This blog post introduces a Hubspot alternative, Dubb. See how Dubb provides all of the same basic functionality and a complete video platform.This video is brought to you by Dubb.

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Hey, everyone, in this video I’m going to be providing a side by side comparison
between HubSpot and Dubb. But before I do, I just have one quick question.
Are you a small to medium sized business looking to leverage all the awesome features
that platforms like HubSpot offer? But you don’t want to spend
hundreds or thousands of dollars a month. Well, then this is the video for you. Because
dub is going to provide all the same basic functionality HubSpot including the automation,
including the landing pages all those great features that cost hundreds
and hundreds of dollars or thousands with HubSpot for less
than attempt of the cost with them. So let’s go ahead and actually jump right into
the side by side comparison between these two platforms. So on
the left we have up on the right. We have Deb and we’re actually just going to go straight into
the dashboard so we can see here from the dashboard
of HubSpot. We got contacts conversations marketing, so on et cetera. And we’re
going to go just through tab at a time. And the first one is contact. So you can see here
in HubSpot. We have a basic contact management activities emails information
basically have some custom field there. And so we can have the same exact thing over
a dub and here’s that looks like so basic
contact management again, custom fields reporting activity.
Reporting email reporting campaigns, workflows notes you’re able
to do all the same things here in that contact management record as you can
in HubSpot and the next thing next tab over right
down the line, here is list. So HubSpot does an awesome job of
managing lists and dub has a really similar kind of list management feature which is using tags.
You can tag your contacts. You can select multiple tags. And then that way, you can filter
these guys down to list management. You can even save these list that you’ve built
once you kind of isolate the tags that you wanted so complicated
or simple list building, whichever way you want to go. Dub provides really similar list
building to now. Next thing is deals deals,
pretty simple with HubSpot. You can just see here some basic amounts and so
on and so forth and we have this one view and
we can also explore a four view, which is new. And we have the same exact
function at B as well? So here’s what that looks like over
a dub? We have deals like I said, almost the
same. We have the list view that way you might be a little more familiar with. It looks just like it doesn’t hub
spot and the board view as well. So we can take a deal and move it
down the pipeline accordingly and all these updates in the system as well.
So this is what deals look like. All these are custom fields as well. You can use the ones we
have or you can build your own deal management right there in the dashboard. So like
I said, right down the line we’re just going to go through each one of these things that HubSpot provides and show
you a version of it. So we just covered contacts with contacts and
lists, we have inboxes which is a little bit separate. We have our own
messaging platform which is dub messaging where you can have real time conversations
back and forth and the marketing thing we’ll get back to this. In one second. We are distant sales. We just cover deals
next is tasks. Do also has tasks just
like HubSpot does where you’re able to assign these and these can even be assigned
through automation. So if someone opens an email clicks a CTA or does some type of
engagement. You can then base an automation or a task to be built from
that. So tasks work hand in hand with automation right in here,
inside dev. So that’s actually one thing and a little bit more advanced than HubSpot in terms
of creating automations or tasks. I should say from automation sure it’s
possible. Just not super simple again. Right down the line here. The next thing after
task is reports as it allows you to pull reports based on
engagement and things like that and he has the same thing. We have a whole reporting section where
you’re able to come into your reports. And then you can open up that download.
The report you can filter or do whatever you need to with
it. And, of course, like I said, everything is exportable here. And filter it
as you need to buy. Video engagement that’s what reporting looks like. I would say the
reporting is probably a little bit more advanced with HubSpot. But you can still pull all
the analytics that we’re collecting on dub including watch rates and things like that.
So there is reports and then now the last thing here
is all the marketing features with hub site. They have all their
automation tools sequences and workflows and we have the same exact
capabilities provided with dub and now here’s what that looks like. So,
as I mentioned here’s, what workflows looks like so we can build out these
sequences to be as complicated or simple as we want, they can even include,
text messages and emails. We can have them stop automatically.
