Dubb is proud to announce a set of new features and offerings so that you can maximize your video content to help grow your business. Here are some updates with Dubb 3.0.

Sample Videos

Not sure what types of videos to make using Dubb? We created some simple, raw videos that you can take inspiration from starring our own Shannon Leonard. Access these videos from the Resources link on your navigation or see them here.


Now with Dubb 3.0, you can embed custom forms from any third party automation or form system. Simply select Form as the call-to-action option and enter the code for your form.

HubSpot Integration

Dubb is proud to formally announce our integration and partnership with HubSpot. To grab this free integration click here. Also, if you’re planning on being at HubSpot’s Inbound 2019, conference in Boston from Sep 3-6, please come see us.

Zapier Integration

Dubb is also proud to formally announce our integration and partnership with Zapier. To grab this free integration click here.

Streamlined Navigation and Dashboard

Less is more, except when it’s not. Now with Dubb, you have all the great features that you’re used to with streamlined dashboard navigation. And yes… Stay tuned for even more.

Next-Gen Video Streaming

The Dubb platform now offers advanced, next-generation MP4 streaming technology that improves video playability to upwards of 97%.

Upgraded LinkedIn Integration

Now with Dubb, you can get a direct integration into the following aspects of LinkedIn (using the Dubb Chrome Extension) connection requestmessagingcomments and Sales Navigator. And while you’re on LinkedIn, make sure to follow Dubb’s founder, Ruben Dua for more exciting content and updates.

Editable Title, Description & CTAs on Mobile

Now with the Dubb mobile app, you have more control for your videos including the ability to edit/add a title, description, and calls-to-action. Grab the iOS or Android app.

Video Sharing

Now with Dubb, you can select videos to be shared with other team members and used in automated workflows and email campaigns. After all, sharing is caring!

Dubb on Slack

Are you interested in getting real-time notifications of certain types of engagement tracking email opens/clicks, video watch % rates, and call-to-action click rates? Get the free Dubb Slack app to get notified in style.

More Calendar Integrations

Now with Dubb, you can integrate a number of new calendar integrations (including Outlook, Book Like a Boss & more) directly onto your video pages.

Document Sharing

Now with Dubb, you can share documents directly from your calls-to-action. Accepted file formats are PDF, PNG, JPG, GIF, DOC, DOCX, XLS, and XLSX.

document sharing

Case Studies

Do you want to be featured in a Dubb Case Study? Share your successes using Dubb to get a chance to be featured in a national campaign. To get started, fill out this form.