We all want to become better marketers. For as great as our product or service may be, we need to do great marketing work to reach our business goals. But how do we do this in practice? In this episode of Connection Loop, Dubb founder Ruben Dua and Creative Director Shannon Leonard speak with Erik Huberman about how you can master your marketing skills. Among the insights that you will hear in this episode include the following: 

  • Marketing and growth is a moving target. Because of this, businesses of all sizes are constantly looking for new ways to grow and new ways to build their businesses. Whether they are first-time entrepreneurs or recurring entrepreneurs, they are looking for better ways to achieve growth. Whether or not you experience this feeling, Recognize that it is a process in moving from that desire to achieve growth and then actually achieving that growth.  
  • According to Erik, marketing has three different layers. Those layers are awareness, nurturing, and trust. Awareness is about how you introduce audiences to your brand. Nurturing involves the things that you do after your audience becomes aware of you. Finally, trust is all about what you’re consistently building and delivering to your audience.  
  • Marketing doesn’t change much from vertical to vertical. While there is some nuance to each vertical, around 90% of marketing is the same across verticals. You need to be aware of both this 90% and the 10% of nuance that applies to your sector or industry. By looking at marketing this way, you will avoid unnecessary mistakes and become a better marketer in your sector or industry.  
  • A good amount of business is reactionary. In sales and marketing, getting more customers is always a moving target. There are no real right answers because there are opportunity costs associated with every decision that you make. Keep this in mind as you are working toward your marketing goals. You will need to be agile and adaptable, but by being nimble, you will get much closer to signing that key prospect.  
  • Often, the best way to accomplish big goals is to focus on much smaller steps. For Erik, he wasn’t trying to build a platform for a billion-dollar company. Instead, he was trying to hire a few people that could help him service a few clients that he was advising. For as large of marketing goals as you may have, start with small steps. In all likelihood, you will get much closer to those larger goals.  

This is a great episode for anyone that is looking to become a better marketer. Whether you are an entry-level marketing specialist or are the marketing lead on a much larger team, there are plenty of actionable insights that you can take from this episode. Enjoy the conversation! 

Erik Huberman is the founder and CEO of Hawke Media. Hawke Media was recognized by Inc. magazine as the fastest-growing marketing consultancy in the United States. Erik and his colleagues at Hawke Media help brands grow through the power of digital marketing. Through things like Facebook marketing, email marketing, and web design, Hawke Media helps its clients accomplish their marketing goals. Hawke Media is proudly one of Glassdoor’s “Best Places to Work.” 

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