Yo. All right, ready to go? I’m just waiting on ena. Okay, cool.
Righty here. Oh, this is being recorded too. I just forgot.
Yeah. Here’s ena. All right, let’s go ahead and to let these people in.
So we’re recording? We’re recording. Okay, nice. Welcome.
Good morning or afternoon, wherever you guys are tuning in from. Welcome back. Happy to see you guys here today.
And we got some cool lessons for you guys coming up. And today is about expireds. So we will give it just a moment here.
Let a couple more people trickle in. And before we jump in, so if you guys have any specific feedback or questions on expired stuff during this presentation, there is the chat section that’s open. You guys can raise a hand.
So we’ll have a little discussion here at the end. This concept of talking to expireds is not going to be anything new to you guys. It shouldn’t be anyway.
But what we will be going is a couple of different new strategies to try to win over some more of this expired business. Because with video, we have the opportunity to set ourselves apart from 95% of the competition that’s out there. And so when these expireds have gotten phone calls from other agents, there’s a high likelihood they will have not gotten a nice video from other agents.
And so that’s going to be part of this strategy of going after expireds with going to include video. Okay, we are 1 minute after here. Sorry if there’s some trickling in later, but we’re going to go ahead and get started.
Welcome, guys. I wanted to actually start for those of you who didn’t know, I actually am a licensed real estate agent as well. I got my license prior to starting dub and was like, okay, I want to sell stuff.
Let’s go sell. So I got my real estate license and expired was actually expired and for sale by owners were sort of intimidating for me at first because I was a brand new agent, right? I was like, well, man, if this other agent failed or if these guys are trying to do it on their own, might have come in there and tell them we can sell it. But that’s that impostor syndrome thing where you got to fake it until you make it, right? So even if you’re a brand new agent, you have to get your scripts down, get your knowledge understood so that you can appear like you know what you’re doing.
You can at least sound like you know what you’re going to say. Because with expired, we will talk about fizbos in another one. But these people need to know that you’re going to do something different.
Like, why are they going to list with you? They just listed with an agent, it didn’t go well or didn’t work. So why you? So that’s what we’re going to talk about in today’s presentation. Some scripts, some methodologies, and strategies for reaching out to expireds.
All right, guys, let’s go ahead and jump in. Ena. Thank you.
And pull up that. There we go. All right, go ahead and go to the first one for me.
So we’re talking about expired listings today, guys, how to go after them. So first we always start with the why. Well, sometimes we start with a story, sometimes we start with a why.
Today is the why. So why expireds? These are some of the lowest hanging fruit on the market. These people have already tried to sell their home.
They were unsuccessful in it, meaning they still need to sell it. It’s not going to be six months or a year, right? They’re trying to sell now. They just tried to sell.
So that’s the main reason. This is an unfulfilled intent to sell. This is the bottom of the funnel when it comes to lowest hanging fruit.
Lots of metaphors or euphemisms there. But these are the people that are most ripe to have that they’re interested in selling. So, second thing is, they had a mistake.
They had something, a slip or something wrong with their existing agent or their fisbo or however it went expired, something went wrong. And this is your opportunity to patch that up to create a better impression. The high conversion rate from messaging, this is when compared to like, dialing a phone book or you’re calling people, right? Cold calling people has a much higher conversion rate.
Again, because their intention is already there. They already wanted to sell, they tried to sell, they need to sell. And so the conversion rate is going to be much higher.
Like, if you cold called 1000 random people and you cold called 1000 expireds, one of those is going to have a much higher conversion rate in terms of appointments and interest, and it’s going to be the expireds. So all the reason in the world to start with the low hanging fruit. Now there’s going to be a limit here, right? Every day there’s only so many new expireds that hit the market.
So it’s not like your regular cold call phone book list where you can just call people all day long. So this is why the expireds. And again, we’re talking about Fizbos as well.
These are a much smaller number of people, and the intention is much higher and the conversion rate is much higher. So this is where you guys will want to spend your activity. If you’re doing prospecting, you’re doing business development that day.
And then after this, then you have your sphere, and then you have people who don’t know. So this is why we’re going after expireds as well as Fizbo. And that’ll be a second part of the lesson.
But your time is better off spent with people that are more likely to convert. 70% of your business is going to come from your sphere. At least that’s what all the stats say, right? 70 plus percent of your business is going to come from your sphere.
So how do we add the sphere? People with high intentions, people like expireds, people like Fizbos. Okay, that’s enough for the why. Let’s jump into the next one.
Rob, what does a strategy consist like? You know, anything in sales, especially today, the touch points have just gone through the roof in terms know how much you need to reach out. A lot of the times we’re so busy with our devices, you might have four or five touch points. Maybe they haven’t even seen those yet.
So you’d really need to up your touch points, and you need to do the whole Omni channel approach that we always talk about. So in particular, with real estate, kind of the different areas that Darius just mentions in terms of acquiring these leads, you’ve got to lean into the different areas to acquire them, but you’ve got to lean into what works best. So for us, and it’s something we always evangelize, and the people that have used dub and video in general can see the value of it is that when you record these videos and you send them out with a personal message like we talk about, you personalize it, what’s that? And you send it out whether it’s so far not a couple of weekends away, I’ll get somebody on there.
Even with mailers, when you have a nice QR code and someone could see that video, and you’re doing that you’re acquiring, you’re doing that outbound strategy. So we say whenever, you can obviously record that personal video. But at the end of the day, you’ve also got to do the calling because you got to pick up the phone.
So if you’re hitting all these different channels and you’re pulling leads from all these different areas that you know of, and every one of those areas you’re doing omnichannel, omnichannel, Omnichannel, you really increase your chances of not only a contact, but actually having a solid conversation that could lead to something else. And that’s what we’re going to break down for you. It overall looks very simple, right? Get leads, record messages, send messages to leads.
