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Hey, everyone, welcome back to dub support YouTube channel in this video we’re
talking about one mob alternative dub. And now why is
of a great alternative to one mob let’s go ahead and jump into that. So first
thing we’re not going to cover Super deep into features. There is a full length video where we do compare these two
platforms, head to head feature to feature. This is just a quick recap.
So the first thing is one mob is I do have actually more in
common as they do different, they both have creation tools. They both have distribution and they both offer
customization of the landing pages. So let’s go ahead and look at that,
and I said if all that sounds confusing to you, definitely check out our other videos
where we go a little bit slower. And the video is a little bit longer and dive into more detail.
So the first thing we’ll take a look at is one mobs creation tools. So you can see here
in the screenshot, they have a Chrome extension. They also have a mobile app and they have a desktop
app. Anything with that both platforms have these
similar creation tools mobile app desktop and even the Chrome extension. You can see the
way one mobs looks and it’s very similar to the way does work. You just pop it open,
you can record your screen. You can record just your webcam you can
record. Both Doug is going to be a little bit more advanced, though. It has
annotation tools and has the ability to resize the webcam during
the recording. So a little bit more real time. Editing features in dubs creation tools
and also the mobile app as well. The mobile app allows you to slice multiple clips together. You can add
music and things like that. So more functionality on both the creation tools, the
next thing is the customization of these landing pages. So, as you can see
here, this is where one mob page is going to look like it has a video button
and then also you can put some assets. And then they track the time on those assets. Now it’s
going to be really similar to dubs landing pages. Now, here is a Doub landing page.
So you can see here a couple of differences, though. One is the playlist and the other
is going to be the functionality of those buttons that we saw. So direct
calendar integration video testimonial collection. We can have
form fills Duvis native form. You can have third party forms all
the same things that one mob can do with those assets. We can do here
with dub. The only difference is one mod will track the time on
the assets where double track, if they were clicked downloaded,
things like that as I mentioned the playlist
feature here and other assets on this video page really would separate
dub from one mob it’s going to provide almost identical features. The only
thing that’s different is the tracking of the time on these assets. Whereas with
dub we’re tracking everything else. Okay, so we’ve looked at
the two different customizations of the video pages. One thing
that dub does differently also offers customization of the
email templates. So here’s just what the builder looks like for that. So
what this means is you’re actually customizing the template that
the email is sent through so this is something that do provide. That one
mob will not. And you can see you’re just a generic template. I threw a little video also using a
virtual background, which is a unique feature to dub as well. Some of those real time editing features
that’s a virtual background, not a green screen. We talked
about the creation tools. Now we’ve talked about the customization. Now. The last thing here
is distribution. One mob does allow you to send out bulk emails. Meaning
you can say one video to many people at one time. Now,
Doug provides the same feature except for it’s. Going to really take it a step further
and that is with automation, so here’s what dubs automation looks like. So
like I said in addition to being able to send out large campaigns, this one was sent to 17,000
and we can see specifically who watched who clicked things
like that. It’s going to be similar to one mobs. They both provide great analytics
on those campaigns. However, one mob does
not offer automation. So here’s what that looks like it can be a series of emails or
text messages that go out. Automatically we can add if
then statements. We can add delays. We can create new campaigns or have them
take a different campaign based on their action here. So really
we can really build these workflows or sequence out be as complex or as simple as
we need them to. Because I mentioned they include both SMS and email,
which is more than we’re going to get. And actually, we have no automation offered by one mob.
So that’s really one of the main differences between the platforms. Okay, so we’ve talked about creation we’ve
also talked about the customization of those video pages and email templates which that provides.
And then now, the last thing here is going to be pricing, so one mob does
not offer any information on their pricing on their page. You
can see to contact sales. We do have some insight information we know
that their team pricing starts at 5,000 dollars per
year for a minimum of 10 users. So you won’t be able to have less than 10 users
minimum of 10 at five K per year, which comes out to around 42 dollars per month
per user. And we compare that to Doug pricing it’s about 20%
more expensive, so we’re paying for the year. It looks
like it’s. 32 dollars per month. So about 10 dollars less per user per month, about 25%
a little bit less than 25% less expensive and includes all those advanced
features. Like I mentioned the automations, the additional customization of
those landing pages. And also the more advanced recording or video creation
tools. I know if you guys are comparing these platforms are looking for a video
solution. You will have found some value in this video it looks like that is going to take
the edge on each of the features provided as well as being significantly
less expensive and providing more functions. So thanks
for watching.

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