In this recap from a Dubb Support video, we are going to discuss how the Dubb platform works, how to create videos, and how to customize and distribute them. This is a great post if you are just hearing about Dubb or if you want to get the most out of the work that you already do on Dubb. If you would like to view the video in its entirety, go ahead and click on the play button above.

Whether you just started a startup or want to get the most out of your sales or marketing work, you would be well served by leveraging the power of video. Video can help you tell compelling stories, build genuine connections and relationships, and generate more sales.

With that being said, you may be wondering how you can access all of these benefits and supercharge your sales and marketing work. There are plenty of video tools and software that you can look at and use. If you are reading this article, however, you are likely considering (or are currently using) Dubb.

We created Dubb to help our users leverage the power of video in a sales and marketing context. Compared to some other video tools and platforms, we understand that you are in the business of building relationships and generating sales. Because of this, we are also creating and thinking about tools that can help you reach your goals.

In this post, I want to take a deep dive into the Dubb platform. We are going to talk about things like how you can create videos, how you can customize those videos, and how you can distribute those videos to your chosen audiences. By reading this post, you will be in a fantastic position to get the most out of the Dubb platform.

Let’s jump into it.

Creating Videos with Dubb

The first thing I want to mention when discussing how the Dubb platform works is creating your videos. This is one of the more exciting parts of video sales and marketing, and with Dubb, you can easily create the videos that you have always imagined.

There are several video creation tools within the Dubb ecosystem. The first is creating videos on the Dubb website. Once you go to your Dubb dashboard, you can create a video by clicking on the “+” button on the top right part of the page. Once you do that, you can create a brand new video or upload a video that already exists on your device. To create a new video, all you need to do is click on the “record” tab. Your webcam feed will appear and then you can press the record button and begin speaking to the camera. It is as easy as that.

The next way to create videos on Dubb is through the Dubb Chrome extension. You can download the Chrome extension by clicking here. Once you do that and open up your Chrome browser, you will see a Dubb icon on the top right part of the screen. Go ahead and click on that. Once you do that, you will see that you can record using your webcam, record your screen with no webcam feed, or record your screen with the webcam feed.

The Dubb Chrome extension’s screen recording feature is especially notable. Screen recordings can be used in a variety of different scenarios. For instance, if you want to walk a prospect through a contract, you can pull up the contract on your device, begin recording your screen, and scroll down through the contract as necessary. You can also use screen recordings for things like website navigation or to create newsletters. Basically, screen recordings are great ways to make abstract ideas more concrete. Instead of trying to answer a question or explain an abstract concept in hundreds of words, you can open up the Dubb Chrome extension and start recording your screen. The Chrome extension also comes with an annotation tool, meaning that you can circle, underline, or draw on your screen as you see fit.

Also, the Dubb Chrome extension helps you easily create and distribute videos in some of your favorite tools. The power comes in the integrations with most of the popular email platforms, social networks, and CRMs on the market today. For instance, if you are opening up a new Gmail message, you will see a Dubb icon. Clicking on that will let you select a video from your video library, record a brand new video that you can include in the Gmail message, and more. Dubb is constantly adding integrations with the most popular tools and platforms on the Internet today. They make your job easier and make it much easier to be productive in your day-to-day work.

Finally, there is the Dubb mobile app. You can find it for both iOS and Android devices by clicking here. The Dubb mobile app is a fantastic tool that can help you create studio-quality video content wherever you are. Using the mobile app, you can easily switch between your forward and backward-facing cameras, add personalization text and music to your videos, and easily splice clips together. In all likelihood, your smartphone is powerful enough to create sales and marketing videos that truly resonate with your viewers. Armed with the Dubb mobile app, you can accomplish this goal and do it extremely easily and quickly.

Customizing Your Videos

From creating your video content, I now want to talk about how you can customize your videos. If you are creating videos in a sales or marketing context, it is well worth your time to customize your video content. It will help you stand out and will separate you from your competitors.

Luckily, by using Dubb, there are many different ways to customize your videos. Let’s start with personalization text. Whenever you create a video on Dubb (or upload that video to Dubb), Dubb lets you create a line of personalization text above the video. It will be prominently displayed, thereby immediately catching the eye of your viewer and enticing them to click on and watch your video. Typically, we recommend that you include the text “Video for X” (X being the viewer’s name) or something like that. You definitely want to include the viewer’s name here. That being said, I’m sure that you can get more creative than this. The bottom line is that personalization text may seem like a small thing, but it may be just the thing to get your prospect to watch your video. From there, anything can happen.

Putting aside personalization text, I now want to talk about Dubb video landing pages. One of the coolest things about Dubb is that whenever you create a Dubb video (or upload an already-existing video to Dubb), you automatically get a Dubb video landing page. Dubb video landing pages are the central hub for your videos. They are designed not only to display your videos, but to help you build better relationships with your viewers and convert them into paying customers.

There are two specific features that I want to point out on Dubb video landing pages. They are the playlist feature and call to action buttons.

