The no makeup method can be a fantastic tool in your sales and marketing arsenal. Whether you are a sales professional that just began your career or a more experienced sales leader that is looking for a new way to generate more sales, the no makeup method is for you.

In this recap of a recent episode of Dubb’s RevShow, I want to take a deep dive into the no makeup method. Here, you are going to learn everything from what the no makeup method is to how you can best leverage the no makeup method in your business. This is an important topic and one that I know will help you achieve your business goals. 

So are you ready? Let’s jump into the no makeup method and explore what it means to implement the no makeup method in your business. 

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What is the No Makeup Method?

What if I told you that if you took something away, you would be given the greatest gift of all time? It may seem counterintuitive, but addition by subtraction can be a sneaky way to add immense value to the world.  

That is essentially what the no makeup method is about. It is about removing something and getting something substantial in return. It is about putting your true self out there—without makeup or any other veil—and building a deep connection with any type of audience. 

The no makeup method is one of our favorite sales and marketing methods. Granted, upon hearing about the no makeup method for the first time, some people may say, “I don’t wear makeup. Why should I care about this?” Others may say that they could never shoot a video without makeup. The idea of getting on camera without makeup can be a nerve-wracking—even terrifying—experience. Even though they may be self-confident in all other parts of life, appearing on camera without makeup can seem pretty intimidating.

So what is the no makeup method? 

Essentially, the no makeup method is about peeling back the curtain. It is about truly being yourself when you are speaking with any type of audience. As part of the makeup method, we talk about this idea of being truly authentic. It is about saying, “This is what I actually look like. This is what I look like before I comb my hair,” for instance.

Now, to be clear, when we are talking about the no makeup method, we’re not talking about actual makeup. Instead of that, we are talking about being authentic. It is about being your true self and actually not really caring about your appearance. 

You can use the no makeup method in so many different situations. For instance, you can use it when you are using Dubb to create asynchronous videos for your clients or prospects. Shooting asynchronous video, the no makeup method is about putting yourself out there. It can be a fantastic tool in your arsenal as you are working to build relationships with prospects and clients. 

Ultimately, we have data to prove that the no makeup method is the most effective way to get conversions. We will go into this a little more below. The bottom line, however, is that the no makeup method leverages authenticity to accomplish your sales goals. While it may feel uncomfortable or too vulnerable in the process, sticking with the no makeup method can pay off in spades. 

Be True Break Through

“Professional” vs. “Unprofessional”

Now, there is an important caveat here. 

When talking about the no makeup method, one of the most common objections centers on the fact that it can seem “unprofessional.” After all, the no makeup method requires you to put yourself out there without many of the “defense mechanisms” that we rely on. Even while creators are being themselves and achieving significant success with the no makeup method, there are some organizations and companies that want to put forward the most buttoned-up and polished appearance possible.   

Should we be unprofessional? No. There is a fine line here and one side of that line is a situation where you (or someone else) is entirely reckless when appearing on camera. Ultimately, I think that this distinction between professional and unprofessional isn’t the clearest distinction. I think that what we should be focusing on is being authentic. There is a fundamental difference there and one that you should keep in mind as you are creating video content. 

One of my favorite phrases is the personal is the professional. That is the reality that we are living in today. This motto frees us up in so many ways. With the no makeup method, you have to remember that it is liberating you, rather than holding you back. Also, when you give your viewers that BTS (behind the scenes) experience, they feel like they can trust you. Simply put, there is no veil. There is nothing that you are hiding behind. That is a fundamentally important thing when you are building trust with anyone

So when you are building trust with someone, don’t hide. Don’t feel like you need to put up some veil or other obstacle that prevents others from seeing your true self. For instance, I love virtual backgrounds just as much as the next person. The reality, however, is that we use virtual backgrounds to obfuscate or hide something that we don’t want the other person to see. We may have dirty laundry in the background. 

At Dubb, we also have our messes. Don’t get us wrong. At the same time, we want our audiences to know that there are things happening as we are shooting. There is all kinds of technology—both on camera and around the camera. We use a bunch of screens and microphones to create our video content. Instead of hiding all of that technology, however, we are trying to bring out audiences into our world. We’re not trying to show you that everything is perfect. 

It really is about bringing only the essentials. While we have the technology around us in the frame, what we are really doing is focusing on the camera. We are bringing our message directly to the individual audience member. 

The no makeup method is really about this. It is about bringing the essential to your work. Keep this in mind when you are going to approach someone and speak about what your product or service is. The same is true when you are delivering your message. Focus on the essential and the rest will take care of itself.  

Exploring Vanity and the No Makeup Method

Vanity is a part of being a human. Admittedly, it is also a sin. We all succumb to it. Even if we try to resist it, vanity is waiting for us around the corner.  

At the same time, there is another important idea. If we don’t take care of our vanity and don’t do the things we need to do, we actually feel insecure or uncomfortable. We hear this all the time. Someone comes up to you and says, “I’m not wearing my makeup. I didn’t comb my hair. I didn’t do what I needed to do before I record this video.” 

