A top marketing video hosting platform can provide immense value to your organization. Whether you just launched a startup or are looking for a better way to build hype for a product or service, a marketing video hosting platform can keep you organized and get you much closer to your goals. 

Just because a marketing video hosting platform can be useful, however, doesn’t necessarily mean that you’ll find it helpful for your needs. In other words, you need to ensure that you are investing in a top marketing video hosting platform. While there are plenty of marketing video hosting platforms out there, it’s critical to take the time to research your options. Putting in the time now, rather than later, can help you minimize unnecessary headaches and lost time.

Therefore, I want to use this article to take a deep dive into top marketing video hosting platforms. We are going to explore why you should invest in a marketing video hosting platform, what makes a great marketing video hosting platform, some of the top marketing video hosting platforms on the market today, and why Dubb shines above the rest. At the end of this post, I believe that you’ll be in an excellent position to make the best decision for you and your company.

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Why Invest in a Marketing Video Hosting Platform?

If you work for a larger company, you may already have a marketing video hosting platform. However, if you started a startup or work for a small or medium-sized business, you may not have invested in this type of software.

At its core, a marketing video hosting platform helps you build closer relationships with your audience. Through the power of video content, you can do everything from strengthening your brand equity to sending personal messages to a cohort of warm prospects. As we’ll discuss below, the best marketing video hosting platforms are customizable, meaning that you can use their powerful tools to accomplish your specific marketing goals. 

Ultimately, a marketing video hosting platform gives you control over your brand. It lets you create awesome and engaging video content that shows the value of your company. Communicating with specific prospects, you can easily show how your product or service will create real value in their lives. And working with your sales colleagues, you can use your hosting platform to close more deals and generate more revenue. 

In the end, you can think of a marketing video hosting platform as your secondary marketing brain. Even while you are sleeping, your marketing video hosting platform is hard at work. Not only is it distributing your stellar video content to top prospects, but it is gathering data that can help you run more effective marketing campaigns. In effect, by merging your team’s knowledge and expertise with a marketing video hosting platform, you can accelerate toward all of your marketing goals. 


Aspects That Make a Top Marketing Video Hosting Platform 

As you can see, a marketing video hosting platform can be a key tool in your company’s technology stack. It can offer a full suite of features and customization options that help you accelerate your marketing work.

That being said, the title of this post mentions top marketing video hosting platforms. By just Googling for marketing video hosting platforms, you will see that you have plenty of options at your fingertips. Consequently, you may be wondering: what separates the top marketing hosting platforms from the rest? 

I think that there are several important distinctions. When you are searching for your marketing video hosting platform, you’ll certainly want to ensure that these features exist. 

To start off, the top marketing video hosting platforms offer you stellar creation tools. This is true whether you are creating content at your desk or outside your office. Because we are living in more of a mobile-first world, these top hosting platforms often offer dedicated mobile apps. These mobile apps offer outstanding ways to capture and edit content. But even if you are creating new content in the office, these platforms give you plenty of editing tools. Whether you want to add music or even incorporate personalized text in your videos, these platforms give you the power to do so. Using these platforms, you can easily transform your video content visions into realities.

From stellar creation tools, the top marketing video hosting platforms let you leverage custom landing pages. Custom landing pages are powerful for so many reasons. 

For one thing, they let you easily create single webpages for many different purposes. For instance, if you create a video introducing your company to a new group of prospects, you can create a custom landing page that introduces those prospects to your company. While this is just one example, it goes to show how custom landing pages can help you accomplish your marketing goals. 

Not only that, but custom landing pages can help move prospects down your marketing and sales funnels. The primary way to do this is through call to action buttons. As you likely know, calls to action are tools that can persuade your audience members to take some sort of action. The top marketing video hosting platforms let you incorporate virtually any call to action that you’d like. This includes everything from scheduling a call on your calendar to filling out a detailed form. 

After creation tools and custom landing pages, you will want to look for terrific distribution options. By distribution, I mean the ability to easily send your video content to your audience. You may have the best possible video content, but if you struggle to get it to your target audience, all of your hard work may be for naught. Because of this, you must make sure that your hosting platform lets you efficiently direct your content where you want. 

Using a great marketing video hosting platform, your targeted audience can be everything from a solitary key prospect to a much larger cohort. Whatever it is, the platform efficiently sends your content when and where you want. Moreover, these top platforms give you stellar analytics and tracking data. Upon distributing your video content, you’ll be able to quickly see what is and is not working. 

Fourth, a critical part of top marketing video hosting platforms is plenty of integrations. Integrations, as you likely know, are ways to use software in other pieces of software. They can make you more efficient and help you get more done without having to constantly switch between applications. 

