Not sure if you should deliver the morning news or speak from the heart? Watch this video to hear some tips. The story continues on

Do you guys recommend using a teleprompter so this kind of goes back to the question of using a script which I do highly recommend but so as far as the teleprompter goes actually I would recommend to stay away from teleprompters people like news reporters use those because they get information live as it’s coming in so they need to be able to read from that but in your instance you’re unless you’re doing a live video you’re definitely going to need to have whatever you’re gonna say prepared beforehand so that when you get yourself on video I mean it’s either gonna come completely naturally from within you or it’s going to be something that’s rehearsed and if it’s rehearsed then you want to make sure you’ve done enough rehearsal and enough internalization to where you are you know you’re not reading from a script because that’s gonna be it’s gonna become quite apparent um because the camera you know reveals all so if you’re reading on script it’s I mean reading on camera it’s gonna come across it’s very high very hard to hide that and be authentic while you’re reading so no I do not recommend using a teleprompter that’s something we stay away from within our company we make sure that 0:01:04.619,0:01:10.070 people kind of have their stuff down prior to getting on camera.