We’re going to break down each one of these steps for you guys, though, because the first one acquiring leads. If you aren’t aware already of where to get Fizbos, this is definitely something you guys should know and be more familiar with. Ena, go ahead and come to the next slide for me.
So this first piece, guys, of where are we going to get your Fizbos? Or where sorry, your expireds Fizbos are next week, where are we going to get these expired? You guys have a couple of options. The first thing I have listed there is getting from third party sources like Redx. Red X is probably the most popular in terms of expired and Fizbos and stuff.
There’s several other services out there we didn’t do a full vetting of, which service is the best. Maybe that’s another one down the road here. But the reason I have third party services first is because it’s sort of like with dub.
You can use a cell phone and then a YouTube video and then a website builder, and you can try to put all this stuff together on your own. And it’s going to take a lot longer and maybe not be as effective. And that’s sort of the same thing when it comes to acquiring expired leads is you can access public records, you can access your MLS, you can see which ones have gone expired, but then you’re going to have to try to extract their information as well, the contact information of that person.
And so you can use title. Sometimes they can help confirm some information for you, but there’s going to be a low lack of accuracy or lack of accuracy on these public records and on this publicly accessible information. This is just from working with other agents and they’ve gone through this process.
So you can do this yourself for free, sort of like, well, you’re paying for anyway. But on MLS and through public records, you can look up expireds. But then again, you need to cross reference this to try to find the contact information.
So the reason I have again, third party lead sources listed first here, like redx other sources for expireds and fizbos later, I’m going to recommend them first because, yes, you have to pay for it, but it does come with contact information, it does come daily delivered to your doorstep. So this is sort of a screenshot from your list of information there. These are the new expireds.
And so this is going to be a situation every day you can log into and remember how we talked about. I personally have mentioned in these trainings how important it is to have your content calendar, to have your task list, to have a plan. And so if you have a service like this and part of your plan is, okay, 1 hour every day, one and a half hour, I wake up, I look at my expireds, and I hit all these expireds with a personal message.
So that’s what’s going to be part of this workflow. And the first part of it though, is where your leads are coming from. So if you’re on a really tight budget, you’re like, look, I literally can’t pay for anything else.
You can use the MLS, you can use public records to find expired listings. It’s a little bit harder to source the contact information through that method, but you can do this for free. Well, technically free, if you’re an agent again, you belong to MLS, you’re already paying for it.
Or we’re going to be using redx or other third party services. There’s a dozen services out there that provide this information. So that might take a little bit deeper diving into what your preferred service or lead source is.
So any questions on this first part, guys? I know someone was like, should we show them how to use public records to do this or MLS? And I was like, well, everyone’s, MLS is different depending on where they’re at. Everyone has different access to different things. So I thought it would be hard to show that part, actually.
But are there any questions, guys, here on this? Where to get your expired leads, where to get their contact info. Is that pretty clear for everybody? Or does everyone already have a source for that? Anything? All right, so guys, expireds, this is your low hanging fruit expired fizbos. They already want to buy or sell.
They’re already in action. So it’s much better than dialing cold calls. All right, go ahead and let’s go into the next slide.
So now we got your list of leads, right? Whether this is from Redx or you did some manual scraping yourself. Now we are ready to message these people. So the first thing I have here is to record a video.
Because as again, guys, video is used, underutilized it’s less than 5% of agents that are using video on a regular basis. So imagine this person’s expired hits today. They’re going to get called, right? They’re going to get messaged.
Other agents are going to be contacting this person. Just like when they go to an open house, just like when they’re searching for properties, they’re going to run into other real estate agents. And just like our duty is in those other places, it’s our job to separate ourselves from the competition.
Why are they going to want to work with us versus the agent that just failed to sell their home or why they want to work with us, period. So this is again your opportunity to separate yourself from the 95% of the competition that’s out there. And video is going to do that.
So again, less than 5% are doing it. So while they’re going to be getting inundated with phone calls and text messages, maybe emails, they’re not going to be getting a lot of videos. So what I actually have here, guys, is a video script.
It’s sort of like similar to what a voicemail script would be because it’s not a real time conversation. I do have another piece that I’m going to mention. Rob’s going to take care of that for me when we’re going to talk about calling because we did just mention on the previous slide, multi channel omnichannel is what we’re going to recommend.
So you didn’t just call and get the voicemail and then give up, right? We called, we texted, we emailed, we sent a direct mail and maybe even left a door hanger or doorknocked things like that. Door knocking and door hangers are the sort of the most time consuming when it comes to these. But it is another channel.
So again, I just want to talk about the script a little bit because it is specific, right? It’s more like a voicemail. So they said, hey, I’m John with X Realty. I’m calling about the home you were trying to sell.
I wanted to reach out about something went wrong with your listing. Now, you can notice this language is ambiguous. It didn’t say, oh, the price was too good, or this was that or your location.
You didn’t tell them what it was. You said, hey, I wanted to reach out because I saw something went wrong with your listing. And I’ve actually helped sellers in your neighborhood after bringing their houses back on the market using my special program.
It doesn’t have to be three step program, it doesn’t have to be whatever, but it is going to be something unique that you’re offering. We’re already going to be setting ourselves apart with this impression via video. So this is the script, something just like this.
Again, you guys can take this. We can share the slide. You have the recording, some amalgamation of this.
But the idea is it’s ambiguous enough where you’re not telling them, here’s why your property didn’t sell. Talk to me now. Because frankly, you don’t know.
We don’t know. We haven’t had the conversation yet. And another is, you have a unique program, you have some scarcity, you have some fear of missing out in this message because, hey, I’ve actually helped people do this exact thing.
