Check out this blog post to get an up-to-date detailed summary of Loom pricing vs Dubb pricing including breakdowns of different plans This video is brought to you by Dubb.

Below is a transcript from the video:

Hey, everyone, welcome back to the support in this video we’re
just going to be doing a quick recap of loom pricing compared
to some pricing. So let’s go ahead and actually jump right into it. So,
start with both do have a completely free tier. They both have
a free trial and a free tier. So the free trial is a
limited time and it’s access to some of their paid features. Both
of them have that and they both also have a free tier. Where you
can take advantage of some of the features that they offer for free forever. And the next
thing is the starter plan. So you can see here. We got Pro and
we also have the Pro here with them. Now, these these two plans are
really comparable when we’re looking at these two platforms. However, if
we want to go into more detail, definitely? Check out our video where we dive deep into
feature to feature comparisons there’s a full video on that. I
tagged in this one, so be sure to check that if you want more detail. But the
main difference here is really the first thing is the level of customization loom. Doesn’t
offer any customization of the video pages. You can’t even upload your own logo.
So it’s either the logo or removing the loom logo. But you
can’t upload or customize the video pages in any other way. The other
thing is calls to action. So with CT it’s very limited to one button with a link
with dub Tas, we have so much functionality like video
testimonial collection, direct calendar integration, Facebook
Messenger forms there’s just so much more. We can do with the CTAs and that’s really, the
main difference there with the call to action is they do list them, but it’s
just very basic now. And also finally the reporting this is
probably the most significant difference between these platforms is dubbed shows. You specifically
who’s watching your video and what percentage of your video
that you’ve watched. You can see that there and loom does not provide that it’ll show you if
the video was clicked on and that’s it. You won’t be able to see what percentage
of the video that they watched half it all of it or if they clicked any
calls to action or who clicked it for that matter. So those things are not available
on loom and now that’s really. Like I said, the main difference CTAs the
branding and the reporting. Now, there are other
platform other plans available on both with loom there
aren’t any available at this time. But these will have maybe some more advanced features.
Now with that there’s going to be tons of additional plans here including the
sales and marketing stack that it has access to all their CRM functionality. Many
of the additional functions that didn’t cover in this video. Such
as the automation and things like that. So lots of additional functionality
with dub. I just wanted to compare the comparable plans
here between the two, which is that pro plan
here and then the internal and support Pro. These are very comparable.
Except like I said, all the difference. And all the advanced functionality you’re getting with in comparison
to them. So hopefully you guys have found some value in this video. And I know if you are
comparing these two solutions, you will have be sure to check out some of the free training
and things like that. That are included with your trial at up.

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