How to Be a Better Leader With Video

Watch this recorded video consultation call hosted by Dubb to explore the following items:

– Introduction

– Dubb Coaching

– How to Build Better Relationships

– Story-sharing

– Linkedin Messages

– Visual Communication

– Videos Marketing

– Text Vs Video

– How to Create Video

– Free and Paid Plan

– Dubb Offers

– Dubb Features

– Different Apps

– Streamline

– Personalized Videos

– Calendar Integration

– Questions

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Transcription from Video (transcription automatically generated with Amazon Transcribe)

Speaker 0:
Hey, guys, it’s Ruben and David.
Speaker 0:
Today we’re gonna talk about leadership because we all need to be better leaders, right?
Speaker 0:
Speaker 1:
used to say
Speaker 0:
leaders are readers. I’d like to think that leaders are creators
Speaker 0:
in addition to readers. So, David, it’s been so good kind of being connected with you on, like den. You know, I’ve learned a lot from your content.
Speaker 0:
You know, people need more people like you in their lives as it accountability partner as a coach. So, um, please tell me a little bit about what you’re up to and how you’re using Dubb. And maybe how I could be is some
Speaker 1:
Speaker 1:
Sure. Well, I think first of all, thanks for having me along today. I think part of the reason that we’re on today’s maybe you can show me a thing or two that I have some questions about, about the products that, uh, that you offer. But, you know, for me, you know, it’s always looking to, you know, the busier that we get, we have to find ways to, you know, save a few minutes here, here, minutes here. And I think that the products that you have in the service is you offer will be able to help me do that. But, you know, I’m in the coaching. I guess you can say space. And what does that mean? It could be, You know, executive coaching could be interview, prep and coaching. Could be career coaching. Not sure, exactly. Maybe you’re transitioning from one industry to another.
Speaker 1:
Maybe you just need a better resume or you need a resident. It’s going to get past the resume, screaming a scanning software. So, you know, that kind of encompasses a little bit of everything that I do. And I think all all leaders sometimes need toe. You know, check themselves as faras, you know, feel repulsive. You know what they’re doing for their organization and for their teams. Yeah,
Speaker 0:
well, I think you know, leaders comes and come in different shapes and sizes and times in their lives. I mean, sometimes leaders are in between jobs, and sometimes leaders are in bad situations where they need to optimize themselves, whether it’s the resume or they’re linked in profile, to really kind of realize their best self and to get into the opportunity. That’s right for them. So I know I’ve been in that situation in a number of times in my life where I needed Ah coach, I needed assistance. I needed someone who kind of put me and believe in me and then just give me sort of a framework. So one of the things that I’d love to do is kind of share some trip, some tips and tricks that I know, maybe using Dubb and how you can accomplish those goals and help people to do so at the same time.
Speaker 1:
Well, yes, that’s that’s why I’m here for today. So show me, Show me,
Speaker 0:
Let’s do it, jump, jump right in. So if you want to share your screen that’s cool, Otherwise, all share mine and you know what I’ll do is I’ll kind of start with a little a little preface here, and that preface is that there’s this problem I think, that we’re all trying to solve, which is, you know, how do we build better relationships, you know, how do we streamline our communication? How do we minimize the amount of friction that we have in our daily flows to able to make those connections with people? That’s really that’s really the theme that’s the problem that we’re all trying to solve right now. There’s a lot of noise out there. You know there’s our inboxes or full Arlington messaging is off the hook. You know, our posts are fees. They’re just wired with enough information. You know, the amount of content that exists now is overwhelming, and sometimes it makes us. It debilitates us in it, and it gets us to a point where we just shut off. The fact of the matter is that that amount of context Clinton is going to be exponentially greater in the future. There’s gonna be more streams, more channels, more content, more stories, more people
Speaker 0:
that are putting the step of information on the wire. And with that. But that means, though, is that we really need to. As business people as leaders, we need to do a better job of communicating. So
Speaker 0:
what is done and how does it help people to accomplish these goals? Well, Dubb is pretty simple. It’s a video communication platform. We are in a synchronous communication platform, so it’s not like this. It’s not like zoom where you can communicate in real time. This is capture content through your phone through your screen through webcam and then share that story with people in a meaningful way to help you accomplish your goals,
Speaker 1:
you know, and
Speaker 1:
you’re upsetting your right. But we’re bombarded by so much. But again, you know, video is the way whether it’s a video on Clinton or whatever or messages, you know, I think so many, uh, leaders. I don’t understand that they’re there, you know, they wantto people in their organizations want them, you know, to share themselves. I saw a post on linked in not too long ago. Ah, gentleman, just getting home, uh, CEO just