And now, is this a fib? If you haven’t done this before, maybe. But has someone on your team or brokerage done this before? Yes. All right, well, there you go.
We can say that safely. So this is the script that’s going to work well for video, right? Voicemail and video are similar in that it’s not a real time conversation. We’re not getting feedback two ways.
So feel free to take this script, guys. Make it your own. There will be different scripts for calling versus video and email.
So we’re going to talk about that in a moment. But I’m going to recommend depending on, like, if this is your first day getting into your expireds guys, and the list is like 100 long, maybe too much for you to bite off in one sitting, right? But if you actually get in front of this, meaning it’s a daily activity that you’re caught up on, there’s only so many expireds that hit the market every day. So you can very easily do a custom video just like this, where we’re going to show the hey, John piece.
Many of you guys have seen this, but I’ll show it again just in case. So we’re either going to know, hey, John, John’s, the homeowner, and it’s expired. We’re either going to do a piece like this, or we’re going to share our screen and actually pull up that expired listing on our screen and have our little bubble there and say, hey, I saw your listing expired and I actually wanted to reach out because I saw something went wrong with your listing.
And in fact, I have been very successful at bringing people’s houses back on the market after unsuccessfully selling using my unique program. I’d love to discuss this with you in just a short call. Use the button below to give me a call.
Anyway, again, that’s the idea there. But it needs to be personalized as much as possible because this is a fierce competition situation they’re going to be inundated in this day that they first hit. And so you need to make sure that you’re separating yourself from anything else that they’ve seen.
So it’s either the name like that or it’s the listing in the screen. And it’s personalized to them. And using the technology in dub, guys, using that playlist, the preset function, that whole video takes you 15 seconds.
Hey, John, I was checking out your listing, and I saw that a couple of things went wrong. I’d love to discuss those with you. Or again, you’re on the screen, same thing, 15 seconds per expired, maybe 20, 30 seconds tops.
If you actually have something else you want to add, hey, I grew up on that street. I’m going to be able to get I know the neighbors, whatever, add some human flavor to it. But again, 15 seconds apiece.
It’s very doable. Even if you get 50 expireds that day, you could knock that out easily in an hour. Personalized videos for each of them.
So this is the script. This is the use case, the personalized video. We’re going to now talk about some calling.
And then there’s going to be some more distribution methods because, again, it takes multiple touch points for people for their light bulb to happen. And we got to get them on every touch point, every channel, because we don’t know where they’re most active, right? They might not be active in their text messages, or they might not check their emails a lot. So we’re going to talk about different channels.
Any questions, guys, on this script or on the custom video piece? Does this make sense? Should be very doable. Using the preset, using the stuff there. Again, 15, 20 seconds a pop.
And it’s going to set yourself apart from what’s out there. Okay, next one. All right, Rob, let’s talk about the script.
And then, by the way, guys, point your little camera to that QR code. This is going to be the calling scripts. Now, if you already have some good scripts for calling expireds, fantastic.
Stick with those. If you don’t, market leaders got some really good ones. And again, this is different than the script that I just shared.
That was like the voicemail video script. These scripts are going to be for when you’re actually in the conversation with them. And I do recommend doing all of those things right.
You’re going to call them. You’re going to text them, you’re going to email them, maybe some physical mailers as well. So check out these scripts and then Rob, tell us a little bit about the phone conversations.
Yeah, so a lot of the times with cold calling in general, I mean, we’ve all been there, we’ve all done it our whole lives. And this in particular, you’re kind of reigniting the fire that was kind of once know. It’s almost like when you contact an account where someone was once interested in some way and they took an action and now you’re kind of reinvigorating what that initial urge was when they were trying to do this stuff.
So I think just some basic overviews. When you do do this stuff, we live in a time now where you’ve got to get right to the point now more than know cold calling. You know, back in the day you used to be able to talk about the weather, you talk about whatever, that’s all gone.
So you want to be able to get on there and you want to immediately get right into why you are calling. Same thing with videos, value facing. But what are the specific reasons? So the site that Darius is talking about here, when you go here, there are just different scripts for different scenarios.
But the one thing we always say is you got to make it your own. It’s even like when we talk about AI, you can have a wonderful script. And even if you have to stick if you ever stuck word for word with a script, like maybe you had a team you’re on and everyone’s using the same script, you can always make it your own in terms of inflection, personality, all that good stuff.
But in this case, when you’re doing this, lean into what the text says and then kind of twist a little bit and make it your own. But these basically here, I’m going to share my screen just for a second and I’ll show you what we got here. So when you click on that QR code, you’re going to bring up this article and it breaks it down into the top kind of five scripts you want to use.
So the first one you can see here is for when they plan to relist with the same agent, right? Maybe they’re like, you know what, I had that original thought in my mind. I want to go back to that same well. So it talks about that here.
It gives you a little scenario of the back and forth. But again, you want to make this your own in terms of how you would handle this, but the bare bones are there. The second one would be for when they plan to rent instead, which is a big difference between if they’re going to do something else and they want to rent the place out.
It’s got some scenario conversations with that. Number three, when they plan to work on the house before relisting it, that’s obviously going to be a little bit longer of a process, depending obviously, on what they want to improve what they want to do. So this again is the structure, but it might be a little different, obviously, depending on what they tell you.
Number four for when they’re stuck on the price promised by their previous agent. That number is stuck in their head. I remember exactly what that was.
It’s the only thing I want. That’s something that I think when you really lean into the time period, what the market was, and you guys know this better than anybody, you know how much the market moves you’re on top of it. So there are ways to address that as well.
And then number five for when they want to make a positive impression over voicemail. When you want to make a positive impression over voicemail. A lot of the times when you do cold calling and you plan on speaking with someone, you’re kind of hoping they pick up the phone because you want to get right into it.
