What do a Husky and the letter D have in common? The love of video!

We would like to announce the partnership of Dubb and Video Husky coming together to help all you video enthusiasts maximize the impact of your video efforts and optimize making and keeping those impactful relationships!

Huskies are known for their determination, resourcefulness, and ability to get the job done in the most trying of circumstances – AND of course, they can bring your video footage to life obviously! Now the letter D is usually doing the duty of helping words be words and sitting there in the alphabet lineup patiently waiting to be used BUT in this particular case, the letter D is for our “Dubby” who is all about using the power of actionable and trackable videos to boost your connections, conversations, and conversions!

Video Husky and Dubb are on a united mission as they climb Mount Impact together to bring the power of video to the masses they come upon during their journey!