If you are a sales leader at a small or large company, you are definitely going to want to learn about quantum selling. 

As sales professionals, we all have short-term and long-term goals. As far as short-term goals, we may want to reach a certain sales quota at the end of a month or year. Then, in terms of long-term goals, we may want to build stronger relationships with our prospects or even find ways to upsell our current customers. 

Whatever the case may be, it can be difficult to reach those sales goals. No matter your company or sector, the competition is only getting more intense. We are all fighting for clients and subtle differences will likely determine whether we are successful or unsuccessful. 

This brings us to quantum selling. While it may sound complicated, quantum selling is a strategy that can help you reach your business goals. Even better, there are certain steps that you can take right now that will put you on a course to achieve everything that quantum selling has to offer. 

In this episode of RevShow, Rob and I wanted to discuss quantum selling and how it can help you supercharge your business. Whether you just became a sales leader or are looking for a way to make your sales work even more impactful, you are definitely going to want to pay attention to the tips and tricks in this article.

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What is Quantum Selling?

Let’s get into this topic by starting with the basics. Part of the reason that quantum selling may be intimidating to some people is because of its name. Quantum selling makes us think of quantum mechanics, which is near-incomprehensible to many of us. Even the word “quantum” can make us uneasy or nervous. It becomes much easier to simply move on than look into why quantum selling is powerful. 

The great news is that it isn’t that complicated. Yes, quantum selling is inspired by quantum mechanics. There are certain topics in quantum mechanics that inspire some of the tips and strategies taught here. At the same time, quantum selling is catered to high-striving sales professionals who want to achieve their goals. 

So what is quantum selling? It actually helps to discuss it in terms of quantum mechanics (don’t worry, it isn’t too complex). 

When we think about physics and geometry from a first principles standpoint, we recognize that the shortest point between two distances is a straight line. It is something that we learn in grade school (or even earlier). It can even be something that you learn when playing a sport. For instance, if you are a track and field athlete, you recognize this principle. 

At the same time, the reality is a little more complicated than this common trope of speed and straight lines. In fact, we can apply quantum physics to the same issue. By doing so, we can quickly recognize that there may, in fact, be a key detail here. 

Ultimately, with quantum physics, we can decrease the length between two points by bending the space-time continuum. 

If you have seen the movie Interstellar, you likely know what I am talking about. In the movie, one of Matthew McConaughey’s fellow astronauts is discussing how they are going to travel between galaxies in the universe. To demonstrate this concept, the astronaut takes a sheet of paper, folds it in half, and then sticks a pencil through a specific point on that piece of paper. Rather than proceeding down a straight line from point A to point B, McConaughey and his fellow astronauts decide to proceed through a wormhole to expedite their journey. 

But let’s put aside Interstellar. Quantum selling deals with a number of things. The most important concept is cloning particles. From there, you are leveraging omnichannel outreach and neuro engagement. At its core, however, quantum selling is about producing powerful content that reaches your audience where they are. Moreover, it is about engaging your audience on a much deeper level. By following this simple framework, you will quickly start to see how powerful quantum selling can be. 

In this post, I am going to talk about these three variables (content, channels, and neuro engagement) in much more detail. If you can remember just these three variables, you will be well on your way to getting the most out of quantum selling. 

Why Quantum Selling is So Powerful

Quantum selling can change the course of your current and future sales work. It does this because it keeps your audience at the top of your mind and helps you get into positions where you can provide the most value to that audience. 

Again, quantum selling relies on three key factors. If you take content (like particles) and you take channels (like omnichannel), you fire up neuro engagement (via sales conversions). This means people, most notably your buyers, are thinking about how they can buy your products or services. While all of these factors are powerful in and of themselves, the simple act of combining them and leveraging them simultaneously makes for a much more powerful cocktail. 

The key here is scale and impact. By taking advantage of quantum selling, you can reach large amounts of people (including your most treasured prospects). Moreover, quantum selling lets you have a substantial impact on the lives of your viewers. Whether your viewers decide to make a purchase from your company or simply learn something new that drastically improves their lives, quantum selling can help you get the job done. They will intuitively recognize the value that you are creating in their lives. Even if they don’t make a purchase today, you are nicely setting yourself up for rewards in the future.

So really think about this: quantum selling is a way that you can supercharge your content creation work, build stronger connections with any type of audience, and generate more sales. It is a way that you can get much closer to your business goals, whether that means hitting a sales quota, building stronger relationships with your customers or prospects, or something else. 

Pretty cool, right? 

Understanding Content Particles

So to better understand why quantum selling is so powerful, I want to get into the three main elements of the strategy. Once again, they are content particles, omnichannel outreach, and neuro engagement. Taking advantage of all three elements is a crucial part of getting the most out of quantum selling. 