So when you leave that voicemail, I’ve always found useful just in general in sales, where you’ll pretend because you are talking to that person, you just got to pretend that you’re talking right to that person right then. So get right into the value. You can do a little bit of kind of the hinting of what you want to talk about, but I always think it’s nice to drop at least a nugget or two of your insight to have them try to call you back week.
So those are kind of the basic outlines, but again, each one of you have such different personalities and different skill sets and your authorities on your areas and what you know. So I would say lean into that as much as you can. Exactly.
Thank you, Rob. And the other portion of this, guys, is it will require a little bit of practice. Because if you get on the phone and they actually answer and they say, yeah, we’re going to relist with the agent, and you’re like, oh, wait, what was my counter to that? What was my objection? So I do recommend some practice here, guys.
We always say practice makes perfect. There’s probably more than those five scenarios that might happen. Those will probably be the most common five.
But having objections handlers memorized for those five will put you ahead of the game. You’ll be very prepared. And then every once in a while you’ll get a curveball and you’re like, wait, how do I answer that one? I don’t know yet.
I’ll come up with something. And then the more that you practice this, you’ll get better at thinking on your toes and things like that. So calling guys and then someone asked where the scripts are.
I put the link in there. So if you want to just click to the link as well. Okay.
So we had a little separate slide for calling because it’s different from other activities. It’s different from video related activities in that you need to have your stuff memorized, right? Like your objections. You need to understand those different scenarios.
Whereas with video, you can practice it 100 times before you press record. So quite different. That’s why it’s got its own slide.
Next one. Okay, so this is also a little bit different because direct mail and door knockers require a a different sort of piece for delivery, right, where email and text message and stuff are instant, social media instant. So direct mail and door knocker, doorknocker door hangers or door knocking.
If you’re going to do door knocking, I highly recommend having a hanger. Get a hanger, put your QR code on your door hanger because they didn’t answer the door. Boom.
You just wasted your time and then you drove all the way out there. Things like that have the door hanger all of a sudden. It’s not the waste of time.
And I don’t recommend you need both. You don’t need both a door hanger and direct mail for the same location. Direct mail.
There’s a lot of services where you can upload your farm, upload your list. They do direct mail for you. We’re recommending having the QR code as part of this.
So the same video, this is for Fizbo specifically, guys. So if you have a Fizbo, the direct mail is going to snail mail is going to take a little while, right? If they’re nearby, you can just drop the door hanger that same day. How many other agents are going to be doing that for that Fizbo that day? Probably not a lot, right? Probably you might even be the only one.
So while they’re ignoring their phone calls that are just getting blown up and their text and their emails, this is another opportunity. So this is why we always recommend that omnichannel or multi channel approach. Because the more ways you can get in front of these people, it does all of the benefit.
It increases your likelihood of being heard. It increases that impression that you’re making, like, wow, if they’re going this far above and beyond and different to earn my business, maybe they are going to actually be able to sell my home that failed to sell. So that’s the type of impression we want to create.
And so for those of you that have direct mail services already, this is easy for you. You’re like, all right, I emailed them. Here’s the address.
They’re going to send the direct mail out next day, Fizzbo gets it a day later, door knockers again, this to print. Like if you have a local printer, lots and lots of ways to get the door hangers. And the difference here is we’re going to be adding those custom videos, guys.
If you did a custom video for the Fizbo, which we should be, that’s part of this whole process. You’re not re recording another one. We’re just going.
To take the same video and put it in all of these channels. So email, text message, social if you can find them, right? That’s a hard one. But direct mail or doorknock as well.
So these ones are a little bit more time consuming, right? Like to have the door hanger printed, you have to have a local printing thing or have a printer available to you. For direct mail it’s sort of the same thing. You have to have a service or you’re going to be go putting something in their mailbox.
So that’s why I save these ones. Again, they’re very separate from calling where you can be fully practiced and prepared. You’re not on the spot.
But it is more time consuming and typically a little of cost associated as well with the print or the mail service. But again, the difference here is video. We’re going to be setting ourselves apart.
It’s going to have a big QR code in the middle of the message that nobody else is going to have because less than 5% of people are doing this and especially when it’s custom. So this is just one of the three channels guys. So we got the lead, right? That’s step one.
Red X or who is Matt you recommended plus leads. Exactly. So like I said, there’s lots of services out there.
Matt, if you have good things to say about plus leads, I’m sure others would be interested. So you have your lead service where you get the expireds and fizbos and stuff on a daily basis and then that is your hit list. You record your video for that specific person.
Then you’re going to send the email, obviously, text message obviously. And then you’re going to call as well using the script we just talked about. Then we have the direct mail or doorknock option.
Now obviously I would say this for last because if you had a conversation, the person’s like, oh no, we’re going to list with them, it’s my mom, my mom’s, the agent. I’m definitely not unlisting with my mom or whatever. Right then, okay, we lost that one.
Don’t bother with the mailer, don’t bother with going knocking on their door. So it’s in this specific order for that particular reason because in terms of difficulty or time consumption and is it even worth doing this if we just perform the other steps? So again we sent the email, we sent the text, we called, they didn’t answer. We left a voicemail.
This facilitates a direct option, maybe a direct mail or door hanger, something like that. But if the opposite happened where we text them, we email, we call, they text us back and say no thanks, stop calling me or whatever. Like something to stop the conversation.
Then we don’t bother going through this last phase. So that specific strategy is in that order for a given reason. And again this one because it’s more time consuming than the others.
Okay, good. Any questions, guys, on these three steps that we’ve covered so far? Creating or acquiring the lead? Custom video and then distribution through email, phone call, physical, and then direct mail. Is this making sense for you guys? I’ve seen some top producers that have this stuff in place, and it’s like a well oiled machine.
