In this article, we’ll be looking at an in-depth comparison between a popular video communication and hosting platform, BombBomb and Dubb — a solid BombBomb competitor.

Even though there are key differences, BombBomb and Dubb are fairly similar in some way and have a suite of tools that perform almost the same functions. Let’s see how they stack up when it comes to video creation tools, editing, video sharing, freedom of customization, and tracking abilities.

Let’s start with a comparison of their set of video recording tools.

Video creation tools

Chrome Extension

Both Dubb and BombBomb have Chrome browser extensions with similar features that allow users to easily create, share, and track videos. 

Before using BombBomb’s browser extension, you’ll need to install the desktop recorder. When users click record on BombBomb’s chrome extension, a countdown starts and then launches the desktop app. While recording, you’ll notice that there aren’t a lot of controls for the recorder. The only buttons available are the stop and resize camera buttons. 

BombBomb Chrome Extension

BombBomb users can record videos in different modes; webcam, screen, or both — this is something they have in common with Dubb. The webcam-only mode works best for recording presentations with a focus on the speaker, while the screen-sharing option is better suited for demonstrations.

This mode allows you to select an area of the screen you wish to record — either the entire screen or a specific tab. And if you would prefer to show the speaker in the videos, it’s possible to record with both the webcam and the screen at the same time.

Dubb Chrome Extension

Unlike most video communication platforms where users are restricted to recording with a particular mode throughout a recording session, both BombBomb and Dubb allow users to start with and cycle through different modes during a recording session.

When you select an area of your screen and click record, Dubb’s chrome extension starts recording directly from the browser without launching the desktop app. From the extension, you’ll have access to your library of existing videos and analytics. Asides from recording capabilities, Dubb has a suite of useful tools included in its browser extension like;

Pause and Resume Option

An important feature that Dubb’s chrome extension has is the ability to pause and resume video recordings anytime during the recording session. This way you can deliver better presentations and save time as this feature will eliminate the need for editing after recording. With this tool, cutting out unwanted parts of the video is done in real-time.

Virtual Background

There are times when you may be in a busy environment and need to quickly create videos. 

Dubb’s virtual background is a powerful real-time editing feature that allows you to feel comfortable in your current setting without having to worry about your background as a distraction. 

You can blur out your background or use custom images in place of your actual background. Simply select any realistic background or scenery from the template and start recording. This is a fast and easy way to add personality to your videos without wasting additional time on editing or complex equipment.

Annotation Tool

Another useful feature that Dubb includes in its browser extension is the annotation tool. While recording, you can easily highlight, underline, or circle certain things on your screen with a few clicks. This comes in handy when you need to point out specific details in your presentation and get your point across clearly and quickly.

Dubb Screen Annotation Tool

Even though both platforms have similar Chrome extensions that make it easy to create videos, they differ in some way and Dubb has a slight edge in functionality in this comparison.

Gmail Add-On

BombBomb and Dubb both have versatile Gmail add-ons that allow you to create and send videos directly from Gmail. This comes in handy when you need to quickly access your library of videos, check activity and it saves you time from cycling through different apps while working.

With Dubb’s Gmail add-on, you can send one-to-one videos with a specific contact or run campaigns where you send videos in bulk to multiple recipients. There’s also an activity tab on the add-on where you can keep track of the performance of your campaigns. Dubb’s advanced analytics will display the time a video was watched, how much of the video was watched and other useful performance data.

Free Gmail Add on

BombBomb’s Gmail add-on seems to have the edge in this comparison as it has some features that Dubb doesn’t have like the Snippets tool. This button helps users quickly create or select a pre-recorded video and share it as a canned response. This will save time in situations where they need to repeat the same message.

Mobile Apps

Both platforms offer mobile apps (available for IOS and Android) that let users create and upload videos on the go. 

BombBomb and Dubb’s mobile apps are useful when you’re working away from the office and lets you easily record and send videos from your phone. You’ll also get access to basic tracking data where you will be notified when the recipient watches the video.

How do they differ?

Besides the basic recording and sharing functionality, Dubb’s mobile app offers more freedom to customize the videos — without having to access a desktop PC.

Dubb's Mobile App

What makes Dubb’s app versatile and one step ahead of BombBomb is its powerful editing features such as splicing multiple clips together, adding music, text overlay, emojis, and a lot more.

Another difference between the mobile apps of both platforms worth mentioning is that with Dubb, you can cycle between the front and back camera while recording — similar to the modes in the chrome extension.