We have if then statements. Like I said, they can be as simple or as
complex as we need them to and these are all automated. And then
we also have campaigns so we can build out bulk email messages. You
can send one video to entire list here’s one that was sent to 18,000
people and then we can go in there and see who opened it. Who watches who clicked what percentage of
the video? If there was a video embedded in there and that’s of course dub’s
main focus is the video platform. But it includes the CRM
because all this stuff works together. And then like I said, here’s
what the engagement looks like for those campaigns now, in addition to
the campaign and automation of course need templates. So he provides
the ability to build completely custom email templates with automatically populated social
icons and logos, things like that and then we
can also build, of course, custom landing pages right along there with
it again. Logos URLs, buttons the works
we can build these pages to do just about anything. We need them to landing. Pages
email, templates, automation. All that stuff that’s included in hub spots higher
tiers is going to be incorporated into dubs plans as well. Which brings me to
the last point, which is pricing. So we’ve looked at just kind
of a basic overview of the features here. And now let’s go ahead and like I said, take a look
at pricing they’ve had it broken up with HubSpot in a couple of different ways. Lots
of stuff, included on their free tool which is some of the stuff that’s incorporated into dubs kind of
CRM as well. But for as far as the paid plans go, this is where things
get interesting, so under marketing we can see landing pages and management also
add retargeting. These are things that are all included with dub. Just about
everything here under this starter plan is incorporated with dub, everything except
rate box. But dub does have forms has list segmentation, email
marketing and retargeting live chat. You name it even in this list
here, this 800 dollars per month plan dub has a good number
of these features as well. Including marketing automation as I’ve showed you email and text message marketing
automation smart content. So we can see exactly what percentage of
the assets being viewed. And things like that don’t have anything blog
related? We do have calls to action and of course, the video hosting
is dubs main feature. So we offer video hosting CTAs embedding options.
The works much more than you’re actually going to get with the sales hub here at
at HubSpot. So dub is going to blow away hub
spots kind of video hosting features. And then of course, some basic analytics as
well. This will all be related to dub video management stuff. Not so much in the website
space. So just a little bit different here in the sales features and then there’s
I’m sorry, the marketing features. Now there’s also, the sales features here over a dub
and HubSpot. And now to actually incorporate all the
sales and marketing features into one plan and I’ll show you that in
just one second. So we talked about the marketing hub dub has just about every single thing
in starter. Plus just about half of what’s in the professional plan at 800 dollars per
month. And then now with the sales hub it’s going to include just about everything in
the sales hub, including meeting scheduling, live chat pipeline which we showed you
custom properties. Goal tracking tasks, which is not listed
here. But all that comes in dubs plan as well as some of
the features here in professional. Now, one to 1 video creation email
sequences. All these powerful features are included in dubs basic plan. So we’ll
show you that again. Like I said, just one second, a couple of things here that are incorporated. This
team stuff deal stage is completely included. So we showed that custom
fields custom reporting. So many of these things in both
professional and starter are included in dubs plans. So let’s go
ahead and actually jump over there now we’re not going to take a look at enterprise. This is really more
specific to enterprise focus features. And while dub does provide some more of these that’s not
the focus of this video it’s more of the small and medium sized businesses, particularly as
I mentioned dub does provide a plan, so we kind of looked over here. We have the 40
dollars per month plan for the entry for marketing and sales. And then we
have 800 and 400 and those are separate plans and dub
has just one plan that’s going to incorporate everything in starter
and professor for both the marketing and the sales up, which is
around 200 dollars per month. If you stack both of those up and now with Doug it’s,
actually only going to be 40 dollars per month. For everything that’s included. And
now the full list, of course, is not here. But this includes everything
we add except for the automation. That is an add on which is 30 dollars
per month. So that would be a total 40 dollars per month that’d be a total of 80 dollars
per month with Deb to include everything that we discussed in this video,
including all the mark automation now for only 40 that
includes everything minus the automation. So you still have landing pages. You still have custom email
templates. You still have the ability to send out bulk emails just not through
the automation. But once the automation is added, that is everything
we’ve discussed in this video and it’s only 80 dollars per month. And when we compare that to
the pricing at HubSpot, like I said, it’s less than attempt of the price
we’re looking at 1,200 dollars per month with HubSpot and only 40 dollars per
month with Deb or 80 with the automation. Now, there are of
course, a couple of different plans available there’s a free plan available for both tools. So
it doesn’t have like the branding and the things that we really need when using it for
business, plus that there’s some limitations on both plans. And that’s to
be fair they’re kind of our lead capture tool to bring people in HubSpot
and double like now there are also some additional plans here for
like internal and support to say you don’t need all the features that incorporates. You
have other options that just the video hosting. So say, for example, if you’re already
happy with HubSpot, you have everything built in there and everything you love about it. Will do perfectly integrates with HubSpot.
So you actually don’t have to replace one of the other you don’t have to choose. You can get Dubs. Awesome video,
hosting capabilities and incorporate that into a lower price plan
over a. So you don’t have to pay the 800 for their video hosting. So
I hope you guys have found some value in today’s video we’ve done a side by side. Comparison between HubSpot and
hub and really have shown that dub is going to take place of all the
basic functionality that HubSpot provides for, like, one sense of the cost. So thanks
for watching. And if you haven’t already be sure to sign up for a free trial at
dot. Com.

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