They are not even doing half the activity. They either have an assistant doing most of the stuff for them, they can come in and just record the message and then everything gets sent. So once this is part of your daily workflow, this is going to pay dividends.
But it does require investment, right? You have to invest in your ability to call or you’re going to invest in a VA like we did the last training, and they’re going to call for you, and then they’ve done the script training. So either way, it’s a larger investment upfront, but this becomes a powerful way to feed yourself on a daily basis. I have seen agents that have built their business off of expireds off of fizbos, and it depends on what your style is, right? Like, if you’re like, I have had bad conversations with expireds before and I don’t want to do that anymore.
Everyone’s different. Everyone’s had personal experiences. And like I said, I’ve seen many success stories where people have built their business off of expireds and fizbos because it’s a daily know, you’re not having to go acquire leads in other ways.
Ruben, this one’s. Darius, go ahead. Yeah, I know.
It says Ruben. Sorry. It’s confusing.
Where do we get QR code? Do you have any website of gub will automatically generate the QR code for you for the video. So let me share this really quick. I’m going to take over just for a second.
So when you record a video on Dubb, dubb is going to automatically generate a QR code. So this is what I showed you guys how to do this video. If it’s for Darius, Darius is the homeowner.
That’s what you’re going to do for him. So here’s my video. And now there is my QR code that I’m going to put on my physical mailer, and I’m going to make sure this QR code is nice and prominent with some context.
And it says here’s a personal video I made for you with a little arrow pointing to the QR code. So that way they know exactly what it is. It’s large and prominent.
And when they do this, it’s going to again create an impression that 95% of other people aren’t going to be doing for them. So there’s no guarantee they didn’t get a video from another agent, but there is a 95% chance that they did not. Did that answer your question there, Darius? You did.
But then what about if we can we use that QR code for, let’s say, hangouts doorknobs or everything or mailer or anything? You got it. Now it will depend just 1 second. Sorry.
It will depend on the use case. So what we’re talking about today specifically is the expired. And what I would normally recommend is the custom video, because that’s what’s going to create the best impression, right? Everyone else is dropping voicemails or dropping pre written text.
They’re putting copy and pasted content out there. So this is our opportunity to really distinguish ourselves, and it won’t take very long. The longest part is actually getting the physical piece of mail to their house or the door hanger to their house.
Yes. If it’s for Fizbo, it’s going to be like this, where it says, hey, John. Hey, Darius.
Hey, Bill. And you’re going to take the one QR code, and you’re going to print that on your physical. Now, if it’s for, like, farming, let’s a different example, right? You’re going to send one piece of mail to 202,000 people in your farm.
Then it would be a generic video where you just say, hey, guys, it’s Darius, and I wanted to provide you my monthly market update via direct mail. And so here’s your information. Right? The video is not specific to one person.
Okay. The video changes the content, what you’re saying, but the QR code itself is going to always stay the same. Well, the QR code will be unique for each video.
For each video. Okay? Yeah. So, like this video here, my hey, Darius has its own hey, Darius QR code.
And then if I have another one that’s, let’s say, the market update, like this one here, I showed them the screen, and I showed them some cool market stuff. This has its own okay. There are different codes.
Okay, got it. Because recently, I was told I spent in tune of close to $1,500 for last three months in a row sending your postcards. Not just one time.
I was just bombarding them every week with the postcard, but different messages. But again, my picture, my information. And then I neglected to put the QR code.
And then one of the coaches said that, you know what, guys? These days, QR code is the best things to do because everybody has this thing attached to their body. So the minute they receive it, they scan it, and there you go. Rather than for them to read and call and text.
The other thing is, like, what you just mentioned there for mailer campaigns, if you keep a close eye on it, because it’s just like advertisement campaigns where if you take your eye off the ball, your money is decreasing, and we’re not watching the conversion rates. So I always recommend keeping a very close eye when dollars are going out. Look at that conversion rate and see, how can I boost this? How can I do it better? Like you said, a coach said, hey, QRS.
And you’re like, oh, man, let me go do this now. So anytime we’re doing spending extra, like, email is basically free. Phone calls are basically free.
It’s just time, opportunity, cost. But mailers and advertising and things like that, those are costing actual dollars and time. So keep a close, close eye, guys.
And whenever you’re doing anything that has additional costs, like physical mailers or whatever, and then yes, QR codes. Absolutely. Thank you.
Yes, good question. Alexandra also said, can we send the QR via text? So yes, you can, but I don’t know if you would want to because if they have it as a text message, they can’t scan it because if they’re looking at it on their phone, they would need a second phone in order to scan it from their first phone. So Alexandra, if you wanted to send a QR code via text message yeah, you could just point your camera right to your QR code, take a picture and send that via text message.
And then that will have effectively sent the QR code via text. Okay, good question. I think we got, what, one more, couple more slides? Ina, go ahead, you can reshare and then we got a couple more.
I just wanted to show you guys what this looks like. So this one isn’t quite right. In email, what we talked about though, was that personalization, right? This is the right slide, but the image, this is what I wanted here.
So in the email, in the SMS, on the physical piece of mail, this is what they’re going to see. So first in the body, that’s what they’re going to see right away. Email and text, they get to see this without doing anything.
And then on the physical mailer, once they’ve pointed to the QR code, that’s when they’re going to get to that personal video message. And again, this is going to create a much better even if they’re doing video, I can promise you they’re probably not doing this because this is like the 10% of all people doing video do customization like that. So this is all about impressions.
They already have a Realtor, they already listed. This is about like fierce competition. We got our dukes up in the ring trying to beat out the other Realtors.