Improve your speech with Teleprompter and Scripts

And finally, Dubb’s mobile app has a newly-released teleprompter feature. This lets you record videos from your phone while reading from an outline or a full script. This way, you’ll reduce speech errors, add clarity to your speech, and make your videos very efficient.

You can also share video scripts with your team members — for example, sales, marketing, and support teams can have access to different scripts.

In summary, the Dubb mobile app is designed to allow users create, edit, share, and upload high-quality videos — and even track the performance of their campaigns — all from their phones.

Desktop Apps

BombBomb competitor, Dubb, has a desktop app that is useful when you are working from home or the office. The desktop app lets you easily record directly from your screen to your Dubb dashboard where you can take full control of the video-sharing and tracking process.

BombBomb Screen Recorder

BombBomb’s equivalent of a desktop app is a recorder that is launched from the chrome extension.


When choosing a new tool — including a video communication platform — it’s important the software can integrate and function with other tools you’ve been using. This increases efficiency and makes sharing data and collaboration a lot easier. 

This is where Dubb is quite different from Bombbomb. Dubb offers Direct API integrations with powerful — platforms like Hubspot, Salesforce, Slack, and many more. This is important as it allows you to send and track videos directly on these platforms.

Dubb integrations

However, BombBomb appears to tilt towards and integrate with real estate-focused CRM tools. In addition to the basic tools mentioned above, Dubb also integrates with widely used sales-specific platforms like Pipedrive, Getresponse, and others, as well as real-estate tools too.

Quickly send video messages through iMessage

Dubb also offers users an iMessage extension — which is an easy way to make your videos actionable on iOS devices. You can use this extension to quickly send Dubb action pages (that includes calls-to-action) to any prospect through iMessage.

Freedom of customization

It’s important for organizations to keep branding assets consistent across all channels. So having the flexibility to tweak certain elements to fit your brand is something to look out for when looking for a BombBomb competitor.

In this category, we’ll have a look at how both platforms compare when it comes to video editing, landing page customization, and email formatting.

Video Modification

Let’s start with the freedom to customize the actual videos.

A quick look at the video editing side of things, we’ll see that both Dubb and BombBomb are a bit similar and share almost the same features. They have a suite of editing tools that lets you trim videos, add watermarks, background music, and personalized text overlays over videos.

The Future of Video Editing Apps

While BombBomb doesn’t allow users to upload SRT caption files, with Dubb you can add (or automatically generate) subtitles/closed captions, as well as upload multiple clips and merge them into one video.

So Dubb has a slight edge when comparing the video editing capabilities of both platforms. Let’s see how they stack up in terms of freedom of customizing the landing pages.

Landing page Customization

Both BombBomb and Dubb offer users the ability to edit the landing pages where the videos are hosted. At the basic level, users can change the background color and image, add their logo to match their brand, add links to the CTA buttons as well. 

BombBomb Video Page Customization

BombBomb allows users to upload and host videos on landing pages that can somewhat be customized. Even though the ability to modify these video pages is reserved for users on the PLUS plan, there’s still limited flexibility and some elements cannot be changed.

At this time it seems that any customization done on the email template reflects on the landing page, this way when the viewer clicks on the thumbnail in the email, they’re taken to a landing page that looks exactly like the email.

bombbomb alternative

A useful feature that BombBomb offers is the ability to customize CTA buttons. Unlike most video communication tools, BombBomb does not restrict users to link-based CTAs. Different functions — like links, native forms, files, and variables — can be applied to the buttons, but they’re not as flexible as Dubb’s as we’ll see in a minute.

That being said, BombBomb users can add their brand assets like logos to the landing page, add downloadable assets, modify the CTA buttons, and collect data from leads using native forms.

Dubb Video Page Customization

BombBomb competitor, Dubb, makes creating landing pages easy with several pre-built templates. After selecting the desired template, you can edit the landing pages to match your brand by adding custom logos and tweaking other assets (including color schemes, positions, and sizes) without any coding skills. Tech-savvy users will have the option to import their own custom HTML and CSS code though.

It doesn’t stop there…

Dubb makes engaging with viewers even easier by allowing you to integrate your calendar app and Facebook messenger. This way, your viewers can easily book a meeting or start a conversation without leaving the page.

Dubb also lets you customize single or multiple CTA buttons for different purposes. This gives your viewers the option to perform different actions — anything from collecting video replies, filling out forms, or even downloading files.

Another way these versatile CTA buttons can be used is by adding them to exit-intent pop-ups. You can customize the buttons on the pop-up that will persuade viewers to take action on your video pages. When done correctly, pop-ups have been proven to be effective, as they can boost conversion rates as high as 28%.