First, we want to talk about content particles. Content particles are an essential element of capitalizing on the quantum selling method. 

Basically, content particles are all the different touch points that you are going to have to go through to reach your audience. By “touch points,” I mean different points in the digital universe that can constantly advocate for your product or service. 

Many people say that content is king. I beg to differ. 

Instead, I believe that context is king. This just means that all of the various touch points and content that you have in the ether need to work together as a holistic cause. In other words, they need to work together as a movement for your brand. Context is what is going to separate you from your competitors. 

The key to quantum selling is taking your sales cycle and decreasing it while increasing your conversion rates. By doing that, you are bending your sales space-time continuum. 

Here, you want to think about the volume. You need to think about scale. The definition of scale is increasing the number of outputs without increasing the number of inputs. On the other hand, growth is increasing both outputs and inputs. The key thing that is going to help you quantum selling is scale. By leveraging scale, you can grow without hiring 1,000 sales reps.

So how can you do this in practice? It all comes down to providing value in your touch points. These are your content particles and they will help you connect with different types of prospects and viewers. 

The most beautiful thing about this is that your content particles are ever-expanding. After all, every single piece of content you have out there is effectively a clone. It is a clone of you and your brand. These clones are ways to connect to your ideal audience. Even better is the fact that they are working for you 24/7/365. Even when you are sleeping, your content is out there working for you. 

This is truly a game-changer. Years (certainly decades) ago, sales leaders needed to constantly be seeking out leads. They needed to get a lengthy list of individuals that they could cold call for eight hours per day. Even when they were able to get someone on the phone, they faced a tall task of building trust and generating a sale. Even if they weren’t cold calling, they were pounding the pavement and taking meetings. While those meetings certainly could have led to sales, they would take up a significant part of their days. 

Content particles are completely different. This simple act of cloning yourself not only lets you provide more value to your audience, but it frees up time for you to work on other things. Content particles essentially offer you the best of both worlds, meaning that you can become more efficient, build stronger customer relationships, and generate more sales. 

Every sales leader is going to want to take advantage of these content particles. To take advantage of them, you are going to need both the volume and audience. That’s not all you will need, however. You also need the substance that this volume wants. By substance, I mean your product or service. 

The last thing that you want here is impact. You want your content particles to be impactful, meaning that it actually affects the lives of your viewers or audience members. We are going to further discuss how to help your audience members remember your content. Putting that aside, however, impact is what is going to separate you from your competitors. So long as you can create content particles that impact your chosen audience, you are going to see some major traction.

Naturally, the question is how you can make this type of content. The simple answer is that it depends. The key, however, is to really get into the heads of your target audience. Understand the problems that they face and the opportunities that they want to unlock in their lives. If necessary, ask them about these things. While it may take some time, putting in the work here will pay off in spades. 

Video Builds Trust

Omnichannel Distribution

Now, let’s talk about omnichannel distribution. You have probably heard the idea of being omnichannel. In fact, in today’s day and age, it has become somewhat of a cliche. The idea here is that you need to provide your prospects and buyers with a seamless experience. In other words, your goal is to offer your services and assistance in every (or nearly every) area where your audience can meet you. 

I think the concept of being omnichannel is important. At the same time, the important point here is to be ever-present in any channel where your audience is already present. Let’s face it: all of us have limited time and resources. Even if you started the largest company in the world, you still need to intelligently deploy your attention and capital. The same is true of you in the quantum selling universe. While you can theoretically devote your attention and resources to every type of medium or social network out there, you need to be strategic. You must meet your audience where they are. 

A good rule of thumb here is to start releasing your content particles in the areas where they are most active. For instance, you may find that the majority of your audience likes to hang out on LinkedIn. If that’s the case, spend most of your time creating impactful LinkedIn content. The same is true if your audience hangs out on Instagram, TikTok, or some other platform. While the videos may be pretty similar, creating content specifically for those platforms will give you an edge. By focusing on your most important platform, you can then start to see if you have the time or bandwidth to create content for even more platforms where your audience is located. 

Think about the information that you are conveying as light. You need to project your light in as many ways as possible. These can be in the form of reflections, refractions, direct hits, and more. The key is to get connected between you and your buyers. Having said this, don’t hesitate to maintain focus in the beginning. Be mindful of the nuances of omnichannel distribution. It is critical as you take advantage of quantum selling in your day-to-day work. 

Neuro Engagement

Putting it this way, it is extremely attractive to bend the space-time continuum through quantum selling. But let’s bring this more down to earth. As a sales leader or sales professional, it’s in your best interest to increase the number of particles out there. In sales speak, that means more content. 