So how do we do that? By showing that we’re above and beyond what they’re going to be capable of doing. That our strategies and our techniques and our marketing abilities are better than the competitions. Because ultimately, what else can we do to show that, hey, this guy failed, where I will succeed? How can we get them to think that we can speak to them or we can show them? I recommend both.
How do you customize these, saying that, hey, John, radio for John, and showing it on a cell phone? This one, this particular strategy is just for like fizbos or expireds or lower volume leads. Like if you’re going to do the one where it’s a direct mailer to 1000 people, you wouldn’t be able to customize it for 1000 people. So this one that I’m showing you is specifically for when you’re dealing with one off.
Like, let’s say you did an open house and you met six leads that weekend. That’s a decent open. Each of those six people would get a video like this.
And this is actually done using the dub application. So in the dub app, there’s a little clipboard right here. I click the clipboard and now I can type in a person’s name like, hey, John.
And then I’m going to turn my phone sideways, and this is how I’m going to start that thumbnail. But expireds also have a visual here, guys. Let me just share my screen really quick.
With expireds, you guys can actually show your screen as well. So you can click this little button. And then again, I know we’re not looking at an expired listing, but we can pretend that we are.
So I can be here and I can say, hey, John, I saw that your list wrong way. I saw that your listing actually expired. And I wanted to talk to you about a couple of things that went wrong.
And actually, I wanted to let you know that I specialize in bringing people’s expired listings back onto the market and successfully selling them. We’ve done a number of times. I’d like to discuss the strategy with you and book a time with me below or call me below.
That would be the second concept where pretend I know our imagination just for a moment, that instead of a canvas slide, it’s their expired listing. So if you have that service, like Redx or you found them in MLS, just pull up their visual of their property, they’ll recognize it, it’s theirs, and say, hey, I saw that your listing actually expired, and I wanted to talk to you about it. So either the name right, it’s either their name in the thumbnail, like that, or it’s their listing that you’re showing in a screen recording.
Both of those will have the same impression, meaning that I did a custom video just for you, and you know that it was just for you. As soon as you open the message, that will increase the clicks and responses to those types of messages a lot. Makes sense.
Thank you. Good. Excellent.
Perfect. All right, Alexandra, can we send the QR via text? Yes, we covered that one. And then how can we send this link SMS? So great question, Alexandra.
What we have, by the way, guys, there’s a little thing here where you can send a video via SMS, and you can force the preview, just like I showed you here in that slide. So right here. So this is what we want.
When we send somebody a video text message, we want them to see this of us so they know that we’re a person, we’re a human. The video is just for them. You can see video for John.
And so when you send text messages with videos. You want to make sure that they look like this. And so I will show you a little workaround to do this, because this is just super nuanced, guys.
But the world of text messaging is changing. And six months ago, if I text message you a link, it would automatically show a preview. But now, if you have never responded to my message before, meaning it’s a cold contact, which most of these fizbos will be, or sorry, expired.
Most of these expireds have not responded to your message before. So if I send just the link, it only shows as a link, which is not very attractive, right? We want it to show like I just showed you guys here. So in order to do that, Dubb has a little workaround.
So in the app, I’m going to click on that video. That’s. Hey.
Video for Darius. Here’s my video. And I’m going to click this little button right there that says Download the GIF.
So I just downloaded the GIF. That’s the looping image where I’m saying, hey, Darius. And now when I go to text message this, I’m going to click this to Paper Airplane, click my text message option.
And what that does is it opens up the message with the video, with the link, everything there. And I’m going to send this to myself. And so that’s how you can force that preview in there, is by downloading the GIF and then attaching it.
So here’s my message I’m going to show you guys. I’m going to write this one step at a time. First, I go to my contact, and I say, hey, Darius.
It’s weird talking to myself in the third person. First person. Hey, Darius.
And then I’m going to say, Check out this video. And then I’m going to click the little button to add an image. And the image I’m going to add is the one that I just downloaded from Dubb.
So now you can see there’s the image with the it says, hey, Darius, check out this video. And then all I have to do is include the link for SMS. You see where it says Copy URL for SMS? So I click there copy URL for SMS.
And so now I’m going to paste that into the body of my message. So here’s what it looks like. Before I send.
You have the GIF preview, looping image. Hey, Darius, check out this video. Then you have the link.
When I send that, that is what’s going to show up exactly like this, with the thumbnail, with the link, with the message. Any other way that you’re sending a video if they’ve not responded is just going to be a link. So this does require an additional click, but it’s also going to create a far better experience for the recipient than you get from other methods, other apps, other things.
Like know when you try to just share the link, it’s just going to be the link, and this enables you to force the preview along with it. So great question, Alexandra. Thank you for having us show that.
Okay. Ena. I think, actually that was the last one, right? The SMS piece.
Yeah. So that’s really the magic there, guys, is get a source for your Fizbos and expires today. We’ll talk about Fizzbos next time.
Scripts are different, stuff like that, but the sources are the same. So Matt mentioned one plus leads or something. Matt, do you like them? Are you still here, budy? Yes, it’s my plus leads.
What’s so good, too, about my plus leads is if you’re in a state that requires that you cannot do any solicitation between a certain time, they will not send you those leads until that certain time. So you can’t get in trouble with that. So plus I have it through that high funnel, whatever, they automatically go out as soon as literally, it comes in through my plus leads, hits through Lease ROI, and then it goes out.
That while is a very comfortable it’s the easiest method because it’s automatic, right? Your leads come in, boom, you’re getting something going out to them right away, which is great in terms of speed to lead, but it does lack the personalization right, because they’re not getting a custom message from you for each expired as they hit. Well, that’s not necessarily true because you’re using high funnel, you can create however your Drip campaign wants to be. So who wants to be the video that’s going out? What I mean is a custom video, like, you can’t say, hey, right? You’re saying it’s not going to that specific person that lost that expired.
