In this video, we reveal what fuels our business growth. You might suspect that it’s our highly produced content that we distribute on YouTube, LinkedIn, and Facebook, but the reality is much more nuanced. Our number one driver of growth is sending personalized one-to-one videos, directly to prospects and customers. That’s what boosts our retention. That’s what effectively acquires new customers. However, we believe in the “parallel track” approach. That means deploying two separate video content strategies at the same time. On the one hand, we have our one-to-one video strategy. On the other, we produce our public-facing video content and publish it on social networks. Watch the video to hear more about why we take this approach.
In regards to our public video content:
We’re often asked how we achieve our high production quality. Often our frequent response is that production quality is just the icing on the cake. What really matters is the story and the message. Yet the signal-to-noise ratio is a reality that everyone has to face in the world of social media. If you’re publishing content, it needs to have some level of production value to stand out in the feed.
That’s one of the reasons why we’re developing a brand new iPhone and Android app that includes video editing capabilities. Our new app will allow you to add multiple clips to create a dynamic video quickly and easily. You can upload videos from your camera roll and record new clips on the fly, all with a streamlined interface that’s easy to use. We’re really excited to get this new app into your hands. It’s in beta right now, but leave a comment below and you can join our beta program to get early access.
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