Vince Warnock is a multi-hyphenate entrepreneur with a diverse range of experiences. Not only is he a full-time author who owns a successful publishing company, but he also excels as a podcast host, sought-after speaker at global conferences, and a dedicated marketing strategist and coach. However, his journey to this multifaceted career was anything but conventional. Before embarking on these ventures, he delved into various fields such as computer engineering, electronics, web development, and even film.

Before his emergence as a published author, Vince commanded speaking fees ranging from $3,000 to $5,000 for conferences. However, everything changed when his book hit the shelves. Suddenly, he found himself at the center of a fierce bidding war among four different conference organizers from around the globe. This surge in demand propelled his speaking fee to an astonishing $20,000 for a single speaking opportunity, a figure that has remained consistent ever since.

In this conversation with Ruben Dua, Vince shares the incredible story of his path to authorial success, generously imparting valuable advice for those seeking to follow a similar trajectory. He underscores the transformative impact of writing a book in building trust with clients, highlights the advantages of integrating artificial intelligence into the writing process, and provides practical guidance on becoming a masterful storyteller.

If you are an entrepreneur eager to expand your influence and income by sharing your knowledge through books, this discussion is for you.

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