From being a digital strategist since the early days of digital marketing to teaching at UCLA, Shane Barker has become a true powerhouse in the industry. Today, he owns four thriving businesses—, Clout Consulting, TraceFuse, and Selletek—and hosts his own podcast.

In this episode, you’ll hear the story of how Shane’s website,, which initially aimed to educate people, quickly evolved into a knowledge hub that attracted numerous inbound leads. His thought leadership approach has been the driving force behind his success, attracting an impressive monthly traffic of 1,600 to 70,000 visitors.

In a remarkable turn of events, Shane’s influential online presence caught the attention of UCLA. Recognizing his expertise, they approached him for a role as an influencer. This opportunity stands as a testament to the power of thought leadership and its ability to open unexpected doors.

Join us on this transformative discussion from Dubb’s podcast Connection Loop, hosted by Ruben Dua, as we dive into the world of thought leadership, personal branding, and entrepreneurship with Shane Barker.

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