Finally, Dubb offers a unique set of tools that are designed to help you create good and lasting impressions — while getting a huge ROI. Here are a few of them;

Video Playlist

With Dubb’s playlist feature, you can add multiple videos, splice them together, and enable auto-play such that each video in the sequence loads up automatically after the preceding one.

Video Presets

Dubb’s Video Page Preset feature allows users to instantly apply a predetermined set of Calls-To-Actions, Video Playlist, Background, Color Scheme, and more, to a video page.

You can select a particular template and customize it for your own needs. When you are done, you can use that edited template for all of your new Dubb videos. It will be automatically used when you upload a video to the Dubb platform.

Real-time feedback from AI (CAIRA)

Caira™ is a real-time feedback assistant to help improve your delivery, clarity, empathy, professionalism, positivity, and persuasiveness.

Caira™ goes to work immediately after you record and upload videos to Dubb. Once its analysis is complete, Dubb users can easily see granular communication data on aspects like cadence, repetition, filler words, positivity, persuasiveness, empathy, and more. You can even get feedback on any potential slang, profanity, or jargon.

Using that data, you can both become more aware of how you speak and figure out ways to make necessary improvements. From eliminating filler words to incorporating more positive language, Caira™ can help you communicate more clearly.

Email formatting

Both BombBomb and Dubb offer customizable email templates (with the option of importing external templates) to make sharing videos effective. These templates can be formatted as needed using simple drag-and-drop controls and personalized with texts, links, and custom thumbnails. 

When sending BombBomb and Dubb videos via email, an animated preview will be generated with a link that leads to the landing page. You’ll get the option to select your desired thumbnail though, but it’s best to use a GIF as the thumbnail image as they’ve been proven to boost engagement. 

A very useful feature that Dubb offers is the ability to add personalized text over the preview thumbnail. Including the viewer’s name in the thumbnail of the video is a proven way to boost click-through rates and gives the viewer the feeling that the video is made specifically for them.

Video Sharing

You want to make sure your video grabs your viewer’s attention, passes your message clearly, and makes it easy to take action. Let’s see how both platforms compare when it comes to distributing videos.

BombBomb and Dubb both have built-in distribution capacity which is something that is not common with other video communication tools. BombBomb lets users send single emails to individuals or in bulk to a list of contacts strictly from their server. 

Just like BombBomb, Dubb allows you to send both individual and bulk emails and track performance as well. And to take it a step further, there’s a built-in CRM where you can easily import and organize all your contacts.

What Gives Dubb An Edge?

One of the key differences between Dubb and BombBomb is that users are not limited to sending emails through Dubb’s server.

You can integrate your email client — either Gmail, Microsoft Outlook, AWS, or whichever one you’re currently using. Dubb lets you connect any SMTP provider to the platform, and then you can send out your videos from that email service through Dubb.

Team Management

A major focus of Dubb is allowing users to collaborate effectively with their team. Your Dubb dashboard has a team management tab where you can add team members, assign roles, and track progress and activity. You’ll get everything you need to run successful campaigns in one place.

CEOs and other C-level executives of a company are often very busy. So it’s difficult to capture their attention and schedule appointments. Dubb’s solves the problem of losing your high-quality leads due to the back and forth of finding a matching schedule. is a booking and scheduling engine that lets anyone manage their calendars through a public booking link. Sales leaders use to manage their calendars and book events with prospects and customers.

These are unique feature sets that differentiate Dubb from other players in the video hosting/marketing space.

Video Page Templates

You most likely record and share videos regularly for different purposes. Whether it’s for outreach, booking meetings, or onboarding clients…

You need to include the right look and feel in your video pages to fit your goal — but it typically takes a great deal of time to customize a web page.

Dubb Video Templates allow you to save time and apply saved settings to videos in one click. You can now launch a video landing page with the right elements in seconds — without doing it every time!

Video Email Signature

Your signature is a quick way to make a great impression, look professional, and give your readers the information they need to contact you. Unlike other video communication tools, with Dubb, you can include your signature in your video emails.

All you have to do is add your signature in your Dubb account and you’re good to go. It will automatically appear in future emails. It’s easy and takes only a few seconds to set up!


Dubb showcase feature allows you to embed a playlist of videos on your website. When viewers click on the thumbnail, they’re taken to a video page where they can see a series of videos — instead of just a single video.



Automatic Closed Captions

Another powerful feature that puts Dubb ahead of other video communication platforms is Closed Captions.

You can now automatically generate closed captions on your Dubb videos to help your message stick better. This feature comes in handy especially when the viewer’s environment isn’t audio-friendly. 

