In this recap from a Dubb Support episode, we are going to explore the Dubb Chrome extension, which is a screen recorder, webcam recorder, and actionable video creator. Whether you are a new content creator or a sales professional that wants to use video to get more conversions, this blog post is for you. If you want to view the video in its entirety, go ahead and click on the play button above.

As a sales or marketing professional, you would be well-served by leveraging the power of video to accomplish your goals. Video is effective for so many different reasons. Whether you want to build your brand equity, build trust with a certain prospect, or even generate a sale, you can use video to get the job done.

Because video is so powerful, I want to speak about a tool that can help you unlock all of this value. It is the Dubb Chrome extension. Using the Dubb Chrome extension, you can seamlessly record using your webcam, record your screen, and create actionable videos. It is the tool for helping you build warm relationships with your prospects and increase your conversion rates.

Therefore, in this post, we are going to take a deep dive into the Dubb Chrome extension. At the end, you will be in a fantastic position to use the Chrome extension to make awesome video content and record more sales.

Let’s get started.

Exploring the Dubb Chrome Extension

To explore the power of the Dubb Chrome extension, we are going to assume that you want to send a video through email. This can be through Gmail, Outlook, or any other email app. To be clear, you can send Dubb videos in other ways. You can send them through social media or even through SMS messages. I encourage you to visit our blog to learn more about how to do these things. Regardless of how you send the video, the Dubb Chrome extension lets you send actionable videos, boost email opens, and instantly drive conversions with Dubb action pages.

To get started with the Dubb Chrome extension, you will first need to download it. You can do so by clicking here. Once you do that, you will notice that the Dubb logo will appear in the upper right corner of your Chrome browser. Before clicking on that icon, make sure that you have logged in to your Dubb account before proceeding from here. If you have a Dubb account, you are good to go. If you don’t already have one, however, you can click here to sign up. Clicking that link gives you access to a free 14-day trial of our premium plans, so I encourage you to sign up for a Dubb account today.

From here, I am going to assume that you want to create a video and send it via Gmail. When you are in Gmail, go ahead and start composing a new message. You will see the Dubb logo in the bottom menu. Once you click on that icon, the Dubb interface will pop up. Here, you can do many different things.

For starters, you can click on the “My Videos” tab to see videos that you have already recorded on Dubb (or uploaded to Dubb). On the “Record” tab, you can easily record a video from your webcam. The “upload” tab lets you upload a video that is already on your computer. Then, there is the “Add From YouTube” button (which lets you easily upload the video that you already posted to YouTube). Finally, there is an “Activity” tab that lets you look at some data about your already-recorded videos.

Here is a quick side note for you. If you are using the Dubb mobile app (which you can find for iOS and Android devices by clicking here), you can upload a video from your camera roll or record a new video. You can even make edits through our powerful, yet easy-to-use mobile editing features.

But back to the Chrome extension. I want to briefly talk about recording videos using the Dubb Chrome extension. Like I mentioned above, you can record using your webcam or create a screen recording. The webcam recording option is relatively straightforward. Upon clicking this option, Dubb will let you choose from your device’s webcam (or an external webcam that you have already hooked up to your device). Once you select your camera, you can click record and start creating your video.

The other option (screen recordings) can be extremely valuable in many different situations. As you would likely guess, a screen recording lets you capture video content from your device’s screen. Using Dubb, you can record the entirety of your screen or record your screen with a small webcam feed in the corner of your screen. If you want to use a still image instead of a live webcam feed, you can do so as well.

Using Dubb’s screen recorder, you can make abstract topics concrete. For instance, you can use the screen recorder to walk a prospect through a contract. Using the annotation tool (which is automatically included with the screen recorder), you can easily underline key terms, circle important paragraphs, or otherwise draw on your screen as you are recording. The screen recorder is also helpful for product walkthroughs, answering frequently asked questions, and even creating training videos for your team. Even if you have the slightest interest in the Dubb screen recorder, I highly encourage you to check it out.

