View this blog post to learn how to quickly and easily send video through Mailchimp using Dubb. This video is brought to you by Dubb.

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Hey, everyone, in this video I’m going to be showing you how you can quickly
and easily send video through MailChimp using Dubb. that today’s
video is brought to you by dub. Check out a free trial at Dubb. Com we’re actually
using the desktop three in order to record today’s video as well.
So let’s go ahead and get right into it. Start by visiting your MailChimp account, you
can either select an existing campaign or you can create a new one
I’m going to go ahead and create an email from scratch for those following along. Now,
once you’re in here we’re just going to go ahead and go straight into the designing the email and
then go ahead and select the template. Any template will do. And
now once you’re in this drag and drop interface there’s going to be a few different ways, you can
incorporate videos into your MailChimp emails. One is you can just click in the text
composition section and you’re going to notice a dub icon right here in that window. What
this allows you to do if you click the icon, you can either record a
brand new video. You can upload a video from your computer, you can even
add one from YouTube and this is what it looks like when you insert one
of these videos in there. All you have to do is click insert and has saved and
now that video is ready to go within this template. We can also drag
just a code block into the template anywhere we want and then what we
can do is go to dub. And in that from our dub account,
we can copy the HTML code just like this, and
then we can paste that HTML code into that
block and that’s going to provide us that same way of embedding that video. So
there’s a couple of different ways we can incorporate videos from
our dub account into mail. Chimp very easily in order to get nice animated
GIF previews and fully embedded videos. Into our mail chimp emails.

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