s a list of third party extensions and a full list
of integrations. So those are included even the lowest plan a lowest
price package where integrations are only going to be available on the enterprise. Kind of custom
packages here. Okay, so we’ve talked about the pricing for
the Pro plan over here it’s about 15 bucks a month on Vidyard. The equivalent
is also called Pro, but it’s called support Pro and that’s going to be eight bucks a month. Okay,
now, really, down to the juicy stuff. This is their starter plan. So this is really where you have access
to all the features that they have to offer and they are really designed
well to help you convert. So let’s take a look. We have the interactive calls
to action. So this is their in video CTAs this is actually something the dub
platform is working on their CTA is actually appear below the
videos at this time. So instead of the video CTA appearing on
top of the video. It appears just below it. So it’s really not a whole lot different that’s.
The definition of that that’s the interactive CTAs is the in video CTAs and versus
the CTA button below the video. Okay, five shared license.
Five shared videos, per license you’re going to have unlimited numbers of videos per license
on dubs plan. Or we looked at the free one here we’re actually talking about
the starter plan and the equivalent plan over here is going to be that one. Okay,
so let’s go and finish downloading your videos. I thought they
said that was included here. So that’s listed twice here that’s okay, and
remove Vidyard branding. Also included in the previous plan and then
email support. So really the main difference here. And the starter plan between
the starter and the Pro it looks like is the ability to have the interactive
in video calls to actions some shared licenses shared
videos and then video playlist video playlist is a really cool
feature. And actually dub has that same plan included in the
same feature included in each of their plans. So definitely love
the playlist feature. But it is available on dub as well. So we’re looking at
80 dollars per month, build annually, and this is per set. So if you have more
than one sales pro or one more than one sales professional on your team. Like,
if you have a small sales team two or 3 sets, this is recommended that you have
an eight dollars per month plan for each individual sales rep. So
this is what that looks like. The other thing here is this is specifically for sales
now, their marketing features. This is primarily using four embedding videos
on websites and landing pages and things like that. So that many
of the same features here are also included in the basic packages with
dub such as the Pro plan. So here you can see the starter plan is
at 150 dollars a month. It has the hosting and analytics that’s all
included there in your Pro plan with dub fully customizable video
player that’s the same with sub. You can change the color of the video player put your
logo on it. Things like that. The interactive calls to action again that’s
the only thing that I would say that unique feature to video as
having a video or a CPA on top of the Deo versus appearing
below. Which is what it’s going to do in Dothen share and embed
videos that also is included in the Pro plan sync to social custom
video sharing pages. So this is actually also a sales feature as
well. But that’s only included on their larger sales plan. So
custom video SHARES pages is also on the starter plan in
order to have the features from both the marketing and sales plan you
would need potentially an account with both in order to have all of the embedding
options. The sales plan does include some embedding options, but not the same
host of features that you have on the marketing plan, the
marketing plan is at th build annually. So this is probably about a 10 discount.
And then the sales plan is at eight dollars per month. And then
now with dub we’re still looking at just this one plan that’s one price plan
that’s going to include all of both, the marketing features. You can see here
at the top. It sales and marketing. So they’ve included both the sales and marketing features
in there and also included in this price is going to be dubs in house
CRM so they have a contact feature where you can store your contacts.
You can build out email campaigns large email blast in even marketing
automation. So where you can send out automatic email drip sequences
workflows and things like that. And that is also included in the Pro plan
and that’s something that Vidyard doesn’t have Vidyard doesn’t offer the ability to send out videos
at scale from their tool. They do offer things like integrations with
HubSpot on their enterprise plans and things like that. If you come down in there, you
can see the integrations are included
either with hub spot or part of, but that’s really only on the enterprise sized plan.
So any of the other ones are smaller ones you’re going to have to be sharing these videos either there or a website landing page
or through email and an existing marketing automation system. Whereas
with the it really has its own built in email. Sender both campaigns automatic workflows
et cetera. So, really that’s going to be the main difference is over here on the
starter on the Vidyard side of things. You have a separation of marketing and sales
features and they’re really going to be quite different. Although. There is some
marketing features included in the sales plans such as the ability to embed a
couple of those videos. Now, the thing with of is all the sales and
marketing features are included in here, which there’s really not a lot different,
it looked like the interactive CTAs the in video CTA may be something that is
on the dub road map. That is included in Vidyard. Currently in conclusion
here where we’re looking really at this Pro plan here and dub
does have one additional offering in addition to that which is going to be the 80 dollars per month,
and this includes a dedicated account rep. So not email support, but a dedicated account manager
that you can actually call and get on the phone. With and this is only available on their enterprise accounts.
So in the Pro Plus plan, you have direct phone support
and you have an account manager up to 50,000 contacts API access
and also some ability to build some custom integration. So
this is a much more inclusive plan. This pricing plan here is really more equivalent to their
850 dollars a month plan. And this actually doesn’t include a custom integration it’s the
one integration include which they will probably help customize for you to make sure you’re set up well, so
that’s what we’re looking at you guys. We have 150 dollars per month up to up
to a 50 for the marketing features so really if we’re looking at it depends
on the size of the team. We likely need the marketing and the sales features
and one we’re over here. With love we’re really getting everything they have
to offer for that. 80 dollars a month. Including all the same hosting unlimited hosting options,
customizable player to sharing and the embedding unlimited numbers of
videos. Automatic syncing to social as well. There’s integrations with Facebook on
LinkedIn and more, which actually there’s a direct integration with LinkedIn for Deb
and there isn’t one for Vidyard and then custom video sharing pages.
Also included in there. And then as we mentioned there’s actually more support as well. So they’re going
to have a dedicated account manager and phone support available for this Pro
Plus plan. Alright, guys, well, that does it for this video. We’ve covered every
tier of features that they have on the sales. The marketing we didn’t
cover the too much in the corporate coms. Not a lot of information there for us. To cover and
I think the three tools would probably do most of what we need there. But there is
also the CO side over here, internal and support which is going
to be similar. Yo can see these a little bit lower price. They don’t have the email and built an email senders and the campaign
tools just a more a basic tool. So not the inhouse
marketing automation. All right, guys. Thank you so much for your time. For more information, you can
watch any of our other videos, specifically for Vidyard or dub or video
for sales. Lots of other topics if you want to dive in deeper than, yeah.

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