I am loving Dubb! Connecting with our customer base is hugely important. Email does this to some extent, but being able to make a response and share with a Dubb video is just sublime. The feedback from my clients has been extremely positive. Cheers!

Joseph Sweeney

Dubb helps create amazing personal connections… I strive to develop relationships with my community and Dubb allows that to happen. By quickly responding to questions and comments with video, folks see that they have been listened to. That, alone, is amazing. Well done!!

Kelly Langston

I’ve been waiting for a tool like this a few months! I had Dubb up and running in half-an-hour and already sent my first Dubb video. I love it. Works perfect out of the box! My impression of the founder in the webinar is that they are super genuine and will push product features in the future.

Tom Schuller

I signed up for a Dubb trial and was instantly blown away with the ease of use and capabilities. I did have a few questions for the support team and the support that I received from Heather was phenomenal. Not only did she answer my questions promptly and thoroughly – when I made a suggestion that would improve the user experience, she shared it with her dev team and within 2 hrs they had implemented my suggestion. Talk about impressive. That sealed the deal for me.

Katrina Scarlett, The Subtle Details

Super Easy & Feature Rich… This is definitely a 5 star from me because it was super easy to use right out of the gate and is feature-rich in terms of the CTA options. I use Dubb videos in my email campaigns and for sending personalized greeting videos to prospects and customers. I am really happy with this purchase. I think DUbb has great potential for improving client communication and building new business!

Marilyn Devonish

I use Dubb pretty much every day. I can record and send a video in 2 minutes whereas sending an email takes me five times longer.

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