This blog post introduces a Vidgrid alternative, Dubb. See how Dubb provides all of the same features, and more so for a fraction of the cost.This video is brought to you by Dubb.

Below is a transcript from the video:

Hey, everyone, in this video we’re talking about Vidgrid alternative
Dubb and we’re going to be doing a side by side Comparison of features and
pricing and we’re going to show you the dub provides nearly all the same exact features.
A bit grid for a fraction of the cost. So let’s go ahead and actually jump into it,
the grid is made this comparison pretty easy by providing a comprehensive
list of their features kind of broken down section by section. So we’ll start
there. And the first section is captured. Now. It’s actually going to
be easier to list the things that the platforms don’t have in common because
the platforms are actually so, very similar. So, in this first section under capture, the
only thing that did grid are going to do. The dub doesn’t is going to be blurring
and Pro closed captioning so during a certain part of the screen during recording
and then Pro closed captioning, which is one step beyond. Machine captioning where it’s going to
be an additional cost and someone will go and provide the closed captioning for your
videos within a 24 hour window. So now when it comes to capturing dub is actually
going to have a couple of things that big grid does not including a mobile app. Now, vid
grid does not have any type of mobile app which can be a pretty big limitation to some
people in some cases. So Doug has a really advanced mobile app that
allows for most of the things on the platform, including trimming
and music and multiple clips and lots of different functionality
on the mobile app. The other thing is custom URL. You can completely customize
your URLs and then also there’s personalization at scale, which
is not something that the grid provides. And
here is what that looks like. Just a little bit of personalization so you can put their
first name on a video and at scale and it very quickly. So you
can recycle videos and still have them have that personalized element,
so the next section is Converse. So this is where their
call to action kind of are. And there’s only a couple of things here. That death doesn’t provide as
well, so as I mentioned, the dub is going to have every single one
of these features that’s listed here on this page. Except for just one
or 2 things and that is multiple choice questions and polls.
So, everything else? Text input comments emoji CTAs you name it
everything. Besides multiple choice and multiple select
which looks something like this. So the way dub works is it wouldn’t be
a multiple choice question on top of the video like this. It would be multiple
choice buttons below the video. So nearly the same functionality.
Just a little tiny bit different now in Converse that’s the only thing that the
grid has the dub does not or dub has live chat.
It has text message capabilities and also Facebook Messenger
integrations so Dubb also has its own edge when it comes to conversing
through video now, lastly is the control section. So this is
where videos are managed. And there is only one thing here. And that is subscribe.
So you can have someone subscribe to a list of content? And that is the only feature
here that it bid grid is going to have that doesn’t provide
in this kind of video control section overall, the
platforms are almost identical. They have literally identical feature
set except for some of the things that I’ve listed on both sides. They both have
just a couple of things that aren’t provided by the other. So lastly
is pricing. And now this is rarely where there’s a huge difference. Did grid has
an entry point of a minimum entry point of at least 500 dollars per month. Now,
this is the bare minimum starting price as a number of seed go up as
use. Cases increase lots of different kind of variables that are going to drive
the price higher from here. So with that in mind, the
starting price of just a minimum of 500 dollars per month tub has
a much much lower point of entry. So we have
pricing starting just from 10 dollars. A month to as much as
only 100 dollars per month for the premium plan. So that’s what this looks like let’s
go ahead and take a look. So 40
dollars per month covers. Basically everything as a platform has to offer. The
only difference there is in the 99 dollars plan. You have premium support and some
more contacts and things like that. So as far as features go you’re going to have everything
that’s included in that list that we just did. That feature comparison. All those things are
included in that pro plan. Now, there are also features we didn’t include in
this video such as automation customized customizable
video landing pages campaign. So we can send out both video emails. We
can even send out bulk text message videos. So does provide
the ability to do this both in house or through a third party tool. So we have builtin
automation built in campaign tools or we can integrate with any third party system. And
that was one thing that wasn’t really covered in the way in the comparison between these
two platforms. However, this is something that provides all built into the
platform, all for only 30 dollars. A month or 40 dollars
per month in comparison to that 500 dollars per month entry plan with
the grid. So if you have been looking for a video solution, I highly
recommend checking out a free trial to dub com. The grid is not going to provide
a free trial so you can request a demo. But I know you’re going
to see that dub is going to provide all the same features as I’ve shown you. Plus more for
a significantly lower cost. Check out a free trial at dot. Com.

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