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Hey, everyone, welcome back to Deb. Support in this video we’re
talking about sprout video pricing as compared to do pricing.
Now, in this particular video we’re not really covering too many features. But
if you’re interested in a more detailed comparison, you can either check out the full length
sprout. Video versus dub comparison video or you can check out the quicker one a
little bit shorter sprout video alternative. So either one of those will have
more detailed information in terms of features and things like that, so without further, ado
let’s go ahead and jump right into pricing. So, a video has an entry point
of 24 99 per month. However there’s a couple
of reasons why I actually don’t consider this plan a starting solution for
any small business and it’s really because of this video website feature, this
is really comparable to dubs video landing pages these guys
right here where you can kind of add all your CTAs and things like that. Other
video platforms also provide similar services in terms of kind of a video landing
page. So this is their version of that. That video website is really a crucial feature. When
using videos in a small business for either sales or marketing opportunities it’s just really
nice to have the kind of pages and the page builder all in one place or the
videos in the page builder. So that is included with that 59 dollars per month plan.
So this is for me, really. The entry point for sprout video now
when we compare this to Deb, they also do have a lower priced entry
plan that at 10 dollars per month for their support plan. This doesn’t include
everything that the platform has to offer. It is limited in a couple of different ways.
But it does have all the customization and some CTAs and things like that. That are
not going to be included in the seed plan for sprout video. And as I mentioned,
if you guys want to check out some more of those feature comparison definitely check out the other videos, but
that is the price point for their entry plan. 10 dollars per month with dub and
24 first sprout and now feature dubs
pricing plan comparable to this sprout plan. There is actually going to be this
plan here at 40 dollars per month. Now, this does have nearly this has access
to nearly everything as a platform has to offer except for some of the more advanced automation features
and also the premium support. Those are really the only thing missing from
that 40 dollars per month plan. So this is very comparable to sprouts. 59
dollars per month plan it’s actually going to include a ton of features
that are not included in sprout. Videos plan including all the creation tools
like the mobile app really just so many things. I can’t even cover in this video, definitely check those
out if you’re interested in a feature to feature comparison, but
these are the two plans that are comparable. Now, the next one you can see here is the tree and forest plan
was out video and these are their premium plans. Only one of them includes premium
support and also has a higher tier plan, which is the Pro.
Plus, so this is 100 dollars per month. And this is going to be comparable to the
higher tiered plans here over at sprout video, the main difference between the
tree and the forest plans there with them is that single sign on IP restriction and premium support
and the premium support is really a big deal and that’s the type of support that you’re going
to be getting with Dubs premium plan as well. So that
is how those premium plans stack up between two and 500 per month
and 100 dollars per month with dub. So
that is how the pricing looks for pro video. When compared to dubs, if you guys are interested
in more detailed videos as I mentioned check out the full comparison videos and
also check out a free trial at dub com so you can kind of experience all these
features and the trainings and things like that for yourself. First hand, thanks
for watching.

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