Are you planning on attending HubSpot Inbound 2019 in Boston this year? This year’s event is going to be stellar with some incredible speakers including Jada Pinkett Smith (Actor), Chelsea Handler (Comedian), Alexis Ohanian (Founder of Reddit), Salman Khan (Founder of Khan Academy), Brian Halligan (CEO of HubSpot), Dharmesh Shah (CTO of HubSpot) and more to discuss the future.
The Dubb team is kicking off a campaign called the #DUBB100 where we will shoot 100 commercials of various companies at the Inbound conference for free. These will be short social media videos shot on pro equipment showcasing the people, swag, brands, and booths of 100 lucky companies. To get on the list, simply add your company name and relevant contacts below. Alternatively, you can nominate another person & company with comments. These videos are being offered on a first-come, first-serve basis so get on the list now!
See you at HubSpot Inbound 2019!
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