You’re right. And so there’s definitely a cost benefit to weigh there for yourself. Like, you’re like, look, this is automatic.
It happens every morning. Boom. They’re getting stuff for me as soon as they hit the database, and it’s getting me some business.
Or you can say, Look, I have this many. I’m going to try a custom approach and see if my conversion rate can be better because I have bandwidth in the morning. I have some time for that.
Yeah, but then the other one that you’re saying is more personal is my plus leads postcards or emails regarding people in Probate through the Probate clerk. Yeah, probate is another one, too. There’s divorce people, there’s all kinds of cool stuff to go after.
Hey, Matt. Matt, real quick, this is smarty. I just signed up for my plus leads.
Do you know if you said that it automatically sends over to high level, does my plus leads have a Zap? Well, okay. Yeah, they do. Yeah, they do zapier good.
And then how about Darius? I’m sure. Does Dub have a Zap? So if I zap them into Dub and then send out a personal video got it. Yes.
So it would be Dub or whatever comes into there, goes into if you’re using high level, then you could also just add dub videos into high level messages and sequences and stuff like that. So you go into high level, create a template, add the video there, and then that’s what gets triggered as soon as OnePlus goes to high level, triggers the automation that’s ready to go. So, again, this is definitely the easier of the methods because it’s automatic, and that’s a dream for a lot of us.
More we can automate stuff, the better. But every once in a while, I will recommend doing some. Like if you have the bandwidth, if you have the time, custom is going to have a better conversion rate, especially if you’re just getting started with it.
We want to create that impression, do something different, but that also creates a great impression like what Matt’s doing, because it’s instant. Like, man, my listing just went expired today and I already got a message in front of me from this guy. So that creates its own sort of impression versus, okay, the five realtor things that I got were from automation.
And then one guy comes later in the day and it’s different, but it’s custom. It’s hard to say which one’s going to create the best impression for that world. And then I also got a new selfie stick.
And what I do is I’ll put the better picture, the camera, which is obviously this one, so I can actually see on this side what I’m looking. That’s killer. It’s got the mirror built into it.
That’s awesome, man. Yeah, I have a mirror right here that I set up for those purposes. When I’m doing, I’m like, okay, I need the front camera.
The back camera is a lot better. Let me turn this guy on. But then I need to set the mirror up in front of it so you can see yourself.
Yeah, you all go to Amazon and get that, too. There you go. I just used Superglue and stuck it on my selfie stair.
Nice. Are you serious? That’s an awesome looking superglue job there, buddy. Diller okay, here rich, will there be a short video on the SMS workaround? I did just paste it in there.
Yeah, sorry, I pasted it, but I put it in there, too. Darius I put it in there, too. That’s the GIF video, right? Rob? The one that shows how to SMS? Yep.
Okay, good. So, yes, Rich, thanks for the question. And yeah, I put the link in there.
That’s a video that shows you how to force the preview. Rick, what about the copy link thumbnail for the dashboard via talking? Rick Blyn, are you still here? And are you talking about sending SMS from desktop, your microphone, buddy? Yeah, I’m good. Yeah, I’m trying to send I have a desktop app.
I send a lot of text in there. Yeah. So just the URL would be satisfaction for that piece.
So when you’re in dub, you can click right on the extension. Your videos are here and you can just copy the URL like this. Right? That’s good.
Yeah, you don’t need the extra text and the thumbnail and stuff, but you will force the preview. So, like, let’s say for example, google voice is a desktop based text message application right in here. I would still have to force the preview separately.
So when I go to write my message, I’m going to remove my personal contacts from here. What’s not working. Anyway, there’s a button there to add your images.
So you would add the image first, then you would copy the URL and the message into that. Yep. Okay, good.
All right, let’s hear what else. I think that’s everything. Okay.
Jeffrey, is there a way to make the image show an email on an iPhone? I’m having the issue with my family members. iPhone 13 just shows a box with the blue link. So I think that’s going to be a default setting on your email.
Is that a Gmail or Outlook? Jeffrey SMTP no, I mean the inbox that you’re viewing the video from, is that a Gmail or an Outlook or something else? It would be Apple’s Mail browser. I see, okay, so then you’re using the Apple Mail to view and then what is your primary email? Is it MacMail or Apple Mail or is it a Gmail or an Outlook or something else? Private domain, hosted at SiteGround. Okay, SiteGround.
So then, yeah, that actually might be a setting of either SiteGround or something else because dub videos actually, you know what? Here. Okay. So yeah, that’s a setting on Apple Mail where it’s not allowing the images to load.
You can see here, actually, I’ll show you my same thing and I know that it’s just blocking dub stuff specifically, like, certain images. And I’ll show you what I mean. So, like right here is a email that I’ve opened on my Apple Mail.
And you can see it’s even blocking something in my signature. So that’s separate from dub. And it’s still putting that little weird question mark in my signature.
So I’m believing that’s a setting just within the Apple Mail settings to not display all images by default. Yeah, basically I’m sending the email from Chime. Okay.
Yeah, I’m just doing testing now, but that’s if you view that same email from any other inbox other than the Apple Mail on your iPhone, I’m sure the images will be displayed automatically by default. I’m pretty sure that’s just because this same email that I’m viewing right now, it’s blocking an image in my signature, but every other inbox I view that in, it’s not blocked. So I think that’s just a setting on Apple mail.
Okay. Is there any workaround or anything you can do? There’s nothing we can do from our end as the sender. If the recipient decides to turn off images by default or their setting is that way, there’s nothing we can do from a sending standpoint, the recipient themselves would have to update their settings to display images.
