Whether you just took a leap of faith into the startup world or are entering the workforce for the first time, you likely have a distinct roadmap or vision in your mind. Most likely, that vision is of making a ton of money and/or making a significant difference in the world. While these visions and plans help us get through the inevitably difficult times, the simple truth is that our plans are often vastly different than reality.

One person who can attest to this fact is Jeremy Leonard. Jeremy is a growth strategist and a LinkedIn expert. He is also the host of a podcast called Your New Network, where entrepreneurs are introduced to the world’s greatest minds in marketing, psychology, and beyond. While Jeremy’s work is greatly appreciated by his clients and fans, his life has been full of plenty of ups and downs.

In his conversation with Dubb founder Ruben Dua, Jeremy shares his thoughts on his family’s struggles during his earlier years, the power of persistence no matter your current circumstances, why accountability is so critical to accomplish your goals, and why LinkedIn is a great platform to spread the word about your business and meet fascinating people.

Want to learn more from Jeremy about how going from riches to rags and then riches again? The story continues at dubb.com.

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