The top marketing video hosting platforms understand this. Consequently, they offer many integrations for their users. This means that you can use these top marketing video hosting platforms when you are using tools like Gmail, Salesforce, HubSpot, and more. No matter the tools in your marketing and sales stack, these platforms likely have integrations for them.

Finally, we can’t talk about top marketing video hosting platforms without discussing pricing. Pricing is just one component of investing in a marketing video hosting platform, yet it is an important factor for small and medium-sized businesses. Compared to their competitors, these marketing video hosting platforms offer extremely competitive prices. Moreover, they understand that there can’t be a one-size-fits-all approach to pricing. They offer several different tiers, which contain different features and price points. No matter your budget, you are sure to find a pricing tier that suits you. The last thing you want to do is burn cash when finding a marketing video hosting platform.

Burning Cash

Similarities and Differences Between the Top Marketing Video Hosting Platforms

The top marketing video hosting platforms shine above the rest for good reason. They have many (or all) of the traits that we discussed above. Nonetheless, even these top marketing video hosting platforms have differences.

To further explore these differences, I want to compare four marketing video hosting platforms. I would consider these four to be in the top tier of marketing video hosting platforms available today. They are Dubb, Vidyard, Covideo, and BombBomb. While I’m undoubtedly biased and believe that Dubb is the best possible option for many companies, 

Video Creation and Editing

Starting off, let’s take a look at video creation and editing tools. Like I mentioned above, these are extremely important features for all types of marketers. 

Dubb, Vidyard, Covideo, and BombBomb do well in this area. They provide plenty of creation tools. For instance, all of them offer Chrome browser extensions. This means that you can easily create video content with just a few clicks of your mouse. Whether you want to record yourself, your screen, or a mix of both, you’ll be able to easily create and share awesome video content.

If you are away from your desk, all four platforms offer mobile apps. The specific features of these mobile apps vary. But for the most part, they let you record and edit video wherever you are. 

While these are the main differences, Dubb offers several more features that make the creation and editing experience much more enjoyable. First, Dubb offers a powerful virtual background feature. This means that you can feel more comfortable in your current setting and worrying less about what your audience will think of your background. If you are recording a webinar in an inconvenient area, for instance, you can change your background to make it more visually appealing. 

Along with this virtual background feature is Dubb’s annotation tool. This is an extremely helpful feature if you are giving a video presentation or are conducting a virtual webinar. Using this tool and the ability to record your screen, you can emphasize certain points and deliver a clearer message. It is especially useful if you are troubleshooting a digital product.

When releasing video content, you may want to add subtitles or captions. This is a great idea, as some of your viewers may not be able to listen to your video’s audio. They may not have their headphones or could be trying to discreetly watch your video at work. Dubb makes it extremely easy for you to upload SRT files for your video content. Whether you already have the SRT file or need to generate captions, Dubb can get the job done. 

Finally, there is our mobile app (you can find it for iOS and Android devices). Like I mentioned above, all four mobile apps are pretty similar, but Dubb has some additional features. For example, you can splice multiple clips together, add music to your video content, add text over your videos, insert emojis, and switch between your front and rear camera when recording. When you’re done recording your video content, you can easily upload your creation to Dubb. 

Custom Landing Pages

Because custom landing pages are so important, all four of these top marketing video hosting platforms offer you ways to create and customize video landing pages. Because video landing pages are so important for salespeople and marketers, users of all four platforms should certainly take advantage of them. 

All of that being said, Dubb users get to leverage several important features when creating custom landing pages.

To start, you can easily leverage pre-built templates to build your own custom landing pages. Once you have selected one of Dubb’s templates, you can easily edit the template to include your organization’s branding, logo, font, and more. Better yet, you can make all of these edits and changes without needing to know HTML or CSS.

Beyond custom templates, however, Dubb offers a plethora of calls to action. You can include virtually any call to action that you can imagine. For instance, using Dubb, available calls to action include:

  • Scheduling a call on your calendar: We are proud to offer integrations with the most popular calendar services. When a viewer finishes watching your video content, he or she can easily schedule a call on your calendar. 
  • Download an eBook or white paper: For prospects at the top of your marketing funnel, an eBook or white paper can quickly educate them about your product or service. After watching your video, your viewers can immediately download your digital content and learn more about your company.
  • Completing a form: You may need to gather granular information about a particular prospect. You can do so with this call to action. With this information, your sales colleagues can better tailor their pitches. 
  • Communicating via Facebook Messenger: Some prospects may not want to reveal their phone number, but they still want to learn more about your company. Because of this, communicating through Facebook Messenger can be a great way to move that prospect down your funnel. 
  • Purchasing a product or service: In the best-case scenario, a prospect will immediately want to purchase your company’s product or service. Dubb lets you create a call to action allowing the viewer to do just that. 