Again, we are not talking about being unprofessional. We aren’t saying that you can totally forego every aspect of how you look before you start hitting the record button. However, it’s liberating to say, “You know what? Yoga hair, don’t care. This is me and this is what I look like. Take it or leave it. I don’t always need to look perfect.” 

The benefit, of course, is that you are able to build that trust with your audience. Once again, you are able to be authentic and use that authenticity to build deep, long-lasting relationships with any type of viewer. That viewer will intuitively recognize that you aren’t trying to put up some front or screen that hides who you really are. On the contrary, you are putting everything on the table. You are being upfront and letting your audience take it or leave it. 

So I encourage you to keep this in mind as you are applying the no makeup method in your own business. Vanity is something that we cannot avoid, but we can understand why it is so important to be our true selves when speaking with prospects and clients. 

Why and How to Use the No Makeup Method

We discuss many methods and strategies on RevShow. We love getting into it and speaking about video sales and marketing ideas that can help you accomplish your goals. When discussing these methods and strategies, however, we often ask, “Why should we use this method?” There are a variety of reasons for doing so, and because of this, asking this question can really help you understand and stick with a specific method.

So why should you use the no makeup method? For us, it really comes down to three things. Those things are simplicity, connection, and trust.

Simplicity, Connection, and Trust

First, let’s talk about simplicity. Why is the no makeup method the simplest way to go? And why is simplicity one of the best ways to message? 

Ultimately, removing unnecessary components from essentially anything on the planet is a core part of simplicity. It can be best summed up in that famous acronym KISS (keep it simple stupid). It is all too easy to embrace the complicated over the simple. In our jobs, for instance, it can seem more defensible to create an overly complex workflow to engage with our prospects. In most circumstances, however, simpler workflows will often lead to better results. 

Simplicity is such an important part of the no makeup method. Bruce Lee, one of the most influential and powerful people on the planet, even spoke about it. He was a modern-day philosopher and his simplicity talked about removing anything that is unnecessary. If, for instance, an element doesn’t drive the plot or story or add value, why have it? What is the purpose of it? Much of it is vanity.

When you have that simplicity, it creates one of the most honest forms of connection there is. Think about how vulnerable you are when you are speaking to the camera. It is the simplest form of being honest. You are trying to convey your message to someone. One of the most powerful ways to do this is to strip everything else away. Keep it simple. Stay connected. When you do those two things, trust will naturally build.

Video Builds Trust

And that is a crucial point. Your audience really wants trust. They really want to have a connection. They want to meet someone where they can say, “I want to work with this person on a long-term basis. I want to work with this company.” When you take out all of the unnecessary things and remove the vanity, a connection takes place. Better yet, you have a greater chance of that connection being a long-term connection, rather than a short-term connection. 

To put it another way, it is like if you have a guest who stays over at your house. You meet up with that guest in the morning and have coffee. It is a bonding moment because you and the guest don’t care about your appearance. You may be wearing funny shirts or pajamas. Simply put, you are being honest and being yourselves. You aren’t putting up an artificial front in order to impress the guest. On the contrary, you are embracing your true self—no matter how many “flaws” or “imperfections” you may have. Adopting this perspective when you are creating video content is a critical component of the no makeup method. 

Dealing with Corporate Environments

Granted, many corporate environments tend not to endorse this attitude. They aren’t saying that you should have your hair in a bun or that you should be recording video content in your pajamas. They aren’t going to endorse that, but that’s okay. 

Even if that happens, it is about being yourself. Ask yourself: what am I like when I meet a friend? What am I like when I meet someone in a hotel lobby at 8:00 pm or 6:00 am? That is what we are really talking about.

At Dubb, we have so much data to show that this is what builds connection. And if you are in a large, corporate environment? Recognize that corporations today are much more aware in terms of the individuality and identity of their employees. So if you are a member of a corporate team, it doesn’t take too long to find your branding guidelines. What are the guardrails that you have to stay within? Once you identify those guardrails, you can really become yourself from within those guidelines. 

So don’t hesitate to reach out to your team members or managers. Articulate the ways that you are thinking of expressing yourself and they will likely tell you whether they fit in with the company’s brand guidelines. It doesn’t take much work to figure that out, so don’t hesitate to get started here.

Providing Value to Others

The no makeup method is all about providing value to others. By employing this method in your sales videos, you aren’t wasting your viewers’ time. They don’t have to take the time to determine whether you are being truthful or cryptic in your communications. Instead, they can quickly trust you and decide to become vulnerable themselves. 

Also, recognize that once you start to get traction (say, by putting your LinkedIn or YouTube videos out there), you will probably get responses. Some of your viewers may say, “I greatly appreciate the video that you just sent. It was so authentic and honest. Thank you so much. When can we meet?” I would like to work with you.” When you start to get those results, the world suddenly opens up to you. If you have a boss, corporate leadership, or someone else that is in charge of brand guidelines, they may suddenly start to open up their minds. Their fears and vanity requirements start to disappear. After all, as my colleague Rob always says, “personal is the new professional.” 

Even look at ads or commercials today. These ads are less stuffy and corporate than they have ever been. Now, there are essentially selfie commercials. These commercials (and video content in general) are more about what you are saying to your audience and how authentic you are saying those things. 

