How to increase email open and click rates when sending a video email (for sales, business development, recruiting, marketing, and any other type of business relationship building). Not emailing videos yet? Try

1) include “video” in subject line

2) include a high value offering in subject line (e.g. Video of X to help your business)

3) include context in the email body (e.g. I created this screen video for you showcasing how your competitors are doing X, etc.) Overall I don’t recommend webcam videos if you’re not getting a response. At that point, they probably want info, value, education — not personality.

4) for the email thumbnail, try to show something that they can’t resist clicking on. (e.g. their website, their LinkedIn profile, their competitor’s website, etc).

5) consider creating a more generic video (or social post) that you can share with the social channels (esp. LinkedIn) so they can engage with your content and start to build trust with you.

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