When it comes to remote work, you are probably already on camera a lot.  We think a lot of people want to feel more comfortable on camera (and video) but they’re not sure where to start. That’s why we created a five-day method to feel more comfortable on camera.

Day 1: Record in a safe space. You don’t have to show this video to anyone, just hit record and talk to your phone or webcam. One minute, two minutes. See how it feels. You don’t have to share this video with anyone.

Day 2: Look back and review the video that you shot the day before. If you feel comfortable posting it somewhere, do that. Now, if you’re not quite ready to post it, I’d recommend recording a screen video with the Dubb Desktop app or the Dubb Chrome Extension and posting that instead.
Quick note on the content: For this practice, it’s not really important what the content is. Could be ideas that you’ve had, questions for your friends and your community. Just the fact that you’re posting something is getting you more comfortable being on camera.

Day 3: Commit to posting a two minute video of you talking to the camera. See how it feels. This really takes practice. I’d recommend using ephemeral platforms to help relive pressure. Instagram stories is a great way to get started, since stories expire after 24 hours. Try to have fun with it!

Day 4: Push yourself on day four. I’d recommend trying to record a five minute video. Expand on your subject of interest. Allow yourself to take multiple takes.

Day 5: Now, this is a fast-tracked experience. You can take this at your own pace. On day five, try to record each clip in one take. This means that you won’t have to edit the video as much later. Shouldn’t we have just started with that, going one-take-wonder from the beginning? We don’t always recommend that because there’s a freedom in having multiple takes that gets you comfortable being on camera. Once you reach that level of comfort, then it’s time to repeat yourself less frequently. At the end of making all of these videos, we think you’ll feel a lot more comfortable on camera.

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