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Welcome to today’s episode. This is all about the giving advantage.
So we’ve all heard this one before. There are the givers and
there are the takers. And the last thing that you want to end up in
is the bucket for the takers. And if you’re a sales leader out there,
you and your team need to pay close attention to this. It’s all about the
mindset. Think about it. Would you want to buy from someone that is perceived as
selfish? Chances are not. As sales leaders, we need to
remember to be generous and to focus on the giving advantage.
And the problem out there, and it is a large scale one, it’s been like
this for years is the perception. If you’re not using
this giving advantage, which we’re going to talk about, you’re not using the right method.
If in sales you are perceived as a taker, a couple of things are going
to happen. Number one is that your prospects, your contacts, their guard is
going to be put up. Number two is you run the risk of damaging
both the personal brand of the salesperson and the brand of the organization.
And that is very hard to recover from. Now, before we dive into what this
is all about, the big thing here, as I mentioned at the top, is mindset.
It’s all about understanding something that’s massively, massively important
and it has to do with the psychology of generosity. So there’s something that’s
so relevant that comes from filmmaking, which is the idea of saving
the cat. And this is where as an audience member, if we see our protagonist
do something kind like help someone cross the street or help a
cat that’s stuck in a tree, we all of a sudden care about them.
We feel a connection to them even if they make mistakes. And the reason why
that happens is because it’s empathy, it’s compassion and it’s connection.
So in sales, in the beginning of the relationship, it is imperative
that you use the giving advantage so that the people on the other side can
build a connection to you. The giving advantage is all about being
generous, not only with your mindset, but with your actions and with your strategy.
Now, here’s the hard part. It’s being in this for the long haul.
This is the long play, it’s not the short play. And what that means
is that you’re focusing on relationships and your network,
not on quick closes. There are two types of ways to use the giving
Advantage. One is going to be the adjacent value that you can bring
and the second one is going to be the direct value you
can bring. Now, the adjacent value is when you provide value that’s not necessarily
relevant to the product that you’re selling. It means that you’re helping someone outside
of your sales goal. This is valuable because it is not sales. In fact,
it’s the opposite. It’s about providing value without any expectation
whatsoever. Now, here are a couple of specific examples on how
to provide adjacent value. The idea here is to provide value without expecting
anything in returns. So the first idea is doing some sort of an
audit on some aspect of their business. This could be a social media account,
this could be a website, this could be something that they already own and
use. The key here is to show them and that there’s some opportunity to
improve and that you have the expertise to be able to provide that value.
Using video for something like this, using dub, is a really easy way to
capture your content and to convey that very easily over email,
SMS or LinkedIn. And remember, when you’re doing this, it is not product
or service related that you are selling. You are literally,
literally using the giving advantage by doing this because you’re
giving something to that person that has nothing to do with what you’re selling.
And that’s powerful. So the next one is going to be complimenting social
posts and this is actually being part of the party,
right? Check out what they’re doing. Leave a comment like what they’re doing.
Really engage with their social media so they understand that you’re someone out there
that has taken notice of what’s going on and you’re engaged with them and even
direct message them to let them know how wonderful they’re doing. Another idea
is to send an article that might entertain them if they’re a fan of
a certain sports team or they’re interested in something that’s happened, or send them an
article or a YouTube video that they might enjoy. This one here is the direct
value. Now this is where you’re going to reach out to someone and you’re
giving something away in terms of value with your product or service.
So it’s directly related to what you do in business. So as a
sales leader, yourself and your team get into the habit of reaching out
to people, prospecting and giving something away of value
that can open that door with the correct mindset. So the first example is
sending some piece of education that’s relevant to what you’re selling so
that the person can self educate, they can understand truly
the problem that your product and your company is solving. The second one is going
to be an introduction to someone that can actually help them in their business.
And this is incredibly powerful because think about it, you’ve just let
them meet someone who is going to bring absolute value to them and help them
with their business. Absolutely powerful. And then of course, if they’re qualified
and if they’ve expressed some sort of an interest providing a consultation, this just
means giving them a deep dive on what it is that you do and how
you can ultimately provide value to them. And those three things are absolutely
direct and they are absolutely value facing,
giving advantage mindset and actions. Now, chances are you’re asking,
well, the giving advantage makes sense and we should all provide value.
But the key here is providing a way to get sales conversion. And what
we recommend is to use video with clear calls to action so the content
can exist within the video frame. The calls to action can be buttons
that appear below where the person can pick and choose them based on what their
interest is. So, for example, if they’re interested in booking a
time with you for a consultation, they can click on that call to action.
Or if they’re not quite ready, you might have to get them on the next
one. And another wonderful thing about call to action is there’s one called the Reply
with Video button, which is amazing, especially not
only to get a client or prospects thoughts, but to get testimonials as well for
that social proof. This next tip is a little bit more of a sophisticated
marketing thing, but it works and it’s retargeting. And that just
means if someone goes to your video landing page or if they go to your
website, have that trigger retargeting advertising. This can be on Google,
YouTube, Facebook, or any other channel. The key here is to have them discover
advertisements that convey the value that you offer. Chances are,
if they see an ad and they like it, they might click on it and
actually convert themselves. And if possible, if some way someone
can recommend you, that is huge. Recommendations have been big throughout the
entire history of sales, but never more powerful now considering the
networks that are out there. And another powerful thing is getting a recommendation.
Recommendations have been big since the beginning of time, especially now with
the networks that are out there. Recommendations are extremely influential.
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Today, if you are new to this channel, welcome. We hope you enjoy this content.
We are the channel that absolutely educates, entertains, and elevates
sales leaders. So thank you so much for watching this video. There are
three big takeaways we want you to have as a sales leader for you and
your team. Number one is going to be always lead with giving
that is the number one mindset. Ruben, what else we got? And the second one
is to focus on relationships and your network and not
always expect something in return. And number three, remember, this is
for the long haul. This is an investment made in the future in yourself as
a sales leader in your team. It’s all about having the right mindset, the right
action. But at the end of the day, the key to all this is not
expecting something in return. By the way, if you are enjoying this content, please consider
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I did. That was perfectly hilarious.
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