Did you know that the vast majority of issues that we have interpersonally, and in the workplace can be traced back to childhood trauma? Violet Rainwater is on a massively important purpose. Her realization years ago was that so many of us suffer from childhood trauma, and as a result, we have become limited in reaching our true potential. The problem is that most people don’t talk about this in the workplace. We focus on our reactions, the limitation of resources, egos, and mostly superficial items.

Violet believes that if we all took a moment to go deep inner personally, to become more self-actualized, and to be vulnerable to share about the traumas that we’ve gone through, we have a much better chance of thriving in the workplace, realizing our true potential, and ultimately being happy. There’s something called complex PTSD (Post-traumatic stress disorder), which happens over a long duration. Listen to this podcast toe. Learn how you can tap into skeletons in your closet that are holding you back. The results might astound you.

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