Okay, so in an email that you’re sending a dub video, would you just put more information in? It would be the best practice. Like more no. Okay.
So it’s like the vast majority of people are on Gmails and Outlooks. So it’s a very small percentage of people that are going to be opening the native Apple Mail client thing. I think less than 25% of people.
So that 75% of people that use Gmails and Outlooks, they will have the image displayed regularly. It’ll look exactly like it is supposed to on all other platforms. Those people that have their Apple Mail settings that they’ve not configured, it’s just going to shut off certain images that don’t show for some.
Again. Yeah, there’s nothing we could do about it from a sending perspective privacy setting. I understand.
Yeah. I just was trying to figure out what else you could put in a drip email or that would get them to click on the link or am I better off? Right? No, you always want that line of text in the body of the email every single time you need a line there. And what I recommend having that line say is something that’s going to get them to watch the video.
So you’d say, hey, check out this video about X, or X is something interesting for them, right? How to save money on your next home purchase, how to get more to sell your home, or how to get the most value out of your home or whatever. Something like something that’s interesting for the recipient that’s going to get them to want to click on the link or the fallback or one of those options. Okay, so I shouldn’t be overly concerned as long as I have some text to say.
Everyone here should know you always need at least one line of text along with the video because I’ll show you what I mean here. Visually, if I go to send this email with just that, that’s definitely going to spam most of the time because nobody sends emails like that. Right.
I would say something like, hey, John, here’s my headshot. I’d provide some context or something. So because the email service providers are constantly viewing everything that’s being sent, if it looks funky, they’re probably going to send it to spam.
And so whether it’s a still image or a video or something else without any context, likely not going to their inbox. So always need at least one sentence, hey, John, check out this thing, and that one sentence. I don’t recommend putting multiple paragraphs or like a long don’t explain every single thing that’s in the video because then they’re less incentivized to click play.
Do include just a single sentence that sort of teases them and lets them know, here’s what’s in the video. Click play. All right, thank you.
Got it. All right. Anything else here? While we can answer for you guys, I will say I also use Mailbox Power for my postcards.
Right. There you go. Okay.
Mailbox. Do you have a referral link? Matt yeah, share that, man. Share it.
Say here, I like these guys for direct mail. Yeah, man, share the referral link. Share the love.
Okay. And then what’s so neat about that, too, is now that they have created Google Street View. So if you’re going with Fizzbo or an expired that you’ve never seen, they’re going to go grab that picture of that house and put it on the postcard.
So when you open up the mail and you see your actual house on the postcard, you’ll be more likely to look at yes, exactly. I love that. Matt I use thanks IO does the same thing I’ve been using thanks IO.
Similar to my mailbox or whatever. Really? The open rates are phenomenal because they see the picture of their house, they’re like, what is this? Go through all the other cards. Same thing I just said, you guys.
There exactly. That strategy of this is for me, it makes it far more interesting for them to want to look at. I don’t want to add the ability to put a QR code in and someone scans it, lets you know who scanned it.
Yeah, no, that would be really cool. The only way to do that right now would be to have custom QR codes for each person the other way. That’s what I’m saying.
Thanks IO does, too. Thanks IO. I’ll tell you exactly what address scan that QR code.
Yeah. It’s a unique QR code for each person. So that’s how you’re able to you’re not able to put one QR code that can do that.
There is the option where if you put the QR code, you can have like a form or something after that, and then that way you’d be able to identify like if you put a QR code on a bench park bench ad or a bus stop ad, that one can’t be tracked unless you have a form or something after the fact. So that’s because it’s the same code. I mean, you could put a different code on each bench and you’d know which one they scanned.
But again, that’s the only way to do that. Good. All right, well, next week, I’ll just show you LPT, I told you, stands for Listing Power Tools.
Yeah, right. So Palmer decided to name know his real estate company after that, since he’s a mortgage company guy anyway. Yeah, anyway, listing Power Tools have been around for, I guess, seven years for real estate agents or mortgage brokers or whoever.
So that’s the video that I want to create, opening up the 168 item thing that’s just dedicated for that one house. When we list your property with flyers, door knockers, thank you cards, open house things, business cards with everybody’s picture on that particular thing, and I’ll show you that next week when we do fizbos, because that’s the thing that I would be sending to Fizzbos. You’re selling a million dollar house, and I don’t know about you all, but I lately have been getting a lot of fizzbos, and these people have, like, maybe one or two pictures on a freaking million dollar house.
And I’m thinking to myself, what the f are you all thinking about? They’re not agent. First of all, why aren’t you even having a brokers open before you even put the house on the market? We didn’t know any better. Yeah, it’s our time to educate, so all right, guys, well, appreciate you here today.
We’re going to be having a couple other valuable lessons here, back to back every week. Feel free to invite some friends. Matt, John, appreciate you guys contributing as well.
That’s what this we want this to be a community. People can learn from each know, we’re all experts in different things, and so learn from those that have done. And so you need to bring your man Kelly Wheeler in here a few times.
Yeah, I spoke to Kelly the other day. He’s awesome. He has great strategies, and he’s really good.
And he loves mailbox power, too. Well, he’s the one that got I mean, I’m under him at LPT, so we have private meetings tomorrow at 1130 and then his group’s meetings after that. His energy is wonderful.
He’s got really good, really good strategies. Very clear cut steps. Good deal.
All right, well, we’re going to cut to day, guys. Appreciate you as always. If any questions, comments, concerns, just come your little green button on the website.
We’re just a few minutes away. Darius, I’ll catch you on the top of the hour. I’m next, right? All right, see you guys.
Do you want to stay on this or do you have a different we’ll be in another okay, cool. Thanks. Bye.
Bye, guys.