Regardless of the sector or size of the business, all of us must recognize that we are living in a nanosecond culture. Everything from the news cycle to product development is happening at an increasingly rapid clip. Whether you are a solopreneur or are at the head of a rapidly growing company, it’s imperative to, at the very least, acknowledge the nanosecond culture that we live in.

So what if you want to not get lost in our nanosecond culture? And if you are even more ambitious, how can you take advantage of our nanosecond culture to grow your new business? 

The good news is that there are several things you can do to accelerate your business in these rapid times. From brand new businesses to businesses that are looking to rejuvenate their growth, there are steps that you can take today to grow your business in our nanosecond culture.

Our Nanosecond Culture

Even though you may be hearing the term “nanosecond culture” for the first time, I’m sure that you have felt it in your personal or business life. It can be everything from that instantaneous Twitter response that you expect from your favorite Twitter account to the quick email response that you expect from your most important prospect.

It isn’t just you that is experiencing our nanosecond culture. Your employees, customers, and prospects have naturally assumed that you and your business are keeping up with this nanosecond culture. 

Simply put, we are living in an era of nanosecond culture, nanosecond responses, and nanosecond social media. Whether you’ve just started your business or have been running your business for some time, let’s say that you’ve set up your social media pages and post every single day. In the past, it may have been easy to think that you’d be done. In fact, posting once per day may have gotten you some traction and buzz for your business.

Ultimately, times have changed. One social media post isn’t enough. You have to keep going—especially if there is breaking news or some update related to your sector or industry. It isn’t enough to simply take the day off and post about that breaking news tomorrow. Instead, your audience expects you to do it now and to create valuable and entertaining content at the same time. 

This social media hypothetical is just one example of how our nanosecond culture has transformed the way that we work and play. Things are quickly changing every day. Everybody is watching and everybody is reacting to us 24/7. Your audience expects you to give them what they want when they want. This is even more true if your audience truly loves your product, service, or company. They will be even more invested in your social media commentary, new products or services that you develop, and personal outreach to your loyal customers. 

Taking Advantage of Our Nanosecond Culture

So even if our nanosecond culture makes us less comfortable or stresses us out, there’s no other choice but to roll with it. Our nanosecond culture is here and it isn’t going away anytime soon. Yet admitting that fact, there is an exciting opportunity to leverage these short attention spans and make them a net positive for your business. 

Ultimately, my colleagues and I at Dubb have crunched the numbers. We have looked at the data. We think that taking advantage of our nanosecond culture comes down to one main strategy.

It is this: leverage this constant need for new information and fast responses. Specifically, you will want to use personalized videos to create content instead of emails or text messages. Personalized videos not only create closer relationships with your audience, but certain tools (like Dubb) let you do it at scale. We have also seen from the data that audiences engage with videos more than text. High engagement rates in our nanosecond culture will help you build stronger relationships with your audience and generate more sales. In other words, through the power of video, you can stand out in people’s minds and create stronger ties with your audience. 

So leaning into our nanosecond culture through personalized video can be an outstanding way to grow your business. That being said, there are some questions that may cause you to wonder whether this strategy can work. After all, all of us have limited time, so you’ll naturally want to be sure that this strategy can work before investing in it. 

Content Ideas

The first question may center on content. To reiterate what we discussed above, our nanosecond culture essentially forces all of us to create more frequent content. Along with this, that content must be valuable and entertaining. But at the same time, you and your colleagues are extremely busy. It can be hard to find the time to consistently generate this type of content—especially when there is breaking news. It may seem easier to type out a simple tweet or social media post instead of pulling out your camera and creating a personalized video. 

There are several ways that I would respond to that. First, the good news is that great content can come from anywhere. I have seen it firsthand. Throughout my career, I have spent so many years having meetings with different kinds of people. After some time, however, I began transforming those meetings into opportunities to create content. Getting the required recording permissions, I used those conversations to not only share insights about video marketing as a whole, but to advocate for Dubb and how it can create value in users’ lives. Ultimately, keep this in mind as you think about content ideas for your personalized videos.

Quickly Creating Personalized Videos

Speaking of Dubb, I believe that Dubb can be a huge help in solving another potential problem of creating personalized videos. That is the fact that Dubb makes it extremely easy to create personalized videos at scale.

Generally speaking, it’s important to make sure your creation process for these videos is really quick. This makes intuitive sense, as our nanosecond culture is expecting your content or response right now. Because of this, you should be able to instantly create a personalized video instead of a long email, long social media post, or lengthy text message. By doing this, you will stand out in the message feed. 

Dubb is one tool that lets you easily create personalized videos at scale. Through the power of features like personalization text and video playlists, you can rapidly create video content for your followers and fans. You will also want to take advantage of things like calls-to-action, animated GIFs if you are sending personalized videos through emails, and a killer mobile app that lets you create and edit content on-the-go. You can find all of these features within the Dubb ecosystem. To learn more about how Dubb can help you create stellar, personalized video content at scale, click here

The Power of Partnerships

Besides rapidly creating content for your audience, I think that there is another great way to capitalize on our nanosecond culture. That is by creating partnerships with other organizations.

Just imagine: you have a business that relies on inbound marketing and is completely referral-based. There’s no need to make cold calls or go out into the world and make cold sales pitches. Instead, interested prospects come to you, and you have a much greater chance of converting them into paying customers. 

We are so used to having sales, marketing, and outreach professionals in our business. The natural thought is that we need to actively go out there and convince prospects to become paying customers. However, there is a better way to consistently generate business. 

Simply put, partnerships make such a viable channel and are so much more scalable. As you start to build partnerships and integrate your product or service into larger ecosystems, the tides raise all boats. Both you and your partner are able to build off of each other and create mutual value. You are able to generate passive business for your partner and vice versa. You’ll be able to find and convert prospects that you would have never dreamed of.

So in our nanosecond culture, I recommend that you look for partnerships. In fact, try to spend 25 to 30 percent of your time on partnerships and business development. By investing this time into building partnerships, you’ll be able to more quickly spread the word about your business and find a steady influx of new prospects. While it may take some time to court and finalize partnerships, the time you invest now will save you a significant amount of time in the future.  

Take Time to Disengage

There’s one more thing that I want to mention which may be somewhat counterintuitive advice. In our nanosecond culture, it is important to take some time and disengage. 

Sometimes, nanosecond culture can be too much. That constant need to respond to news and engage with members of your audience is exciting. It can be addicting—especially if you are seeing major traction as you quickly engage with your audience.

All of this is well and good. Nonetheless, it is critical for everyone to get away. It’s impossible to be plugged in and responding to nanosecond culture for weeks and months at a time. Consequently, I recommend that you take some time to step away. If you are able, delegate your video responsibilities to a colleague. Try to disconnect from social media and only respond to emergencies from customers or prospects. 

By stepping away for some time, you will be much more effective when you return. Our nanosecond culture isn’t going away anytime soon. It will be ready for you when you return. 

Capitalizing on Our Nanosecond Culture

Our nanosecond culture can be intimidating at first. After all, your prospects, customers, and members of your audience are expecting you and your company to be available at a moment’s notice. The good news is that you can rely on the tips and insights above to capitalize on nanosecond culture and grow your business.

Once again, if you want to learn more about how Dubb can help you leverage our nanosecond culture, feel free to click here. You can also contact us by clicking here

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