At its core, selling is more of an art than a science. Much of sales comes down to understanding what your prospect wants and offering value to address that want. However, it can sometimes be difficult to help that prospect recognize that your product or service will fill that gap in their lives. Identifying and using the right sales language can go a long way in convincing that prospect to make a purchase.

To learn more about how to sell with the right sales language, Dubb founder Ruben Dua spoke with Liz Wendling. Liz is a business consultant and sales coach who helps her clients confidently and authentically close more sales. She has a ton of experience and knowledge about using certain language that can make you a more effective salesperson.

In her conversation with Ruben, Liz spoke on a wide range of topics. They included why you need to stop using bad sales language, how to stop sounding like everyone else when you’re selling your product or service, and common phrases to avoid when you’re speaking with prospects. Whether you have just started your sales career or have been a salesperson for some time, you can learn a lot from Liz.

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