At Dubb, our biggest thing with these methods and strategies (especially with the no makeup method) is that we are subliminally giving the other person what they want. They may not realize it at the time. However, your audience is looking for authenticity. They want us to talk like them and to speak to them like they are real human beings. They don’t want a rehearsed script. When you actually go ahead and make yourself up, you are taking away the authenticity of who you really are. In fact, authenticity is what they want, so if you follow the no makeup method, you are delivering what they actually want. 

When we think about this idea of makeup, we think about makeup as a product. At the same time, we think about what we are making up. What is the environment and/or story that you are making up? If it is you and it is authentic, it is all good. However, if you are making up a story, people may not necessarily connect with that. They may not gravitate towards it because it may not be as authentic as you deserve to come off. 

The Importance of Self-Confidence

Much of this discussion is about self-confidence. It is about bringing your best self—what you have on the inside and being able to project it out. 

That takes practice. None of this takes place without repetition. Think about when you are standing in front of your mirror and you are practicing your lines. Imagine when you are speaking to yourself and getting ready for work. When you are speaking to a mirror, for instance, you can obviously see yourself. But when you are looking into a camera, you need to be looking at the person you are speaking with. 

It is important to think about this when you are recording video. Actually, it is quite liberating. Recognizing that it isn’t about how you look and it is about that other person can help you overcome any insecurities that you may have. 

At Dubb, we are obsessed with the letter “C.” We often talk about connections, conversations, and conversions. That said, the two “C’s” that are critical with the no makeup method are clarity and comfort. You can get clarity and comfort when you strip away that veil and be your true self on camera. 

Lest we forget, confidence is also a critical C when you are applying the no makeup method. While it may take some time to become more self-confident when applying the no makeup method, self-confidence is going to take you over the finish line. In the end, practice makes perfect. 


Applying the No Makeup Method

For me, applying the no makeup method is about making a promise to yourself. It is about loving yourself. If you love yourself, you can put yourself out there in any state that you want. The benefits that you’ll get from this are more connections, more trust, more conversations, and higher sales. We have seen this before in thousands and thousands of examples. People record videos where they are just authentic. 

They are absolutely themselves. As Paige Battcher described in one of her recent videos, “I think that the most incredible thing is that I have made and generated tens of thousands of dollars from videos that I recorded in one take with no makeup. I didn’t even think that I was going to make a video that day. I made it, linked it, and boom. I then realized, “Oh my gosh. People don’t care if [the video] is perfect. They just want to know if you can help them, and then they want to take the next step.” 

The stories we hear are that the best converting videos are some of the simplest. They are the ones where people grab their cameras and simply recorded their videos. They may have been out on a walk or with their children. They could have been brewing coffee or making food. Whatever they were doing, they decided to take a second and record a video. From there, viewers took a look at those videos and thought, “Thanks for letting me into your world.”

As I have alluded to throughout this post, however, applying the no makeup method can sometimes be easier said than done. Most of the challenges are psychological. If you really think about it, no one is stopping you from refusing to put on makeup before shooting any type of video. We may still feel this inherent pressure, however, because we see others applying makeup in their own videos.

To return to this idea, it is all about self-confidence. If you have little confidence in yourself, your appearance, and the message that you are delivering to your audience, it is going to be hard to embrace the no makeup method. You may second guess yourself and end up not creating a video in the first place.

So how can you increase some of that self-confidence? For one thing, you can practice by recording a video for yourself. Pull out your cell phone and start speaking directly to the camera without applying makeup or any other accessory. Go ahead and speak for 30 seconds to one minute and pretend that you are speaking with a prospect or client. You don’t even need to use that video in your sales work. If you feel the need, simply delete it and forget about it. No matter what happens, getting in the habit of embracing the no makeup method will make it much easier to leverage going forward. All you need to do is get started. 

Going Forward with the No Makeup Method

The no makeup method is relatively straightforward. The fact that it is straightforward, however, doesn’t make it any less powerful. On the contrary, I think that it makes it even more powerful. By embracing who you are and being fully authentic on camera, you get to build trust with your audience. That trust is the key ingredient in building long-term relationships (and repeat sales) with members of your audience.  

Better yet, you can take advantage of the no makeup method by using Dubb. You can create and send Dubb videos in so many different places. For instance, if you are walking your dog in the woods, you can take out your phone and record a high-quality video. We have stories where individuals do exactly this. They post their video content onto social platforms like LinkedIn and receive great comments and reactions. 

That is what we are talking about here. If you are shooting video yourself, don’t hesitate to rely on the no makeup method. And if you are a sales leader? Encourage your team to understand the no makeup method and implement it in videos of their own. Get them to be authentic and encourage them to pull up the veil. Send those videos that really connect. I’m sure that you will thank yourself later. If you liked this blog post, I encourage you to check out our blog for more content about video sales and marketing. If you have any questions about Dubb, you can always contact us by clicking here. Feel free to also click here to sign up for a free 14-day trial of our premium plans. We look forward to hearing from you!

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