Dubb’s suite of video creation, hosting, and distribution tools is designed to help your business grow and communicate at scale on a more personal level.

The modern world of sales and marketing is saturated with phone calls, static images, and long-form text that only add confusion during the customer journey. Your product should not just be sold, but also work to establish a personal connection through your brand. Video is the solution to connecting with your customers in a more engaging and intimate way.

Using a proprietary set of features, Dubb allows you to record and share screen and camera videos that help build trust, streamline communication, and drive more sales to your business. Every video you share is a piece of marketing collateral that will help boost engagement and conversion rates.

By using Dubb’s customization tools, you will be able to control every aspect of your video and video page while maintaining your brand consistency. From Outlook and Gmail to Linkedin and CRMs, Dubb’s integrations allow you to send personalized videos and clear call-to-actions directly within the existing platforms you are already using. Lastly, Dubb provides detailed reporting of your video activity, helping you determine the next action to take with your prospect.