View this blog post to see some of the best and worst Covideo reviews, as well as Dubb reviews from sources like G2 and Capterra. This video is brought to you by Dubb.

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Everyone, welcome back to dub support YouTube channel in
this video we’re talking about Covideo reviews and what
we’re going over some of these reviews we’re going to compare them side by side. Do some dub reviews because
these platforms are really have more in common than they do different. And we want you
to be aware of both solutions, so let’s go ahead and jump into
it. The first thing is the source of these reviews. Now, not all sources are
created equal. What we have done is gone to sources like G
two and Captera. And what these sources require is that
there contributors be verified. Now. Not everyone is verified
and so what I’ve done is I’ve gone through and only use the sources that are verifiable
and that are recent. So both of those elements are really important because
we want to make sure that it’s not someone who’s being paid to leave a review. And that it’s not someone
who’s just pissed off opposite ends of the spectrum. But both not valuable.
So those are the criteria. We need them to be verifiable
or a real person, real company and also recent
because these platforms change. So often so that’s what I’ve done I’ve gotten the most recent, most
verified sources of both. The positive and the negative
and have compiled this into a list of reviews here in
the sheet now I’m not going to go and read every single review, but I will provide. Like I said,
a little compilation. A little summary of what we have gathered from these sources,
so let’s go ahead and actually jump right into it. And now, while we’re doing this we’re going to compare
these to some Brews side by side to dub. However, if you guys
are more interested in like a hands on feature approach where you can see
side by side these features in action. Then definitely check out our other videos
where we do a full length. Video Co video versus dub
definitely check that one out. If you’re more interested in kind of a visual approach. Otherwise, I
guess I’m not going to read every single one of these overall. What we’re looking at
is there’s not a ton of cons there’s not a lot of bad reviews out there
for Co video, which is a great sign. Both dub and Covideo are great companies and they’re
going to have that in common. Difficult to find bad things. So let’s
get into what they actually did have. One of the major complaints is just a lack of customization apparently
it’s pretty difficult to customize the video page templates there’s
only a couple ones there’s some templates that they offer. But we’re not limited to
a number we can’t add more. So definitely check that out. Like
I said, if you guys are more interested in the visual features that’s in the visual comparison the
other one is video sent via text come across as a link. Now, this
is unfortunately not a limitation to CO video or dub it’s a
limitation to what SMS does itself? So SMS does not allow you to send
clickable animated gifts like they do in an email. So it’s always
going to come across with a link separate from whatever image or
text you’ve included in that text message. So that’s nothing that’s not a CO
video fault or anything. But I thought it included here because another complaint about
Co video is just their lack of ability to send SMS. So the only thing you
can do is send one SMS at a time through your phone or a third party service, whereas with tub is going
to offer SMS automation and bulk sending. So
you can send one video to a large group of people either at once
through a bulk send or you can send out through automation. Like it sends
one text message a day to a list of people once a day or once
a week or however, often or complicated. You want to build up that workflow, so
automation with SMS to something and dub provides that’s why the included this
year because both platforms have so much in
common. I wanted to include what differences as well. So
the other thing is some issues with the Chrome extension. So if you have too many
windows open or there’s some other issues with it reloading, we can’t pause. So
none of their recording options, offer pausing features. So, like, if I’m
using the Chrome extension or the mobile app, I can’t pause. Whereas with dub,
you can see I’m using the dub desktop recorded to actually record this video and it has that pause
re size camera option. Lots of real time editing features
and the mobile app provides the same so you can pause and switch cameras and add multiple clips
and things like that. So that is one of the bigger complaints with Co video as well. As the
editing or the recording features, no pausing, no annotations and no
resizing the webcam and things like that. Okay, and the other thing is
there is no desktop app, so that’s another alternative. Like I said, we’re using the desktop app
because of its benefits versus the Chrome extension. And that’s not something we have
with code video, so we’re limited to the Chrome extension for recordings. And as
I mentioned as well, the texting feature is brought up multiple times. So you can see there’s a couple of
different ones. Regarding text messages. That’s really it for the
cons? One other thing was pricing because they are a little bit more expensive
than the average video solution out there. So they’re believe 69 dollars
per month. If paid for the year in advance that’s 5 88 per year. Whereas dub is gonna be three and 84
per year. So really significantly less expensive and we’re going to have all
the same features and more with dub. And I know
that’s a bold claim, but definitely check out the side to side. Head to head.
Comparison videos between go video and Deb and you’ll. See more of what I mean. That we’re
getting the same features, but more with with the automation and
things like that. Okay, now let’s go into the pros. Unfortunately,
I was not able to find anything different about code video
in the pros. Like the things that people rave about the things that people love about Co video
weren’t any different from the things that people love about many other video platforms, including
dub like the convenience it ease of use and
how they can attach personal messages to their emails or text messages and then
the tracking. Of course, one thing that I did hear more of them more
great. A great thing about from go. Video than other people is their support and I have
personally experiences. They do have great, great support. Very hands on friendly
support and they’re very fast. Like I said, I would say their
support a second to none. Okay, so fast. Easy,
really great support and you’ll read the reviews. Literally every review pretty much has the
same exact thing in some different variations, you can see longer versions of that here. So really
great things. They’ve said about go video, just a couple of cons. And it actually
seems like most of the people reviewing are actually looking at
many other videos solutions. It seems like this is the only solution that they’ve
ever seen that allows them to attach videos to emails and that’s why they’re none
of the reviews are actually looking at other tools. Just looking at video as
a standalone, which is fine. Okay, so, now we’ve looked at the cons we’ve looked at the pros let’s go
ahead and we’ve also mentioned some things about of how actually many of the cons are things
that do has already addressed? Now, the things we were able to
see about the cons of the the negatives were about the app and
actually, many of these were old. So du has really recently released a
ton of updates on the app. And each of these issues has now been
been addressed it’s fully available for Android and
iPhone. And it also has lots of new functionality. So you
can add multiple clips and drop in music and text overlays. Lots
of really really cool features that really know. Other mobile app is going to have except
for maybe. Video Licious and their 10,000 plus dollars a year. That
is where we’re at really could not find a whole lot of negatives for dub out there. Many
of the stuff like I said, we’re not including stuff from 2 3 years ago all the recent stuff and this
was even the stuff about. The app has since been addressed because the app
updates have come in more recently in the 20 now the
pros tons of pros again. Very similar to what we read about code video fast
ease of use. But more often there are stories of how really, the platform has changed the
way that people are doing business. And they now use video throughout their organization in
their marketing and their sales and their touch points instead of just having videos
embedded on their website or something, really. The entry level in the video that’s
what? I encourage people to look into both platforms. Do offer
a free trial. So definitely check out a free trial. Like Dubb com
you’re going to get access to all the training and all the resources and of
course, the tool and all the tools that are included with dub.
So check that out for yourself. And thanks for watching. If you
guys need more information on Co video and
and the comparison between the two definitely check out the rest of the videos in the channel.

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