Now, you need to focus on having more gravitational force. That means more impact. You can get that impact by creating content that truly speaks to your audience’s wants, needs, desires, and wishes. Along with that, it is about creating content that is intelligently omnichannel. Instead of needing to be on every single platform out there, you can focus on the platforms or social networks with the largest impact. 

From there, you are in a great position to capitalize on neuro engagement. Naturally, this leads to more conversions and gets you much closer to your sales goals. 

But let’s back up for one minute. What is neuro engagement? And why should we care? 

Think about it this way: in and of itself, the brain is like a universe. Within our brains, there are billions of neurons that are constantly firing. That is how our buyers are making decisions to potentially buy from us. So any time that you are putting a touch point out into the universe, you need to determine how your content is affecting the neurons within your customer’s mind. 

Here, what is essentially happening is that there was a burning in of your brand. Your customers are thinking about their problems, hopes, fears, and desires. With all of that going on, they are figuring out whether your offering, message, and content fit within their goals. 

The reality, however, is that we cannot force decisions upon people’s minds. Neurons are firing autonomically. For instance, if you tell someone not to think about an elephant, they are going to think about an elephant. That is the way that neurons work. Our brains work like this, and because of this, we cannot force specific ideas onto them. People need to make decisions by themselves. That is the difference bewteen improving your selling versus improving the buying that is already taking place. 

Neurons that fire together, refer together. That is everything and it is this entire idea of neuroplasticity. It is the key unlock here. If you set a goal and project yourself toward that goal, you can ultimately move your universe in your favor. That is the core of quantum selling. 

While this concept may seem too high level or theoretical, I encourage you to keep it in mind as you are taking advantage of quantum selling. It may be just the thing that makes the difference between you getting that key sale and losing a customer for life. 

Recapping the Benefits of Quantum Selling

Those three elements (content particles, omnichannel distribution, and neuro engagement) are at the core of quantum selling. If you are able to incorporate these three elements into your sales processes, you will be in great shape. 

Now, I want to provide a quick recap of some of the benefits of quantum selling. Essentially, quantum selling is about more content on more channels, which leads to you getting more customers. 

But there is more to quantum selling than that. Through quantum selling, you are going to get shorter sales cycles. You will also get more conversions. Last (but not least), you will get more referrals. These are the three engines of quantum selling, and if you are able to master the basics, you will be rewarded with these benefits. 

In the end, with quantum selling, you need to have the end in mind. That is one of the most important parts of quantum selling. The end should be central in your mind. Because of this, it is important to think about your ultimate goal. Is it to get a promotion for yourself? Is it to expand into a new market? Is it even to get acquired in the future? If we think about where we are going, we can strategize and get much closer to that final destination. 

Don’t forget to maximize your touch point. It is a concept that I have mentioned throughout this post because it is that important. We need to maximize our touch points because we all know that when you do that, neurons buy. Quantum selling maximizes touch points. The digital channels are already out there. It is about getting your voice to the place where your ideal audience already hangs out. 

From there, it is about making the connection. That will get your ideal customer to buy. By leveraging the power of neuro engagement, you can make that connection building process much easier. At Dubb, we are all about making strong, long-term connections with any type of audience member, so feel free to use other tactics we’ve discussed to make this process easier. 

All of this requires work, however. For as powerful as quantum selling may be, it isn’t going to happen automatically. You need to put in the reps to see some real results. Like with many things in life, however, hard, consistent work is rewarded. If you believe in quantum selling and consistently work to implement the principles discussed here into your sales processes, I am certain that you will see some positive results. The best time to get started is right now. 

What we Do at Dubb

Go Forth With Quantum Selling

While this video may have been a bit mind expanding, our goal at Dubb is to provide knowledge so that you can increase your sales and marketing. Whether you are leveraging quantum selling or any other sales or marketing tactic, all of us want you to succeed.

The great news is that quantum selling doesn’t have to be rocket science. You don’t need to be a sales or marketing engineer in order to get the most benefits out of this strategy. By following the tips and advice above, you will be in an outstanding position to launch your sales work into the stratosphere. 

It is an outstanding time to be a sales leader and a content creator. If you are able to combine both strong sales skills and content creation skills, you are going to be very difficult to stop. Even better, by implementing quantum selling within your sales repertoire, you will be able to build stronger relationships and generate more sales. 

If you would like to learn more about quantum selling, Dubb, or any other topic related to sales and marketing, I encourage you to contact us. We always love hearing from your viewers, readers, and fans. And if you would like to give Dubb a try, go ahead and click here. By clicking on that link, you can get a free 14-day trial of our premium plans. We can’t wait to see what you create!

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