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Welcome to the weekend edition of Dub Daily. Malibu flavor in this
one, right? We got some Malibu flavor.
Quick post for today 72 question countdown segment
for you. Rubin is talking about how much does a commercial cost? Any kind of
comments is before we roll the clip. And we get that question all the time.
How much should I budget towards producing a
video commercial? I mean, the answer can be zero to infinity.
I mean, the sky is the limit. A commercial can be an infinite amount of
money that you can spend a ton of time on the production value the
ad spend. This is what we say in 2019.
Capture your moments. Put them out there. If you want to spend money on a
commercial, there’s some really cost effective ways to do it. You can use sites
like Fiverr. You can hire a local cinematographer,
filmmaker in your community. You can shoot them yourself.
If you notice a lot of the videos that people are promoting on YouTube,
there’s no edit, selfie, simple take iPhone
shot videos. It’s all about the content.
It’s not about the production. It’s all about the storytelling.
It’s not about the flare. There we go. That’s our quick little slice
of Malibu with some educational flavor. I hope
you enjoyed it. Thanks for watching the Weekend Edition. We’ll be back here every
day on our YouTube channel. Be sure to comment. We really appreciate our
early viewers. Thanks for tuning in. All right. Doubt Daily.
Have a great one.