Dubb CTA 2

These are just some of the calls to action that you’ll find on the Dubb platform. Because Dubb is all about helping you accomplish your sales and marketing goals, we are focused on providing excellent call to action options for our users.

Beyond calls to action, Dubb lets you leverage exit-intent popups and video playlists. You have probably seen exit-intent popups when visiting your favorite websites. They are basically one more chance for your company to gather information from a prospect. While some people may find them annoying, they have proven to be a great way to salvage a lost prospect. Dubb lets you easily incorporate exit-intent popups on your video landing pages. 

The video playlist feature lets you stack valuable pieces of content together. You can also splice those clips and even enable autoplay. The playlist feature can be especially powerful when you want to piece together personalized and more generic content. You can easily shoot a quick video for a specific prospect and then attach a more polished video to it. Essentially, you get the best of both worlds: hyper-personalized content and sleek generic content.

Video Distribution

Now, let’s turn to distribution. Covideo, BombBomb, Vidyard, and Dubb make it easy for you to distribute your video content. All four platforms recognize that distribution is an underrated, yet extremely important part of good marketing work. 

With Dubb, however, you can take advantage of several important distribution features. For one thing, Dubb lets you easily send individual and bulk emails. You can even integrate your email client (like Gmail, Microsoft Office, or something else) and then send out your videos from that email service through Dubb. Dubb users can even leverage a built-in customer relationship management (CRM) tool to keep track of their prospect and customer interactions. Whether you work for a brand new startup or a much more established corporation, this built-in CRM can keep you organized and on track. 

One of the coolest things that Dubb offers is a terrific marketing automation suite. It is designed to be an all-in-one solution that is perfect for small and medium-sized businesses. In this automation suite, you can design basic or complex workflows that are triggered based on certain events. In these workflows, you can include delays to send emails at a later time or use if/then statements depending on whether a prospect has watched a particular video. Ultimately, these automation tools can make you more efficient and help you accomplish your marketing goals. 

Finally, Dubb provides you with extensive tracking and analytics. Once you distribute your video content, you can quickly see the number of views, who has viewed your content, and how much of your content they have viewed. With this granular data, you can subsequently launch more effective marketing and sales campaigns. 

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A Vast Number of Integrations

Covideo, BombBomb, Vidyard, and Dubb offer integrations with their software. While Covideo has a more limited list of integrations, BombBomb, Vidyard, and Dubb can easily integrate with many commonly-used marketing, ESP, content, and sales software. This includes tools like Slack, HubSpot, Salesforce, and more. 

You can find a complete list of Dubb’s integrations by clicking here. You can see that we offer integrations with many of the world’s most popular sales and marketing tools. From LinkedIn and YouTube to Upsales and Ontraport, you can use these integrations to be more efficient and get more work done. If you become a Dubb user, I highly encourage you to take advantage of these integrations.  


To wrap up this comparison, let’s talk about pricing. It can be difficult to compare pricing among these top marketing video hosting platforms, as their prices constantly change. That being said, most of these platforms offer low-priced or free tier plans. While these plans offer fewer features than you would find in paid plans, they are available for users that are on a budget. 

For larger companies, however, these top marketing video hosting platforms offer tiered plans with a variety of features. You will certainly want to do your due diligence to find the appropriate features and tiered plan for you.

At Dubb, for instance, you can see our entire pricing schedule here. Compared to the other marketing platforms discussed here, we are proud to offer extremely competitive pricing and a broader feature set. For instance, our Pro plan includes features like HD video, custom logos and subdomains, calls to action, native forms, and more. This plan goes for $40 per month or $32 per month if you pay for the entire year in advance. 

This is just one of the plans that we offer. Ultimately, we put great thought into the features and pricing that accompanies each of our plans. We are confident that you can find a Dubb plan that meets your objectives and budget. 

Accomplishing All of Your Marketing Goals

Using a top marketing video hosting platform, you and your colleagues can change the course of your business. You can build long-term relationships with prospects and customers, strengthen your brand equity, and generate more sales. In other words, your hosting platform can be your most valuable tool as you go on to reach your marketing goals.

Finally, I encourage you to check out Dubb. As I’ve shown above, Dubb offers a plethora of tools to help you with your marketing work—all at an extremely competitive price. To learn more about Dubb, click here. You can also click here to contact us and click here to sign up for a free seven-day trial of our paid tiers.

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