The playlist feature lets you create a video playlist that automatically begins playing once your main video concludes. This is a good way to customize the viewer experience by presenting a very personalized video as the primary video and then more generic, yet cleaner videos that explain your product, company, or service. A great tactic is to create a short personalized video and then tack on a longer video that explains the value that your company provides. In your playlist, you can even think about adding a customer testimonial (or collection of customer testimonials). They go a long way in helping you leverage social proof and build trust with your viewer. However you choose to construct it, the playlist can be a great way to keep your audience engaged and help them learn more about your product, service, and company.

Now, I want to talk about call to action buttons. Calls to action, as you likely know, help you lead your prospects from point A to point B. They can give your audience direction after they watch your video. Essentially, you can use these buttons to lead them down your sales funnels. With Dubb, you can leverage many different types of calls to action. However, some of our favorites are:

  • Direct calendar booking: This call to action lets your viewer directly book a call on your calendar. This is a great call to action for prospects toward the bottom of your sales funnels, but they can be just as effective for those at the top. Dubb integrates with many of the most popular calendar booking services out there (like Calendly, Acuity, and Book Like a Boss). Using this call to action option, you can wake up with a calendar full of warm prospects interested in your company. Pretty great, right?
  • Download a white paper or eBook: This can be an attractive call to action option if you have already created a helpful resource that explains your product, service, and/or company. What you can do is link to that white paper, eBook, or another resource through a call to action button. This is probably most effective for those viewers that are at the top of your sales funnels. Again, however, you don’t need to restrict yourself this way. If you think that a certain viewer will get value from this digital resource, don’t hesitate to include it within one of your call to action buttons.
  • Reply with video: This is one of our favorite call to action options. The reply with video call to action, as you can assume, lets your viewer reply to your video with a video of their own. This is valuable in two specific areas. First, it can be more efficient for your viewer. Instead of needing to type out a lengthy response to your video, they can simply click on this button, speak to the camera, and have that video sent straight to you. Along with this, the reply with video option is a great way to gather video testimonials. What you can do is create a video, instruct the viewer to click on the reply with video button, and have them record a video testimonial. Once it is done, that video can be sent right back to you. Pretty easy, right?
  • View customer success stories: No matter the business you are in, you are definitely going to want to collect customer success stories. At Dubb, we are huge fans of video testimonials (as you have seen above). If you have a whole group of video testimonials, what you can do is put them on a single customer success showcase page and link to that page through a call to action button. That way, your viewer can easily see the value that you’ve provided to a whole host of people.
  • Visit a website (including a purchase page): The ability to view customer success stories is essentially one application of this call to action option. Essentially, what Dubb let you do is use a call to action button to link to any page. It can be your website’s about page, your blog, a page providing detail about your product or service, or even a purchase page. Whatever you choose, you can easily direct a viewer to a specific page once they have watched your video.

These are just some of the many call to action options that you can leverage on the Dubb platform. Whether you are engaging with a brand new prospect or someone who is ready to make a purchase, you can increase your chances of success by relying on these options here.

Distributing Your Video Content

Now, once you have created your videos and customized them, you are going to want to think about distribution. Video distribution may not be the first thing that comes to mind when you are thinking about your video sales and marketing work. That being said, distribution is an extremely important part of getting the most out of video.

With Dubb, you can easily distribute your one-to-one or one-to-many videos. If you are distributing your video to a single prospect, you will find it extremely easy to do so. One of the best ways to do it is through the “Copy and Paste” feature for your videos. Once you visit a particular video page and click on the copy and paste button, you will find that it is easily inserted wherever you’d like. This can be everywhere from the body of an email to the body of a social media message. Once you start using it, you will see how easy it is to distribute a video to a particular prospect or audience member.

If you want to distribute your video to a larger audience, you can take advantage of Dubb’s automated workflows. By importing your contact list into Dubb (or manually recreating it there), you can then automatically send your video emails to your audience. You can even use conditional logic so that certain audience members receive certain video emails. As a basic example, if you send a video email to a group of cold prospects and notice that some watched the entire video, you can send them one set of emails. If they didn’t watch your video, you can send them another series of video emails.

The great news is that you can make your automated workflows as simple or complicated as you like. Once you set them up, you can be fully confident that they are serving your audience with valuable content 24/7/365. Even when you’re sleeping, you can be nurturing and converting your audience members.

Creating, Editing, and Distributing Videos with Dubb

As you can see, Dubb is an extremely powerful platform. You can create stunning videos, customize those videos for particular audience members, and easily get those videos onto their devices. Whether you are trying to convert a key prospect or simply want to educate a new audience about your product or service, you can get the job done with Dubb. I can’t wait to see what you create!

At Dubb, we always love thinking and talking about how you can easily create, customize, and distribute your video content. If you would like to learn more about Dubb and how it can help you, click here. You can also click here to contact us and click here for a free 14-day trial of our premium plans. We look forward to hearing from you.