Once you have created your Dubb video (or uploaded an already-existing video to Dubb), you can select the video that you created. From there, you can add one line of personalization text, which will be included above your video. At Dubb, we like to include something like “Video for X” (X being the person’s name), but feel free to change this as you’d like. Then, all you need to do is click on the “Insert Video” button. Once you do that, you will see that a three-second animated GIF automatically appears in the body of your Gmail message. That GIF will then link to your Dubb action page (more on this in a little bit).

But what if you don’t want to use Gmail? Dubb lets you copy and paste your video into any email application. You will want to access your dashboard on From there, you will want to click on the video that you want to send. Then, click on the blue “Share & Send” button. From there, click on “Copy for Email,” switch to the email app or service of your choosing, and paste the GIF preview which links to the Dubb action page.

After the Video is Sent

The Dubb Chrome extension makes it extremely easy to record and share videos for any type of audience. However, there is a natural question here. What happens after the audience member clicks on the animated GIF that Dubb provides? Ultimately, they are taken to a Dubb action page.

You can think of Dubb action pages as the central hubs for each individual video on your Dubb account. They include your video at the top of the page, along with several features that can help you accomplish your sales and marketing goals. Better yet, you can customize your Dubb action pages in plenty of different ways. To be clear, you will need a paid Dubb account to access all of these customization features. If you are on a free brand, you will see Dubb branding on your video action pages. However, if you are on one of Dubb’s paid plans, you can do everything from adding your logo and brand colors to customizing the video player and play bar. Then, once you have done that, you can create a template so that your future Dubb action pages look exactly the way you want them to look.

Below your video, you can include several different types of call to action buttons. Call to action buttons make it easier to direct your audience from point A to point B. In other words, they can help you get that viewer one step closer to a sale. Using Dubb, you can plug in all different types of call to action buttons below your video. Some of them include:

  • Direct calendar booking: This call to action option lets your viewers easily book a call on your calendar. With integrations with popular calendar booking services like Calendly, Acuity, and Book Like a Boss, you can seamlessly get an influx of warm prospects after your audience watches your video.
  • Download a white paper or eBook: If you already have a written asset that explains your product, service, and/or company, you can link to it through a call to action button. This is a great option for viewers at the top of your sales funnel.
  • Reply with video: This call to action is valuable in two ways. First, it is an easier way for your audience to respond to your video. Instead of typing out a lengthy email, they can send a video. Secondly, this call to action button lets you easily gather video testimonials, which can help you build trust with new viewers. This is an outstanding call to action option and one that we recommend to many Dubb users.
  • Follow a link: You can have any website link to a call to action button. This can be things like your about page, your blog, your YouTube page, or even a purchase page. Whatever you choose, you can customize the text on the call to action button so that it is clear that the prospect is visiting a specific webpage.

Once you have sent your videos and customized your Dubb action pages, you can see how your audience is interacting with your videos. Compared to other video platforms, Dubb offers granular analytics about your videos. Sure, you can see basic data like the number of views. However, Dubb goes beyond that and offers granular data about individual prospects. For instance, you can see whether an individual prospect watched your video, how much of the video they watched, whether they clicked on any of your call to action buttons, and even whether they left an emoji response. With this data in hand, you can personalize your additional communications with the prospect, which makes it more likely that you record a sale.

Better yet, you can get this data and distribute your videos through automations. Dubb lets you create automated workflows which can customize your outreach. If you are sending a video to a list of tens of thousands of people, you can get these types of granular data. Moreover, you can create workflows that send even more video emails based on how they respond to your initial video. Pretty great, right?

Going Forward with the Dubb Chrome Extension

As you can see, the Dubb Chrome extension can be an extremely valuable tool in your content creator toolkit. Whether you want to create stellar webcam videos or compelling screen recordings, the Chrome extension is a powerful way to accomplish your sales and marketing goals. Because of this, I encourage you to get started today. Download the Dubb Chrome extension and start creating your videos. From there, send your videos to your target audiences and see how they react. I can’t wait to see what you create!

At Dubb, we enjoy thinking about and discussing ideas like how you can create awesome content through a screen recorder, webcam recorder, and actionable video creator. If you have any questions about the content discussed in this post, go ahead and click here. You can also click here to learn more about Dubb and click here to get started with a free 14-day trial of our premium plans.