Steve Ramona epitomizes the essence of service to others. Fueled by a deep passion for the Law of Increase, a mindset centered around selflessly adding value to others without immediate expectations, he thrives on forging meaningful connections, sharing referrals, and watching people flourish.

Steve has been involved in various businesses throughout his life. He started with family-owned health clubs and has had experience in online marketing and brick-and-mortar businesses. Today he hosts Doing Business with a Servant’s Heart, a podcast featuring conversations with top business leaders, exploring their unique approaches to helping, serving, and adding value to clients.

In this episode, we focus on the transformative power of podcasts, effective strategies for monetization, and the art of building meaningful connections, especially through podcasting.

Whether you’re already a podcaster or just thinking about starting one, this conversation provides valuable insights into podcasting, building your network, and most importantly, cultivating a mindset of giving.

Show Notes

How do we start a podcast and monetize it?

  • First, clarify your goals. Is it a big venture for you, aimed at monetization, or simply a hobby to share your message with the world?”
  • Keep in mind that your audience is interested in your message, not just personal details about you. 80% of the focus should be on your guest’s message and only 20% on you, the host.
  • Think of yourself as the CEO of your life. Running your life like a business means your podcast should fit into that model. Determine the ideal frequency for recording episodes each month based on your preference and circumstances.
  • You can turn your podcast listeners, and even your guests, into evangelists for your business.
  • The best podcasts motivate, inspire, and educate its listeners.
  • Pantheon FM, led by Josh Tapp, has helped me launch and monetize my podcast, “Doing Business with a Servant’s Heart”. It’s a collective of podcasters with a similar concept to that of Jesus’ disciples, where influential people share the message and evangelize a business.
  • Having disciples who can refer others to your business is crucial to growth.

What’s your perspective on being part of affiliate programs and helping evangelize other companies?

  • Every product or service should have an affiliate program. Every time I share Dubb, I get an affiliate fee. I love doing it. It’s all about sharing something you’re excited about and getting rewarded for it.

Why do business with a servant’s heart? Why the Law of Increase?

  • Applying the Law of Increase to business is as simple as prioritizing bringing value to others over making a sale.
  • Providing value to people will help you grow your network. Your network is your net worth.
  • When service is reciprocal, it’s a game-changer for business.

Helping others can be tough for some because we worry about our own problems first. It’s the scarcity mindset, thinking there’s not enough to go around. How do we change this?

  • It’s hard, but you can’t let fear come in. Invest in people, serve them in any capacity, and provide value, and eventually, it will all come back to you.

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