How to Grow a Social Media Marketing Agency with Video using Dubb

Watch this recorded video consultation call hosted by Dubb to explore the following items:

– How to Create Videos on Dubb

– How to Leverage Video Marketing

– Linkedin

– Youtube

– Twitter

– Email

– Referrals

– Marketing Agency

– Social media

– Advertising

– Creating Content

– Personalized Videos

– Automation Using Dubb

– Invitation

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Transcription from Video (transcription automatically generated with Amazon Transcribe)

Speaker 0:
Hey, guys, it’s Ruben, and I’m here with Brian. And today we’re gonna talk about how to use video and how to really leverage video marketing both on a personal basis and also on a campaign automated basis to grow a marketing agency, social media and marketing agency. So, Brian, could you tell me some of your goals of what you’re trying to accomplish?
Speaker 1:
Yeah, Yeah s Oh, there is so really what we’re trying to do, um is far it on the prospecting stage. We’re really trying to get, um, a warm touch in this because we do a lot of I know it’s cold, the cold touch as far as, like, someone that I don’t know, I think then or whether it be email or, you know, through the Facebook page. So we’re really trying Just get Dal in more of a warm touch. Um, And so, of course, video. We know that, you know, they could just see you get them or, you know, the more of, like, a trusting energy and, you know, depending on
Speaker 1:
you know how that video is. So that’s really what we’re we’re looking to, Ah, to do with our prospecting on And so I’m in the agency space, you know? So you know a lot of these businesses they get, um, you know, they get, you know, prospected a lot. So we’re really just trying to stand out. Um, as far as
Speaker 1:
you know, our competition
Speaker 0:
great. So we’ll get into come Competitive edge, that’s that’s really important. So here’s here’s kind of like my quick take on on how to use video for growing an agency. Okay, so a lot of people don’t know this, but Dubb actually has a side of the business, which is an agency business. It’s managed. Service is business, and it’s for a specific type of clientele, and we’ve learned a lot in that process. So here’s a couple of really kind of quick pointers. Number one is that I think it’s really important to stay and to understand what top of final middle of funnel on bottom of funnel means so top of finals, where your prospecting, you know, you you don’t necessarily have enough folks or leads in your pipeline, and you’re looking to get new people to get more referrals, to meet people, to do outbound activities, to find people to network to go to conferences and to bring people into your mix. You know, the second piece is the people that are already in your funnel that you’re trying to educate, that you’re trying to provide value to your tryingto provide social proof, too, so that ultimately they trust you to the point where you can get to the bottom of funnel, which is where there contemplating using you. So that’s the decision process, the decision making process to be specific.
Speaker 0:
So one of the things that we always recommend is that
Speaker 0:
low hanging fruit is one of the best means to get
Speaker 0:
folks into your pipeline. It is going to be where you get the best folks, because if you get referrals and if you get people within your your sphere, your sphere of influence that those people have, I would say a 10 to 20 times higher chance of converting into being a client. Then, if you’re finding someone out in the wild, um, it’s great that you’re in a niche space. So you mentioned that you’re in the wedding boutique space. That’s amazing.
Speaker 0:
What specifically, though I think, is really important is to tap into that network that ecosystem within that niche and to start to build a reputation for yourself. So what we recommend doing is creating original content around your specific vertical and then getting that out on the social channels like YouTube, like Lincoln Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, creating those tutorial videos. There’s how to videos, you know, walk and talk videos. You know, really, that personality driven educations or infotainment driven information that people can then consume to a learn something, but then be connect with you on a brand basis. So that’s the first thing that we recommend. The second thing that we recommend, it’s having personalized videos go out to all the people within your sphere. Now I know that you mentioned automation, and I’d love to take you through a couple of things specific around automation using Dubb. So what we always recommend is that any time that someone is a prospect, whether they’re a warm lead or referral or someone that you met at a conference, we always recommend to actually record a video and to send that to them so that they get to know you and connect connect with you in the digital space. What that does is that it creates a pair of social relationship between you and them. Maybe they saw you in the physical world. Now they need to connect with, you know, like and trust you with in the digital world. OK, once they connect you with in the digital world, you’ve effectively cloned yourself in a in a really, really positive, you know, non creepy way you’ve cloned yourself. Now you have a version of yourself in the form of a video,
Speaker 0:
and that person can then consume that they can share it, they can understand it, and then they can, of course