Besides the automatically generated captions, you can also upload existing SRT files from other sources, edit the captions, or download the SRT file.

The downloaded text can then be repurposed to other assets like blog posts, white papers, and emails.

At the moment, this feature is only available to users on a paid subscription (either the PRO or PRO PLUS plans). And a ton of languages are supported — including US English, British English, Australian English, French, Canadian French, US Spanish, ES Spanish, Italian, Brazilian Portuguese, German, Korean, Hindi, Indian-accented English, and Modern Standard Arabic.

Marketing Automation

Since BombBomb allows users to send emails only through the BombBomb server, the in-built automation workflow is limited to a basic time delay. 

Dubb’s powerful marketing automation takes distribution to a whole new level and is designed to be an all-in-one solution. This makes Dubb a good fit for small and medium businesses that do not have huge marketing budgets to pay for third-party marketing automation tools.

Unlike BombBomb, Dubb doesn’t limit you to sending videos via emails only, you can also send out text messages via the dashboard. With Dubb’s automation, it’s easy to build out a simple or complex sequence for sending out both SMS and emails. You can include delays to send out emails at a later time, or use if/then statements to send emails or SMS depending on if they watched a video or not.


Based on their activity, contacts can also be segmented using specific tags so that the right message is delivered to the right person.

This level of automation is currently not available on BombBomb, so Dubb takes the lead in this category. Together with the ability to add personalized text, the CRM and robust automation tool show that Dubb leans more towards automation and scaling campaigns.


There’s no point running a campaign without keeping track of performance. BombBomb and Dubb offer a similar (but somewhat different) degree of tracking.

BombBomb analytics will track and show metrics like open rates, clicks, and if the video was watched. It’s worth mentioning that the ability to track performance with BombBomb is limited to emails sent from BombBomb’s server — there won’t be reporting for campaigns involving third-party apps.

Detailed Dubb Analytics

On the flip side, Dubb users will be able to see key metrics like specific recipients who watched your video, the percentage viewed, and links users clicked on — even on campaigns and third-party tools. Insights like these can help you identify which areas to focus on improvement.


At this point, we’ve compared the features and benefits both platforms offer. Even though there’s a lot of similarity between BombBomb and Dubb, there are major differences that put Dubb ahead in a side-by-side comparison.

Now let’s see how both platforms compare in terms of pricing. 

BombBomb starts out with BombBomb essentials priced at $29/month or $299/year. Even though there are video creation tools and hosting included, this plan has a lot of limitations that would get in the way of running a successful campaign on a large scale. Key features like detailed analytics, automation, ability to send bulk emails and customize landing pages, and some integrations are things BombBomb essentials users will miss out on.

Dubb’s equivalent of BombBomb’s entry plan has all these features (except automation) including fully customizable landing pages and CTA buttons — and costs only $8/month.

Pricing for Businesses

For business use, it’s recommended you pick a plan that has all the important features. Your organization will most likely need things like a shared team folder, customizable video pages, and branding, as well as editable CTA buttons.

That being said, BombBomb offers a “BombBomb Plus” plan that starts at $49/month or $499/year. They do not have a flexible automation feature which is crucial for delivering the right video at the right time. And users who need complex automation will have to pay for a third-party tool and integrate with BombBomb. 

On the other hand, Dubb’s comparable “Pro” plan offers the same features and more for $40/month or $384/year. This pricing is about 30% less than BombBomb — with advanced automation included. There’s also more flexibility to customize CTAs and include your calendar in the video pages.

Users who are already using a stand-alone marketing automation software can opt for the lower-priced Dubb plan of $8/month to save cost. And Dubb will seamlessly integrate with the tools you’re using.

If you’re sitting on the fence and need to test-run the platform and see if it’s a good fit for you, no worries. BombBomb and Dubb offer free trials so you don’t have to pay full price to get access to both platforms. There’s no commitment on your part at all as your credit card isn’t required for the free trial.


BombBomb competitor, Dubb, offers all the functionalities that BombBomb offers and more. You’ll get more flexibility to create, customize, and share your videos for better engagement. But it doesn’t stop there.

Dubb’s powerful automation will help you manage and segment your contacts. This way you automatically send the right message to the right audience to boost your conversion rates.

Then you get to use its advanced analytics tool to keep track of your performance and plug any leaking holes in your campaign.

So we’ve seen clearly that as a BombBomb competitor, Dubb offers a lot more features and tools all in one place. And at a far lesser price too.

If you’d like to test out Dubb’s powerful tools to boost engagement and conversion rates on your campaign, start a no-commitment free trial here.

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