Jon Dwoskin is a highly accomplished business coach, executive advisor, author, speaker, and podcaster. His expertise extends from assisting solopreneurs to partnering with Fortune 500 companies.

Known as the “business whisperer,” Jon possesses an extraordinary ability to perceive overlooked aspects and understand unheard perspectives within organizations. This sharp focus allows him to identify hidden strengths and recognize areas where individuals and businesses may be facing challenges.

In this conversation with Dubb founder and CEO Ruben Dua, Jon imparts invaluable insights into the significance of creating space for silent reflection within your business with the ultimate goal of recognizing what works and what could be made better.

Additionally, Jon delves into his unique approach to guiding clients in developing comprehensive plans. Starting with ten-year visions, he reverse engineers them into actionable quarterly goals. This meticulous process helps clients identify the key factors that can fuel growth and expedite the success of their business.

Prepare to discover the transformative power of intention and learn how to sharpen your focus amidst a world of distractions. Tune in and immerse yourself in this enlightening episode!

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